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Premium nbn (100/20) for The Price of Standard Plus (50/20) for 12 Months - $95/Month (New & Exsiting Customers) @ Telstra


Telstra NBN is now doing a special offer for new users. $95/mth for 12 months then $110/mth.

I am an existing Telstra NBN Standard Plus (50Mb) customer and paying $95 per mth (raised from $90 last month). Just spent 2hrs talking to Telstra via live chat today and finally upgraded to Premium Speed Plan (100Mb) for next 12 months without extra monthly fee raise.

The downside for this upgrade is I will lose $5 Telstra credit for the next 3mths (those $5 was to compensate for my current plan price up from $90 to $95) . The upside is I will have 100Mb speed for the next 12mths.  roughly will save $15x12mths - $5x3mths = $165 in total if I can downgrade to Standard Plus Plan in time. Can I call this a bargain?

Min cost for new customers $311 if you cancel after 1 month (incl. $216 modem, $15 plan credit). If you leave within 24 months pay out the modem ($9/mth for every month remaining in the first 24 mths). Credit applied by the second bill. Until 25 October 2021.

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    Telstra NBN is now doing a special offer for new users. $95/mth for 12 months then $110/mth.

    They had that for a while now.

    They wont offer it to current customers yet to switch to NBN though…

    It's still overpriced…

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      Wow a logical comment, not the usual NonSenSIcle stuff you usually post…… Have an up vote

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    Why on earth do people still stay with Telstra 🥴

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      Stockholm syndrome…

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      Not much option in my area, a few resellers who piggy back off the Telstra infrastructure but none of them have the bandwidth that Telstra do in peak times.

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      Because I get 100mbps plus Kayo for just $50 a month . It also include landline ( hardly used though).

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        How did you get this good deal?

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          In his dreams.

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            @jv: I have been paying this since May this year, i used to pay $65 for same plan with Foxtel now, i cancelled foxtel ($25 per month plan) and added Kayo ($25-1$0plan for 12 months), My bill came down to $50 per month. This is why on earth iam still with Telstra. I am fully awake, not dreaming.

            • @NPB: How please? Those numbers and your description can't be deciphered.

              Telstra 100mbps is $95 per month without kayo. Kayo is $15 per month.

              $95+$15=$110 per month

              So to say you're paying $50 for something that costs $110 and are getting line rental too.. It certainly seems that either it's not true or you were unclear in what you meant

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                @justtoreply: Thank you, I had some discounts on $90 plans since 2017, used to have Foxtel box as well ( returned to them already) , had some speed issues while changing from cable to NBN. There were some nice reps who further discounted my plan. I decided to remove my Foxtel and add Kayo, the bill came to be $50 only. Yes the calculation doesn’t work as you said. The Kayo is only for 12 months , the internet discount is only until this December . I will need to request to keep this discount on going , may or may not work. don’t know what will the plan end up from January.

                I know this does not seem real but it’s true .

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                  don’t know what will the plan end up from January

                  I do, it will be $110 without the Kayo.

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                    @jv: If they lucky might get $10/month off base price for 6-12mths. Like those of us who got shoved onto new pricing from old legacy cable plans

                  • @jv: What no bold?

                  • @jv: No mate, I had a chat with them today. It took a while as they were first denying as their plan has changed. I stayed cool , polite and requested. They agreed and everything remains same at least for a year. I did receive an increased bill today, the difference in increased bill was waived for this month as well.

      • BS, prove it…

        • -12

          I don’t think I need to prove this to anyone. If you see my previous post , I have explained how I got this deal. Many of my friends tried to get this too but they were not successful.

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      Reliability. I wish to change to AB or Superloop but hear too many horror stories. To save $10-15 a month isn't worth taking the chance.
      I pay $80 a month (soon to increase to $85) and may consider a change but am hesitant because of the comments I see on the other providers…

      • +5

        Not sure what horror stories you heard of with ABB but I can tell you from my experience they have been awesome.

        • +1

          Speaking of reliability, Superloop in the whole SA state is gone down at the moment, thinking of my next churn move now…


          • +1

            @cloudie9: And this is why I'm hesitant…

            • @Puglife: ACCC June 2021 quarter report says Aussie BB have nearly 400k customers. It doesn't say for Superloop but it's at least 110k customers from the Exetel acquisition. Both ISPs run their own fibre network and there is no contract so leave when you want.

