This was posted 7 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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½ Price Sunrice Jasmine Fragrant Rice 5kg $10 @ Coles


½ Price @ Coles in the new catalogue and same price @ Woolies thanks to vu.

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  • Product of Cambodia

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      Weird it says Vietnam on the website. I got a 2kg pack recently from Woolies, and it said product of Australia weirdly too

      • I got a 2kg pack recently from Woolies, and it said product of Australia weirdly too

        Only the 5kg pack changed country of origin.

        Update: Looks like 1kg and 2kg are now 'Product of Vietnam' too

    • I just bought some of this from the Woolies special last week, and it's product of Vietnam.

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      Older stock are still Product of Cambodia. All new stocks now are 'Product of Vietnam'.

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      Can't really grow rice in Australia anymore due to the water consumption. Luckily Cambodia / Vietnam (generally Asia) has a monsoon season which seems plenty of water. