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Sony WH1000XM4B Noise Cancelling Headphones $335.75 + $8 Delivery ($0 C&C/ eBay Plus) @ The Good Guys eBay


Free C&C or $8 Delivery ($0 eBay Plus)

Also available in Silver - Sony WH1000XM4S

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  • What the difference between WH1000XM4 & WH1000XM4B

    • +9

      I could be wrong but B = black, S = silver etc.

      • +4

        I'm Asian so all I know is B = bad. Is there an A - acceptable - version for these headphones?

        • +2

          S is S tier, so it's basically the best.

        • [dad approves]

    • +4

      B = Black

      • -3

        Once you go B…

    • +3

      The B and S suffixes indicate the colour.

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    When I am wearing it, can people around me hear the sound from it? Please can someone answer this, as this will make me to decide.

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      Depending how loud you hear it, this is close back headphones so most of the sounds will be block off but small will leak.

      • Thanks, I have the Bose QC35, from which other people can hear the sound.

        • Sorry, somehow unknowingly I neg'Ed it. I have revoked it.

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          this probably means youre listening at too high volumes.

          • @zjz93: yes! turn down your volume. people have permanently damaged their hearing (tinnitus) using headphones all and every day at loud volumes. there's a reason manufacturers keep putting out warnings when you increase your volume.

        • +2

          Yup if your QC35s are leaking at your current listening volume, there is a high chance that the XM4s will leak as well. Might wanna save your ears, and lower the volume if you're listening for long periods haha

        • +3

          they're basically the same headphones, you have the volume up way too loud if other people can hear your sound.

          i've got both, the sonys are a slightly better seal, but overall i like the QC35s a lot more. they're lighter and the controls are much better.

    • +2

      Yes, sound leaks when you listen to music VERY loudly.

      Anything reasonable no.

      Source: Just bought these 2 weeks ago

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    I had the XM3 and I loved the sound quality on those headphones, but the actual top head band part felt super uncomfortable on my head with the XM3. I've got a larger head so that's probably why in part, but have they done anything to make it a bit more comfortable with the XM4? I also experienced brief phantom touches with the XM3's so not sure if that's been addressed as well.

    I've had the QC35's for the last couple of years and they're definitely more comfortable, but have thought about upgrading.

    • I've got the XM3's and a big head (62cm hats) and have had no issues. I often wear them over a hoodie too.

    • +1

      xm4 has bigger, roomier earcups. ive never experienced what you said about headband, but the often soften up and break in after wear anyway.

    • and here I am still rocking the 1st Gen MDR-1000XM. Was planning to upgrade to XM4s, but still cant justify the price

      • Never heard of ‘em!

        • I gave my wife XM2s in 2017 and she's still happy with those. I used a pair of MDR-ZX770BN for years, and still swear they were more comfortable and had better sound than my current XM4s (until a visiting kid dropped them and an earcup broke).

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    I’m trying to use the link and apply the code, doesn’t seem to work. Has anyone experienced the same issue? Is it only for eBay Plus ?


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      Doesn't require eBay Plus membership and TGG15 is still working on my end.

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    Bought them for the second time after losing them on a bus. Thanks for posting, I didn't want to spend 500 again.

    • +5

      How the heck you lose this giant headphones on the bus.

      • You see a friend, you put them down on the seat and then you forget them when you get off.

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    Does anyone use these directly connected to TV via Bluetooth. I currently use Airpods Pro which are good, but after a couple of hours no battery!!

    • +1

      Never connected these to a tv but battery life is significantly better than AirPods Pro

    • +1

      These XM4s have 6x the battery life of the AirPods Pros on a single charge

    • +3

      I used XM3s for 28 hours plane transit from melb -> dubai -> amsterdam -> london. Not constantly, but they hold a long charge. I use them almost every evening from around 7pm to 11pm and have never run out of charge.

    • +4

      I use my xm3 and charge them once every 1-2 weeks.

    • i use mine paired to a laptop watching TV/videos and the battery life is amazing.

    • Yes I connect to my Lg cx oled. No issues. The battery lasts more than a day of continuous watching.

    • Thanks everyone for the feedback.