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        I wish to change to AB or Superloop but hear too many horror stories.

        What about the hundreds of Telstra horror stories?

        • +2

          And in this case hundreds is an understatement

        • +1

          Thousands. I fixed it for you jv.

      • +3

        I've been with them both (ABB had better customer service, 1 min to speak to someone) and never really had any problems so I switched to Superloop because it was cheaper, it only takes 1-2 mins downtime to churn these days

      • +5

        You need to stop listening to horror stories then. ABB is without doubt the best ISP you can get.

      • +2

        ABB is awesome, no downtime or network slowness in 6 months. I started having issues after changing to Superloop. I will change back to ABB soon.

    • Parents that need an international call plan and refuse to just use apps like messenger/viber etc.

      • I ported my parent's phone to Mynetfone and moved their internet to Superloop.
        International calls are 1.9 cents per minute depending on the country.

        • could be 0 cents per minute if they didn't call

        • You underestimate Asian mums gossiping, they need the unlimited plan which was an extra $15 a month 😆

    • I pay $90 for a reliable 100/40 connection, which goes over 109Mbps download any time on any day (HFC)
      Free 4G backup is handy. Telstra Air is handy. Unlimited Australian calls is handy.
      You need to learn to deal with customer service. Be polite but persistent, have all dealing through chat and logs saved and ready to present if needed. Only had account issues (charged more than greed on), no technical issues so far.
      Show me a similar service cheaper (not by $1 but at least $10 to justify the swap, and not 6mth promo) and I will swap. I am struggling to find <$90 unlimited 100/40Mbps service (not to mention 4G backup and calls included). For me it is worth the occasional (once a year) haggle with the Customer service
      But this deal is still not a good deal.

      • i agree with you. I know people down voted me. I spent sometime with them over the chat once a year. I just did today as my monthly bill sent today was increased as their plan has changed. I am successful to keep my plan ongoing with no increase in monthly bill. Yes, you need to be polite, persistent and stay connected. I also keep my all chat history saved in case i need to present them in future. They have agreed to offer me a very discounted plan with Kayo as well. They waived my increased amount for this month. i have my chat history, reference number all saved in case i need.

      • you are right. but it is not what it supposed to be - the service & cost you get depends on customer's communication skills. Telstra keep increasing the price and never improve the customer support.

  • FTTC rarely goes over 85 Mbps.

    • +1

      Mine is always high 90's…

      • with Telstra. soz i tried to edit it.

    • Back than when I used FTTC went over 105Mbps with ABB!

      • with Telstra. soz i tried to edit it.

        That's why they never offered premium speed to FTTC because their network couldn't guarantee those speeds and didn't want to be sued by ACCC

    • I’m FTTN and get 98-99 Mbps

  • +12

    How can this be a bargain? Wrong place mate, please post it on www.ripoff…..

    The first one that comes to mind, $95 for 205MBps


    What is the argument, Telstra's great customer service? Better speeds? I'm really interested in why would someone?

    • +1

      Not sure how this is a good deal either. After 6 months goes up in price, modem and home phone not included

      • -1

        12 months & use telstra rewards points for handsets, modem is free I think unless you leave plan early

    • +7

      Telstra’s customer service is some of the worst of ANY company in ANY industry

    • +3

      Yeah, I get 200+ with Mate for $95 every day of the week. Not on special. Another Telstra ripoff.

      • https://www.letsbemates.com.au/nbn/

        Says $99 a month. How do you get $95?

        • I'm getting 270+ mbps on speedtest.net with TPG, $84.95 per month

          • @Tonyh87: how???

            • @CDG: They sent me an email offer for $40 off the superfast plan. 124.99 down to 84.99. I think it is only meant to be 200mbps, but i consistently get 270+ any time of day

              • @Tonyh87: nbn Superfast = 250/25. With some ISPs doing a 15% overhead you will see results around 275/25.

                • +1

                  @Twix: Thanks, i wasn't sure if it was the 200 or 250. It's bloody fast anyway. I can download a movie quicker than i can copy it to a usb drive!

