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[VIC] Gaggia Pro Manual Coffee Machine $549.98 (Normally $599.98) @ Costco (Docklands)


I don’t intend to get into a discussion about coffee because I’m a hot chocolate girl. I thought some people might be interested.

This was at Docklands Costco in Melbourne. There seemed to be a few of them.

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    Perfect for mods recommended by Lance Hedrick: https://youtu.be/SR1_cgUR9ks

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      After watching Lance's video on latte art, now I hear voices in my head telling me "Faster, Faster, Faster!" when I'm pouring the steamed milk.

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    That's cool, but still think I'll bite the bullet on the bambino plus this weekend at goof guys commercial for $360

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      What is Goof Guys?

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        Goofy typo

      • Politer version of douche guys

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        Local prank store.

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      Thanks for the heads up on the Bambino.

    • I've got a Bambino (not the plus). I'm glad I got this one because it can dispense hot water so long blacks are much easier. Great little machine though but probably not in the same class as the Gaggia

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        I believe the bambino plus can dispense through the steam wand with a secret button combination

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          Well now I regret my purchase!!! Honestly though they're pretty tops for a coffee snob that's also lazy

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          It can, I picked one up through GGC (thanks OB for the tip) Its great and auto milk is fantastic when you are feeling lazy. The "secret" button combination is to simply pull out the wand and press the single cup and "foam amount" buttons at the same time.

          This video shows it https://youtu.be/pvGLARp9sGs?t=84

          Anyway love the Bambino Plus and for $360 it makes everything else a rather hard sell. The Gaggia would look fantastic otherwise :P

      • Can't all coffee machines dispense hot water?

      • Can you please recommend a decent, not too expensive, grinder.

        • Normally people point at the breville smart grinder. I hear its ok you can get them cheap on sale and can often find them for $150 ish on facebook marketplace.

          If you want something better you have the Eureka Mingon Manuale or Sette 270 for the $400~$500 range. After that prices start going wild.

          I went with a hand grinder which is totally not for everyone, my wife can't turn the handle when its set on something as fine as Espresso. Makes good coffee though :)

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            @Witchdoctr: Thanks I’ll look at the smart grinder. I consider $400 to $500 is wild.

            • @try2bhelpful: The home espresso world is wild and can be expensive. Wait till you see the $150 for what is basically a metal handle (portafilter) or $300 for some fancy kitchen scales :)

              The Bambino comes with Pressurised baskets anyway so it will take almost any sort of ground coffee (including store purchased preground) and make something drinkable out the other side.

              However if you partner is a coffee snob they will probably want to move onto a single wall basket and a dedicated grinder. This is really the key to "cafe" quality coffee, however it also can create some terrible shots if you don't get everything right. This is often the start of the rabbit hole that is "the perfect shot"

              Anyway you don't need to spend crazy money for good enjoyable coffee plus the auto milk functions are great for hot chocolates

              GL and I hope you find (or OB finds for you) some good bargains!.

              • @Witchdoctr: Thanks for all the assistance. I’m thinking of starting a forum post. “I’ve bought a Bambino, so what next?” to get all this lovely info into one post for anyone who it might help in the future. We aren’t coffee snobs, we aren’t aspiring to art, but we do like it done well.

          • @Witchdoctr: I got the Sette 270 not long ago … there was time I thought Sette 30 should be enough - at first I thought it might be - but as my bag of coffee beans getting less fresh as the days go by, and I have to readjust the micro setting every week to make it finer - I realized there is a reason for the function and price.

            • @CC9CC9: The sette 30 is no where near enough for a perfect grind.
              The sette 270 is great and convenient.
              The breville smart grinder can pull some decent shots too but isn't as convenient. Eg you have to remove the bean hopper and burr grinder to adjust how fine or coarse the bean is. (1-9) the 30 stages can then be modified from the side panel. Totalling 270 different modifications.
              Same as sette 270. It's just a lot less convenient .

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      I’m not a “coffee snob” and by no means a pro at making coffee. but I love our Bambino coffee machine and reckon it makes coffee better than (or as good as) 70% of barista made coffee I have out when I do have coffee out.

      • LOL well no amount of money you throw at a machine or grinder can compensate for the lack of fresh/crap beans or not being able to use the equipment

    • I just did. My man has access through Sun Super.

      I’m interested in the frothing action. (That is going to trigger a few more comments).

      • Did you really buy that just for hot chocolate?

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    This is one gem that lasts longer than a marriage. Also retains value better than diamond rings!

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      Much like coffee machines, marriages generally last longer if you invest in a high-quality one that you've done research for and put the effort in to understand what's involved ;)

      Seriously though, what's with middle aged people and hating their wives/husbands? Nobody forced you lot to get married!

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        I bypassed the married part. The man and I have been together 40 years. Met at Uni.

      • I don't disagree, you beat me to it. On a similar note, I wonder why so many pet owners decide to jump ship, abandoning their pet. Me guess they didn't do proper research and put in the effort.

  • It seems they didn't update the prices from last week's sale. As it was last week's promotion.

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      If you zoom in it says expiry on 24/10.

      • Fair game, online it seemed to be only for a week. It might be unique to this store.

        • It might be. Certain stores have their own discounts.

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    How is Gaggia compared to Brevilla Barista Pro ? I am inclined towards a integrated grinder to worry less about an additional device on the shelf.

