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Lian Li UNI FAN SL120 RGB LED 120mm White Fan 3 Pack for $118 Delivered @ KS Computer Amazon AU


First time post here, first time seeing it for less than $120

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks OP. I've never seen it less than $139 for a pack of 3… this is a great deal.

    Bought 3 sets.

  • +10

    Almost $40 for a case fan… that's kinda crazy

  • It’s always $39/fan in PLE.


    But you need at least 1 of the 3 pack to get the UNI hub.

  • Any idea how these compare to the Corsair ML120s? Don't know that much about case fans or computer parts in general :/

    • +2

      Not worth switching unless you’re in it for aesthetics. Performance is pretty similar.

      • Oh I don't have any case fans atm. Still deciding on what fans I should get tbh. I'll take any recommendations if you have any

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          screw rgb buy some arctic p12s and p14's. my p12's at 100% are quieter than my ml120's at 50%.

        • I've got a couple ML140's (i.e. big brother to ML120) and they're decent - I'm sure they're not the best, but I'm content with them for now.

          As mentioned in a related comment, when they do ramp up they're pretty dang loud.

        • No RGB: You can't get better than Arctic P12 for the price performance ratio.

          Good alternatives would be ADATA XPG VENTO PRO, EK VARDAR, Noiseblocker NB-eLoop, Corsair ML but they are all more expensive.

          Noctua doesn't compete with any of them for the price you pay. NF-A12x25 is the best 120mm fan on the market but not worth 1.5x the price of the ADATA XPG VENTO PRO and 2x-6x than any of those other fans. The rest of Noctua's 120mm lineup is mediocre by comparison.

          The same applies for 140mm class fans though you can add Noctua NF-A14 to the comparison, it's a closer fight, and Arctic P14 drops off. Keep in mind the NB-eLoop is 38mm thick.

          RGB: Anything Corsair for iCUE which is arguably the best lighting control, but if you're fine with controlling through the motherboard using other software most of those I mentioned above come in RGB flavours. Not Noctua.

    • +2

      ML120s are much better as fans. These UNI fans have noisier motors and have smaller blade area thanks to the chunky frames hence lower airflow.

      Imo the best feature of these fans is the cable management. You have to purchase a Corsair Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro to control the lighting on the ML120s, so the spaghetti gets out of control very quickly.

      The RGB is subjective. The Lian Li works with motherboard headers so you have a choice of software. Corsair uses iCUE which is arguably the best software lighting control implementation but anecdotally uses more system resources.

      • Im using 10x ML120s and the only bad thing i have to say about them is the insane amount of wiring it adds to a system. My cable management skills are definately lacking, so that doesnt help. To run all these, I have 2x RGB hubs, each requiring power, plus they are connected to the corsair commander also requiring power. Thankfully the o11d XL has a lot of space behind the side panel for cable management and its well hidden, but it hurts to see it every time i take that panel off.
        Would be interesting to see how much easier these fans would be to keep neat. Not sure itd be worth the tradeoff of using lesser quality fans though. The ML120s are great, they are dead silent at low RPM, and barely audible even when they spin up (I probably have the fan curve on my loop set a little too agressive, I think i can afford for the coolant temp to get a lot higher than it does).
        In the end though if all you care about is cooling performance vs temperature, there is only one right choice, Noctua :)

        • In the end though if all you care about is cooling performance vs temperature, there is only one right choice, Noctua :)

          Damn Noctua and their marketing budget killing off competition. I have always been unimpressed by their price performance and ugliness.

          NF-A12 is their iteration of Nidec's GentleTyphoon which you can still buy today thankfully: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/adata-xpg-vento-pro-120mm-p...

          NF-A14 is their iteration of the legendary Thermalright TY-140. RIP.

          • @Junk Sifter: OK, my comment there was a little incorrect, they are not the only right choice, but they do make consistently good fans / Coolers. While they may be ugly, there is no denying that their performance is right up there. Unless their marketing budget includes paid reviews faking numbers to put them at the top of the charts.
            While I have heard of the gentle typhoon, I have never used one, and I had never even heard of the Thermalright fan (Doesnt surprise me that they made top-notch fans though, their coolers were amazing back in the Core2 Duo days)
            These days Im pretty sure Phanteks have released a fan that supposedly performs higher than Noctua too, mainly due to the extra
            thickness @ 30mm

            • @DanielP2: Wasn't doubting the performance, I omitted a word - price performance ratio wise they're not worth it compared to other fans.

              The Phanteks T30 looks like the new king! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTsmwKKQuL0

              Since this is OzB so most people would do better getting a 5 pack of P12s for the price of a single one of these. 🙃

              • @Junk Sifter: yeh i wont complain about price performance ratio of any fans, i bought ML120s :)
                I like them and all (I wanted RGB this build) but value-wise, they were really not a good choice.

    • If you're worried about performance,
      Just buy those crazy high speed 5500 rpm 120x38mm Delta fans
      It'll blow away all your problems

      No RGB? No problem
      Just stick a few diodes on the frame or get one of those phanteks RGB fan frames

  • +1

    Great deal, wish it was the black. But I’ve waited for good deals other than the ple single fan deals for so long now, that I’m going to wait for their new infinity fans that should drop this year or next.

    They’ve already released an updated version of these, which requires the v2 L connect software. So too much of a pain for me now :( they look so good

  • I have the black version of these fans, 6 in total. Highly recommended.

  • I got 9 of these in my lian li mini case, super silent and keeps the Temps of the cpu and gpu pretty low, I definitely reccomend 👍

  • Well impulse purchased… now I have 3sl120 & 3al120 on their way 😅
    Now I need 2*140s and my case will be Biege noctua free lol.

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