This was posted 3 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Seagate Exos X18 18TB Enterprise HDD (CMR, 7200 RPM) $602.53 Shipped @ Amazon US via Au


Had an old HDD in my NAS fail recently and have been looking to upgrade, spotted this via,used&capacit...

Product page seems a little contradictory as item description is for the X18 18tb model but product selection tab is for a 6gb ?! model.
Have contacted Amazon by chat support but they seem a bit slow to respond.

Have ordered one anyway, hopefully snagged a decent (for the times) price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Not gonna fall for this again :)

    • Hey this is from Amazon. Much better warranty procedures. Isn't it?.

      • +2

        I’m talking about amazon (us).
        Yes my money will be refunded
        No not immediately when i lodged it at a lpo. Amazon us needs to receive it.

        • I just sent back a mic, Amazon Au refund it with proof of shipping back to the USA same day.

          • @live_1991: They do that for small value. They refuses to refund for $200+ international items until about 1 month later.

  • ASIN B08K98VFXT shows 18TB model so you'll get a 18TB

  • @ JC1986 What happened before. Should I cancel the order.

    • Bought a 14 tb WD HDD from Amazon US while the model number suggested was 6 tb. The customer service told me that i could return if i didn’t reeive a 14 tb. That goes now im waiting for mu refund.

      • I remember that deal probably from 4-5 week ago.
        After saw the comments, I did not bite….
        I experienced something else, it took very long time.

  • -1

    Lol I'm not going through the heartache for this.

    I picked up a 14Tb drive last week for $407 anyway.

    • +4

      That sounds like a bargain! Can you share the deal?

      • Amazon but it's not an X18 drive. Price now $526 can't link though as it unpublishes my comments.

  • -2

    It's not that cheap even for 18TB

    • +4

      please link cheaper

    • Not according to this. Cheapest is around $890 locally.

    • +2

      Yeah $33.47/Tb isn't great. I have a need for a few large capacity drives for my NAS, but not at over $30/Tb. Hopefully the China crackdown on crypto mining will see prices come down in the coming weeks/months.

  • +4

    Just got of the phone with Amazon "support", said I'd get the model selected via the tab i.e. 6gb
    Needless to say cancelled the order, sorry for wasting peoples time :(

    • Sheesh at Amazon

      did not realise they made 6 GB platter versions

  • +1

    It might be a case that Amazon accidentally listed it as 6GB on the product selection tab. Because in the product selection there is no 18TB. It only goes to 16TB. Whereas this item clearly is 18TB going by the model number.

    Because there's no way a 6TB drive is going to cost $602.53 that would be absurd. Then again that price is less than the price of either of the two 16TB drives. So i don't know what's going on. This is more of the 12TB drive price.

  • Wait for Amazon to fix their listing, otherwise its a gamble.

  • +1

    16TB drive at similar price per TB, but no vagueness on capacity

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    The American version if you click on "buy it on' links back to the 6TB here if that helps anyone.

    • +1

      So it's clearly listed as 18TB on the USA site. It must be just a product tab error on the Australian store alone.

      It still lists the same ASIN B08K98VFXT on both AU & USA sites even in the URL. So it must be a safe bet for this.

      It just some idiot configured it onto a 6TB product tab selection by mistake instead of 18TB. ASIN in both the URL and product page is still for the 18TB drive. Probably done by some overally underpaid and overworked staff member.

      • it even says "6 GB" instead of "6 TB" or "6TB"! let alone 16 18 TB

        Noting the spacing differences between numeric capacity and the units across each of the tabs




        6 GB




        12 TB

        16 TB


  • Mmm I was about to order 5 of these, 6TB conundrum…

  • Later they will say there was type at the title saying 16 instead it was 6 TB.

  • If the order has written 6gb then it's technically a 6gb drive you buying

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