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      like comparing a hyundai and a land rover

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        The Barista pro is a great machine. Gaggia is no where near as good out of the box. Once you add pid and change the bar pressure it is a better machine but the bes920 dual boiler is probably the best bang for buck coffee machine in general. I would say it edges over this in almost every way.

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        That sounds like both crap, one is ugly the other looks good but expensive

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      Aimed at different markets really. Out of the box you'll get far more consistent results with the Breville but it you like to tinker then there's the potential to get some awesome shots from the Gaggia via mods. This is due to the temperature variations in the Gaggia and lack of automatic preinfusion.

      Far more functionality out of the box in the Breville as well but the Gaggia will most likely last longer due to the difference in construction materials.

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      What happens when one of the integrated devices breaks?

      Separate devices are easier to manage and work around issues.

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        fwiw my BES870 is going on 5yrs and isnt really showing any signs of slowing down

      • I'd be disappointed if the integrated grinder on my 5 y/o BES870 breaks down. I hope that it lasts a few more years before it does so.

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          I'd be disappointed if the integrated grinder on my 5 y/o BES870 breaks down.

          So would I.
          But when you combine two appliances if one fails then both effectively fail. That's why I said that separate devices are easier to manage and work around issues

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      It depends on how much interest you have on coffees and the budget. Gaggia is a specialised espresso machine so the ceiling is very high for great coffee. Barista Pro is a jack of all trades so there's little room to upgrade/improve.

      Gaggia has a E61 group head for 58mm portafilters so you can get a lot of great accessories like naked portafilters, gaskets and precision gear like VST/IMS/Pullman baskets and 58.5mm tampers (Pullman/Decent). For me, the basket and tamper was a huge improvement, it made it easier to pull good shots and reduced channeling.

      It's built like a tank and will last a long time, have read of 10+ year old units still in operation. They also heat up quite fast.

      it's mod friendly, big mod community and also spare parts are readily available

      Grinders are extremely important and people often budget twice the espresso machine.
      You'll outgrow your built-in grinder very quickly if your interest in coffee picks up.
      It's common to see a Barista Pro with a Specialita on the side which is a bit of a waste.

    • I've got the Barista - if you value your time, stick with the barista pro. Literally turn on and pop your shot.

      These machines you gotta wait and literally everything is manual - so good luck.

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    • You have me intrigued but I won’t risk it.

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      Well that was a challenging wank

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        Probably typed one handed.

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          That was the challenging part

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      I found two of them with only one cup

    • is the first image result you OP?

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    name checks out, try2bhelpful
    hot choc person that let others know about a coffee machine deal

    on behalf of the coffee people, thank you Chocolate person

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      I noticed we seem to have a lot of coffee obsessed people here.

      I didn’t know we had so many Melbournians in the forum.

      • u need to turn up for one of those ozbargain meetups :)
        it's got a good mix of genders too

        • I’ve been to the last couple of Ozbargain Christmas meetups. Hope we might get one this Christmas.

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    If you're prepared to invest time in the art of making coffee, this is a steal.

    It's Italian made, and a few mods (such as reducing to 9 bars of pressure, and a PID) will take this next level.

    It's also quite narrow, so you should have room to place an expensive grinder!

    • As a matter of interest, for the aficionados, could you give an approximate on costs for the mods.

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        The pressure mod ranges from free (involves you snipping a spring in the machine - although I was not brave enough to do this) to approx $30, where you are sent a range of springs (9 bar, 6.5 and 5) to simply replace the original 12 bar spring in the machine.

        The PID mod costs about $200. Expensive, but for those looking to be precise about brew and steam temperature, it's a worthy investment.

        From memory, I think both of these mods can be removed to restore the unit to factory settings.

  • Can anyone confirm whether this is the new version of this machine?

  • I bought this machine the other weeks since the Delonghi I bought was a piece of trash and needed to be replaced.

    This machine is brilliant. Plenty of pressure with a full 58mm portafilter.

    You can make a very decent cup even without the mod. Good to know you can pimp it out at a later date though.

  • no its a good machine if you mainly drink black coffee but single boiler
    machine is a pain for milk frothing i suggest go for aheat exchange machine anyday

    • Why's it a pain? Have to wait?

      • Yep every time you use the water it needs to refill and boil. A split thermoblock is still single boil but continuously provides the same heat distributed to both steam wand and group head. Still can't do them too well simultaneously but does work.
        Dual boilers have dedicated boilers for steam and group head and can be done simultaneously with temperature appropriate for both.

        • +1

          Only a pain if you are making more than 2 coffees at a time. For me it's never been a problem, very rarely make more than 2 coffees at once.
          I find by the time I've extracted the coffee and switched to steam mode, that gives me about enough time to empty the portafilter and give it a quick rinse, fill up the milk jug, and by then the steamer is ready to go.

          • @Peter Enis: Exactly. Another tip is that surprisingly the milk steaming is better if you dont wait for the steam light. If you wait 20s or so, and start steaming, you get better pressure because the heating element is still on.

            Also doesnt take long to cool it down for espresso again by dropping some water - its a small boiler.

          • @Peter Enis: Yeah they are fine for a couple in a household. I had the old bes860 which was a single boiler agree completely that it's more than enough for most households. I just identified the differences.

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