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80% off Flexiroam Global Data Plans + Free Travel SIM Starter Kit with Every Order @ Travels.im


80% Vaxxed 80% OFF Flexiroam Global Data Plans

How to get the discount?

Existing Customers

  • Enter Discount Code: 10XSALE when purchasing in the Flexiroam X App
  • 80% Discount will be applied

New Customers

eSIM with Global Data Plan RRP $USD 80% Off USD 80% Off AUD
eSIM Global 3GB valid 150 Days $79.99 $16 $22.22
eSIM Global 3GB valid 360 Days $109.99 $22 $30.56
eSIM Global 5GB valid 180 Days $129.99 $26 $36.11
eSIM Global 5GB valid 360 Days $149.99 $30 $41.67
eSIM Global 7GB valid 360 Days $199.99 $40 $55.56
eSIM Global 7GB valid 360 Days $319.99 $64 $88.89
SIM Card with Global Data Plan RRP $USD 80% Off Price $USD 80% Off AUD
SIM Card Global 3GB valid 150 Days $79.99 $16 $22.22
SIM Card Global 3GB valid 360 Days $109.99 $22 $30.56
SIM Card Global 5GB valid 180 Days $129.99 $26 $36.11
SIM Card Global 5GB valid 360 Days $149.99 $30 $41.67
SIM Card Global 7GB valid 360 Days $199.99 $40 $55.56
SIM Card Global 7GB valid 360 Days $319.99 $64 $88.89
Microchip SIM Card with Global Data Plan RRP $USD 80% Off Price $USD 80% Off AUD
Microchip SIM Card Global 3GB valid 150 Days $79.99 $16 $22.22
Microchip SIM Card Global 3GB valid 360 Days $109.99 $22 $30.56
Microchip SIM Card Global 5GB valid 180 Days $129.99 $26 $36.11
Microchip SIM Card Global 5GB valid 360 Days $149.99 $30 $41.67
Microchip SIM Card Global 7GB valid 360 Days $199.99 $40 $55.56
Microchip SIM Card Global 7GB valid 360 Days $319.99 $64 $88.89

Which countries does the Global Data Plan include?

  • Network Coverage in 160+ countreis using 580 different mobile networks.
  • All your favourite destinations and probably many you'd never dreamed of visiting!

What's included with your Starter Kit order

  • Microchip 'SIM Sticker' or SIM Card or eSIM Profile
  • 100MB of Global Data (valid for 360 days)
  • SIM Tray Opener Tool
  • Printed setup guide
  • Free Flexiroam X Data Plan & SIM Management App


  • 24/7 Email, WhatsApp & In App chat support provided by Flexiroam
  • Additional 100% Aussie support provided by Travels.im


  • All physical SIM Cards will be shipped from a COVID free facility in Melbourne via Australia Post.
  • We ship orders Monday to Friday and offer same day dispatch before 3 PM AEDT.
  • Standard Shipping 4-7 Business days (with tracking)
  • Express Tracked Shipping 1-2 Business days (available at check out)


  • You can check out securely with: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Apple Pay


  • If you have any questions please leave a comment here on OzBargain or chat via our website

Terms & Conditions

  • Pricing is in USD
  • Limited number of plans available, plans will be removed once sold out.
  • This promotion will only be available for orders placed up until 10/10/2021 (23:59:59) GMT+0
  • 80% discount is available for selected Global data plans only.

Thanks again for your support OzBargainers! :)


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closed Comments

  • +1

    Activate by when?

    • Hi NoGive,

      • We prefer if you activate (the SIM) as soon as you can (clock starts on the Bonus 100MB upon activation)
      • The SIM Card/eSIM/Microchip itself lasts forever
      • We can apply the Data Plan whenever you wish (provided to you as a code to enter in the Flexiroam X App)
      • Once the code is entered you have 90 days to start the plan (during this time you can refund the value of the Data Plan - that will be returned as credit into your Flexiroam Wallet)

      I hope this helps.



      • Hi James, do you mean if I buy an esim with 7gb, I can activate the esim now, and then activate the 7gb say a year from now? After activation, the 7gb will last 360 days, is that right?

        • hi Jag,

          Sorry I missed this one yesterday yes, you are correct!



          • @Flexiroam: Hi James,

            So I'm an existing member and if I go on the sale page it says activate plan before 11-01-2022 (GMT +0:00).