    • I have used them with Google Chromecast with TV and work like a charm :)

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    I use my XM3 to sleep. I am now officially a back sleeper

    • Don't the tip/edge of your ears get sore by the time you wake up? I can't wear headphones for more than 6 hours or so without my ears getting a bit sore.

      • Yeah it does get a bit sore but only if I try to turn slightly sideways, it beats waking up every hour because of neighbours bass noise -_-

        I've tried QC30 and all other earbuds, no bass noise with XM3.

        Wish they had a pillow that accomodates people wearing headphones to sleep lol (they have one for people wearing earbuds)

      • If I fall asleep wearing my XM4s in bed, I find them beside my head when I wake up. Somehow they come off.

  • +3

    Highly Recommended! Got these cans two weeks ago.

    Can be finicky with connecting to PC Bluetooth ( Toggling between Hands-Free AG Audio / Stereo Mode ) playback is really bad through Hands Free AG Audio.

    • and turn off noise cancelling in MS teams if you wish to use it for meetings

      • +1

        mine work fine in teams with NC enabled (on an android phone), i really need to turn off the auto-pause feature, whenever i go to scratch my left ear it messes the audio output up.

  • I own both Sony MX4 and AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro is my go for earphones as it is really easy for me to carry them around and wear them. Does anyone prefer MX4 to AirPods Pro?

    • +1

      I recently bought a pair of MX4's and my partner got the Airpod Pro's I like the sound quality of the Sony better personally. Then again it's comparing in ear headphones vs overear.

    • I have the Sony MX2 from 2015 and got some AirPods Pro about 18 months ago. Really didn't like the AirPods pro and sold them a couple of weeks ago. Didn't like the way they felt in the ear and could still hear stuff. When i have the MX2s in genuinely have no idea what else is going on in the house when i am watching TV with them on.

      I have Air Pods 2 that i use for out and about and use the MX2s for TV and Air Travel, well hope to again next year anyway.

  • 1 year warranty seems low for something this expensive

    • +2

      This is potentially where you could exercise your statutory warranty rights where you would expect headphones over $300 to last longer than 12 months.


      • yeah I don't think I'll be going through that process. just had a quick look and it looks like you kinda have to make a court case

        • Nah, you just wave your rights around and they’ll probably cave.

          Worst case, you just make a complaint to ACCC saying the retailer/manufacturer wouldn’t come to the party. Not sure what happens after that.

        • Most retailers and manufacturers with common sense will concede to statutory warranty obligations, provided what you propose is reasonable.

          And these headphones lasting more than 12 months is reasonable

        • I've done it twice and all it took was an email

  • I am planning to buy Bose QC45. I have tried my friend's XM3 and 4. I feel that microphone isn't great and also Bose QC35 seems a bit of more comfortable.

    • +1

      I waited for the QC45 to be released before I made a purchase. The reviews have all been pretty average - at best it is a side grade from the QC35. It seems clear that they have gimped it somewhat to keep the Bose 700 as the top dog in their line. Add to that their current price tag, it is totally unjustifiable. The entire Bose range has better microphones though.

      I pulled the trigger and bought the Xm4's today and went to pick it up within a couple of hours after ordering it on ebay.

      • Let me your thoughts about XM4. It could be only me. I often feel Bose is a bit of more comfortable than Sony. Do you feel that headphones make your ears really warm?

        • I bought XM4s with points at the start of the pandemic, after trying QC35s in a shop and being blown away, but reading reviews that said XM4s were better. Turns out I don't like the XM4s and wish I'd gone with what I liked in the shop! XM4 has too many fiddly features like Speak To Chat (which I turn off, but it randomly switches itself back on, letting me down in meetings), awkward touch controls, and the noise-cancelling for me isn't as impressive as the QC35s, even though everyone else seems to like the XM4s.

      • I actually really want a good mic though, I don't know what to do, the 700s seem meh, these have a crappy mic, and the QC45 are too pricey 😭

        • Prices on new releases do fall pretty fast, if you can wait.

  • So it's not an F1 thing I presume. Williams FW43B, Red Bull-Honda RB16B…

  • +1

    Hmm buy now or wait for Black Friday?

    • +1

      I was thinking the exact same thing

  • -1

    don't buy these, mine lasted 3 months before multiple issues made them unusable, the refund took 10 months and only approved for refund once case went to VCAT. Sony are callous.

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