  • I churned from Telstra and is now paying $89.95 for 250mbps for 6 months with Superloop. Rinse and repeat for another 6 months after this contracts ends means a potential savings of $5 * 12 = $60, plus higher download speed and most importantly, say no to Telstra uncompetitive pricing

  • +5

    They forced changed me to this plan.. I was on $90 100/40 from Telstra.

    • They forced changed me to this plan..

      Why didn't you just say no..

    • same to me and moved to superloop :-P

    • I thought it was a joke or a scam. I have reported to Telstra the same and I was told I should ignore it. Still on $90 on 100/40.

      • It's legit. Telstra have increased the cost and lowered the upload to 20Mbps.

        • +1

          I know it was legit :-D
          I was playing dumb and they were playing dumb too saying it was a scam :-)
          Main thing is, my bill is $90 and speed is 100/40

  • Before you take up, consider that the $5 credits run until April 2022 which will be forfeited if you swap

    • the agent told me I only have 3mths $5 credit :-(

      • Sorry bud, 6 months credits from Oct 21 when the plan changes come into effect :( bad news all round

  • +1

    Why really is Telstra that expensive compared to other providers?

    • +1

      To pay Andy Penn's bonuses.

    • It really comes down to Telstra being an elite telecommunications provider who has established an unbelievably reputable brand name in the industry. They are true titans in their field.

      • Haha that is so unbelievably brainwashed

        • Oops should have added an /s

    • To pay for their offshore useless customer support

    • +1

      Telstra is a brand entrenched in aussie households since it was government owned, and it leverages its incumbency to charge a higher price. Those who use telstra often haven't researched much.

  • That Premium 20Mbps upload does sound tempting!

  • I'm paying $75 for the same with Tangerine.

  • I am on FTTN, but it is an old pair gain rim in the area, and we are 100m from the node. Telstra for ages refused to let us try a 100/20 speed. Some time in the last few weeks the website changed to allowing me to upgrade, so I walked in to a Telstra shop, changed it, got the $15/m for 12 months discount, and now getting a very solid 96/20.

  • +1

    I always thought I was getting a premium service with Telstra and was happy to pay for that…then I switched to Superloop. I'm on 100/20 with a static IP for $79 a month, the speeds are actually better and more consistent throughout the day and they are just so damn efficient. My brother transferred over too recently and his service was activated within minutes. Couldn't be happier

    • 100/20 with a static IP for $79 a month

      That's only for the first 6 months though

      • I've been on this deal since Feb 2020, it used to be $65 a month. Must have been some plan changes over the time

  • +3

    Everyone commenting that they get 100+,200+Mbps is depressing me :(. I'm stuck with fibre to the node at a measly 48Mbps down and 22Mbps up, thanks (profanity) Liberals……

  • No deal,after 12 month change back to 115, and also if you leave after 12month you need to pay for the router?

  • +2

    Lol so generous Telstra is. $95 you can get SuperFast plan somewhere else, even Ultrafast

  • +5

    Aussie Broadband: $99 for 100mbps with first month free


    Superloop: $69.95 for 100/20 mbps


    Both have Aussie customer support. Why does Telstra's one become a bargain?

    • +1

      Not to mention that Superloop have their own fibre backbone so aren't just a retailer. They can take advantage of their own network when they can/need to.

  • Some posters at whirlpool reported success with arguing for a speed freeze for 100/40 up from the forced 100/20.

    Tried my luck as a loyal customer of telstra for literally over a decade and was told more or less to like it or leave.

  • Nothing against you OP, this is just a bad deal. Tangerine, ABB, SL are all about $20 cheaper for same plan.

    • Not quite the same plans. Telstra's includes 4g backup and a landline. Landlines add about $10 to those plans. 4g backup isn't even an option on most of the others. There is also the "free" modern if you stay long enough.

      Whether people value those or not doesn't change the are included in one and not the others, so it's no surprise the prices are more with Telstra.

  • I was paying $60 with Optus NBN (100mbs) speed (plus Home phone ) till August but now they bumped monthly price to $70 .I guess still better then Telstra .

  • These comments have been very helpful. I just got a letter from Telstra saying my 100/40 plan had an incorrect discount and its now $119pm. And not to worry because "luckily" they wont be billing me for the last 12months extra money.
    So im leaving T asap.

  • this is so not a bargain

  • Does Telstra live chat even exist any more I haven't been able to find a way to access it in forever they just want you to message them via the app

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