            Plan validity starts/extends upon plan activation.

            What does this mean? That I need to activate the data by 11 Jan 2022 and the 360 days start from then?

  • +4

    This is Ozbargain not USD bargain
    You need to provide an approximate AUD cost

    • Hi dasher,

      We soon we able to charge in AUD, but we figure everyone using a Travels.im will be changing currency anyway!

      We've updated for you!



  • If these have a year+ to be activated I'd be tempted to try them out

  • +1

    I'll wait until 100% vaxxed.

  • I would just buy 4GB of data for $20 on my Felix plan. That lasts 365 days.

    • +1

      Hi futaris,

      Fair call. Felix certainly has quite a unique offer here in Australia, and certainly has one of the best roaming options available.

      But for the many who aren't already with them, paying $35 monthly subscription + $20 to get the 4GB of roaming data, might not be worth it!

      Felix only covers 40 or so countries compared with 160+ for Flexiroam (admittedly still most of the countries we Aussies like) but there are quire a few good ones missing too! Fiji, Croatia, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Russia, Malta, South Africa,

      You are also stuck with 20Mbs speeds both here & abroad (I'd be interested in how you find it, I assume OK?)

      You can of course run a Flexiroam eSIM as your secondary if you have an dual SIM or eSIM enabled phone, meaning you can still get data on that Dubai or Qatar stopover!

      Also, Flexiroam has Data gifting which is a pretty cool feature.



    • Only good if you are on Felix. You pay $35/month, I pay $10/month for 8GB locally (I never need more than this), so that works out much more expensive for me.
      I'd def rather grab one of these without any monthly associated fees attached, can't get better value.
      Still I can see the attraction of Felix for some users :)

  • I just bought a couple of esim and they won't activate despite other esims having no problem. Do you guys have a solution?

    • Hi sitdown,

      In addition to scanning the QR code, have you downloaded the Flexiroam X app and created an account?

      If so, and you're still having issues let us know, or feel free to contact the Flexiroam support team via the in app chat or WhatsApp.



      • Yes, I followed all the instructions and the esim is linked to the app. After about 10 minutes it changed to active in the app, but the esim still can't be added to the phone.

        • Apologies for the inconvenience, but glad we got there in the end!

          All the best on your travels and thanks for your support!



  • Hi James!
    Who is provider in Au, what kind of coverage I could expect?

    • Hi Bontch,

      Unfortunately it's Vodafone/TPG!

      It most countries it has multiple networks, but in Oz just the one at the moment.

      It is of course subject to change. The most up do date coverage is provided in the App.

      I hope this helps,



  • +1

    I am not connected to Flexiroam, just a happy customer. My family went to South Korea and Japan before the outbreak and used Flexroam for 3 weeks. The connection is very good and had absolutely no dramas. Also very cost competitive when buying ahead of time. Will buy again for my next overseas trip.

  • Just watch your data usage. Great concept, I used them for a while but found they seemed to count data at around double the actual usage.

    On occasion I hit the data limit way earlier than I expected and based on the usage on the phone it was double.

    Very expensive if you buy data last minute or need a top up, so buy in advance but double your expected usage

    • Hi grumpy,

      I appreciate your feedback. I'd be very surprised if an ASX listed entity would knowingly commit what essentially amounts to fraud!

      The mechanisms for accouting for data usage are standardised with carrier & service providers typically using netflow or other similar means.

      Obviously I'm not an employee of Flexiroam, so I can't comment specifically, but if that were occurring, it wouldn't reflect well on my business. I'll certainly raise it with them (as a general comment), and if they are able to demonstrate to me how they count data usage, perhaps it would make an interesting blog post?

      On the buy ahead front, they have made some featuyre changes. Essentially the old model of discounting advance purchases is being phased out. It was a good and bad model depening on how you look at it.

      The new model allows you to:

      • Purchase plans and then activate them when you want to
      • Extend an active Data Plan for a nominal charge
      • Data Plans can be cancelled prior to them being activated

      Flexiroam have had a big management re-strucure and have cash in the bank now (after a capital raising), so I'm expecting (hoping) they'll become more competitive as travel picks up and their buying volumes increase.

      I still think depening on your use case it proivdes a handy option for most traveller's.

      Thanks for your input.



  • I just ordered an esim starter pack.

    How long does it take to get it back by email?

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