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Tuya Smart Towel Dryer with Thermostatic Heating US$157.14 (46% off, ~A$216) Delivered @ Zemismart


Zemismart Tuya Smart Towel Dryer Thermostatic Heating Bathroom Electric Towel Rack LCD Touch Screen UV Disinfection Sterilizing

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    Never need to wash towels again at that price

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    How filthy are your towels and what are you doing in the shower?

  • they clean your uderwear apparently

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    "No more moist and peculiar smell".
    Sorry about that.

  • A marvel of Chinese over selling.

    Thank God it turns off sterilisation when humans approach. I much prefer only governments run sterilisation programs.

    Somehow it magically turns 550 watts input power into 600 watts of heating. The 'natural wind' uses only 2.4 watts - er - ants fart then. 2.4 watts ain't gunna run any wind.

    It has a 6 watt UV lamp which supposedly kills bacteria. Even if that does happen, only at the top of the towel (despite what the renowned Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology says).

    I didn't know anions had mint leaf petals and who has three toilets in their bathroom? Is that some Chinese thing - communal crapping?

    'Strictly select space, aerospace grade aluminium' well, can't argue with that. It has to be good stuff.

  • I use solar dryer for towels (Just hang them outside)

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