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[PS5, XSX, XB1, PS4] Far Cry 6 (Pre Order) $69 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


If you missed out on the Amazon Pre-Order can still get at Harvey Norman.

Available from 7 October.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +1

    69 is a lucky number.

  • Far Cry 3 is cheaper ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • +9

      I bought 2 copies of Far Cry 3 and now I have Far Cry 6

      • +7

        No, you have 2 Far 2 Cry 6

        • +1

          Ive found the guy that names all the fast and furious movies

    • +1

      I paid $5 for Far Cry 3 recently on an Xbox sale and had a ball.

      • You just played 6 (and 4 and 5) in the most cost effective way.

        Primal for me was a fun variation…

        • LOL they are quite repetitive but I enjoy them. I wouldn't pay more than $20 for it though.

  • +3

    Is that Giancarlo Esposito?

    • +10

      No, it's just some guy who runs a chicken shop.

      • +1

        Is Jesse pinkman in this game?

        • No, but Nacho is in the first expansion

      • Colonel Sanders?

    • +1

      Itโ€™s the guy from the mandalorian. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    • That was my first thought. Gus seems to be everywhere now.

  • +1

    Does this have the same-y feel as the rest? new lush island, main guy wants to just leave, gets caught up with factions and rival gangs etc..

    • After watching some gameplay, that seems about right - then again, that is the Far Cry formula.

    • Still the same as #3 yep

    • Almost certainly the same as the others.

      I've got to say I'm very sick of the whole 'map game' concept. Go here, unlock there, infiltrate this base, kill everyone, all of that.

  • +4

    Will pick it up in a few months time for <$50

    • +8

      I will buy it now for $69, finish it, sell it for $50 in a few months. You will buy it for $50 in a few months, then try to sell it for $20-$30 a few months after that.
      All works out the same ;-)

  • +12

    Rather eat tan bark than support that (profanity) Gerry

    • Could you elaborate please?

      • +1

        Took millions of dollars from taxpayers despite recording a profit. Have not given millions back.

    • +2

      Just price match at JB?

  • +3

    why cant PC versions this cheap :C.

    • +2

      ubisoft plus for a month for $20 has all their latest games.

  • +1

    Buy and sell it at Cex for $46.00 only costing you $23.00 to complete the game.


    • +1

      Assuming the Cex buy price doesn't change between now and when you complete the game

  • +1

    Considering Amazon had me so far down the list I didnโ€™t even have a delivery date for my copy I canceled and grabbed this

    • I preordered mine back in Nov 2020 and mine hasn't shipped yet

      • Pre-ordered mine in September 2020 and I got an email saying not enough stock and won't ship until the 13th October. I love Amazon but this always happens with their game pre-orders I find.

  • The price is in a red colour (sale), which I'm thinking means it's a pre-order price? I wonder if they'll jack it back up to $79 tomorrow? Any thoughts? I've seen this happen once before at Harvey.

    • +1

      I was wondering the same thing so I preordered today.

    • +1

      Price is good until the 17th of October but youโ€™ll miss out on the pre order bonus :)

      โ€œSpecial Price

      Offer ends 11:59PM AEST 17 October 2021 (11025611)โ€

  • What are far cry launches like in terms of bugs? Is it Bethesda/Arkane level?

    • Good question. You never know with Ubisoft. Maybe wait on reviews?

  • Primal was my last Far Cry game. This worth getting considering a lot of the negative things said about 6 it is that it is a rehash of 3/4/5.

    • I just got it, imo not really. Graphics looks like far cry 3.

  • -3

    We used to call my ex GF Fart Cry, cause she was an onion bum.

  • +1

    Amazon needs to get delivery dates back for release date. Itโ€™s a joke that the best they can do is Monday for a Thursday release

  • Just cancelled my Amazon pre order as there had been no update, thankfully Penrith still had pre order stock.

  • Nice

  • +1

    Harvey Norman clearly got their stock on time, mine is ready for click and collect.

  • +1

    My PS5 Gold Edition preorder is delayed with no ETA. Newcastle store. Apparently they only got a delivery of the regular versions.

    Harvey Norman you've done it again ๐Ÿ˜’.

    • My XSX Gold edition did not arrive at the store and is delayed with no ETA. They are blaming AUS post for this.
      Also offered me the standard version lol.

      • Yes me too. Not sure if they wanted to just do a swap, or give me a partial refund. No idea.
        Might ring them tomorrow and find out how much they're willing to refund to take the standard version, and just buy the Season Pass later.

  • Did anyone get their game on release day from Harvey Norman? Store told me AUS Post didn't deliver it in time to Moorabbin store lol.

  • +1

    Did anyone receive their preorder bonuses with the game? Picked up this afternoon and no code or anything…

    • You need to apply for the code by filling out a form on the Harvey Norman website:

      • +1

        Good luck with that, i filled out the form and received a confirmation saying thanks for purchasing Call of Duty Vanguard and that i should receive my code in next 24 hours. Still nothing 24hrs later.

        • I got the same! Any update on your code?

  • Don't forget to claim this by linking your amazon account with Ubisoft

    • +1

      Thanks. Done!

      Now all I need is Harvey Norman to give me my frigging game so I can use it. Really frustrating.

      Latest from them this morning is that there is a "supplier issue" for the Playstation Gold edition versions. Did anyone else here receive their Gold Edition on PS from Harvey Norman?

      • when i went and picked up there was plenty of stock instore Rothwell QLD

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