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Kindle Paperwhite 6" 8GB (10th Gen) $117 @ Big W


As the Kindle Paperwhite clearout continues, Big W have the 8GB priced at $117.
Should also be able to price beat at Officeworks for $111.15 until they catch up.

(If you're looking for a cheap case, I have this one which is pretty decent though gone up a few dollars since I bought.)

(From the sold out report, guess stock is limited. Just happens that my store has stock when I came across it)

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    All OOS near Melbourne, $119 at Officeworks and the 32GB at $149.

    And you must have put the wrong gen? Shouldn't it be 10th?

    • Yep, had paperwhite 4 on my mind from the tag…

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    If you have gift cards jb has them for $119 (it might work out cheaper if you bought gift cards with 10% off or more)

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      I ordered one from JB fairly recently and it came the next day when selecting free Express. Worth the extra couple of dollars IMO. All the other retailers seem to be continuing with Australia Post and their month long deliveries.

      • except they don't accept gift cards for online orders. They want you to go in so they can upsell. Bloody annoying.

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          I'll happily swap your bloody annoying upselling open stores with our closed ones.

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      This is what I did. Did click and collect with Jb

  • Able to deliver for $7.90 to the GC

  • Seems to be OOS everywhere?

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      Except at Officeworks. Paid the $2 more but get free delivery.

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    Did they have like 2 units in stock everywhere?

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      Big W's online stock is pretty unreliable to start with, and even when you click and collect sometimes they take so long to pick the stock that walk-ins buy before they get to it. If you happened to be going there worth just checking in store.

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    Never had one of these before, I have heaps of free ebooks off US amazon, all cookbooks, do they work on these? Or are these text only?

    • You can view them, but it’s not a great experience. Not only do the pictures end up useless but flipping back and forth is annoying. I read that kind of stuff on my iPad.

    • +1

      They will work, images aren't ideal on it if it's full page and needs to be readable because of the resizing though.

      Cookbooks are probably fine though because the important part will be text.

      I've got some books for the kids that I've converted, the Treehouse books for example, and some pages which are wholly an image are pretty much unreadable after being resized down to fit the display.

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    Tempting but i think id rather pay a bit more for a kobo for the format support. Plus new models coming out next week with an 8 inch screen are pretty hectic.

    • +6

      Kobo bricks their old models with updates. Hard reset doesn't work and the device is unrecoverable. So just be mindful of that whenever you need to update the device.

      Personally, I've had it happen to both of my family's Kobos (Aura HD and Mini). I've sworn never to buy a Kobo ever again.

      • Planned obsolescence?

        • -4

          Looks like they've taken a page out of Apples book, so to speak.

      • That's no good to hear. I love the Kobo devices so much that pretty much everyone in the family have been convinced to get 1. If their devices get bricked, I will have a long lonely Christmas :(

    • Link to the 8 inch screen versions?

  • i bought it from JBHIFI for $119 with the 10% discount including free delivery to NSW.

  • Screen Res ?

    • 1072 x 1448px, 300 PPI.

  • I've got a bunch of .epub files I want to read, can Kindle's somehow handle those file types?

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      Yeh, grab Calibre and you can use that to convert to mobi files.

      You may have an issue with the cover images of books your transfer disappearing from the Kindle. When you plug in, Calibre will fix that too.

    • There's plenty of free .epub to .mobi conversion sites. I just convert it then email the .mobi to my Kindle. You can also change the extension to .txt and email it directly. It works but no images.

  • Nerding out to Hail Mary on my kindle as I write.

    Fine device. Although I cannot see need for a cover for this device personally.

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    If you're after a cheap Kindle, there's always dozens on Facebook marketplace. People who bought them with the best of intentions, I presume.

  • I bought a second hand kindle Gen4, but can't find a cover for that. Can I use other models cover for Gen4 like the one above?

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      US $4.69 50% Off | Magnetic Smart Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4 Coque Ultra Slim eReader Cover for Kindle Paperwhite4 with Auto Wake/Sleep

  • Why do they have it up if there is no stock anywhere?

  • wow 10th edition
    Just fired up my original paper white from 2013. Battery needed a charge or two but still works :)

    • Was thinking the same whats changed that much in that time. I had to home quarantine for two weeks was good to bust out my original paperwhite,charged first time and works like a charm looks great in direct sunlight, still have the original kindle with the keyboard, have kept that as that due to the text to speech feature, reads the books to me when my eyes are tired and I feel lazy since I'm not getting any younger.

      • I've got the Kindle 4th or 5th gen? Similar situation but wondering whether there's any good reason to get a Paperwhite for the first time? Is the backlight itself worth the upgrade vs a Kindle that is still rarely used so feel like it still has mileage?

        • Probably not, never even use mine but should. Just means don't need a reading light on

  • Is this the latest model Kindle Paperwhite?

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      No. Latest model $239 from Amazon.

      • +1

        Thanks for the reply. It's pretty tempting as I can't see how much it would improve for the extra $120.. my current paperwhite is over 5 years old but there's display damage so maybe time to upgrade X-D

        • I like the idea of the auto-adjusting backlight but that's only on the Signature which is another $50 again. The slightly larger screen would be nice, but still too much of a price premium.

        • @bargainbag - What model is it? I am looking for one with a busted screen but good logic board to resurrect an older model for a family member.

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    Just got one from OfficeWorks with a price beat for $111 and free delivery. Thanks OP.

    Also got the leather cover from Amazon for $30 - https://www.amazon.com.au/All-New-Kindle-Paperwhite-Leather-...

  • Grrr - Officeworks - free delivery - they charge me $25.90 delivery.

    • JB delivers free to my remote location in the middle of the Simpson Desert. So $119 - $20 Afterpay discount = $99.

      Officeworks clearly do not want any non-metropolitan delivery business ever.

  • Are these still in stock anywhere?

    • @spiderbite88 I noticed an ad from the good guys tonight whilst researching the paperwhite:

      I didn't bother raising a new deal after seeing this post - maybe OP can add this.

      Edit: Ah damn - disregard, it's pickup only in only a few stores

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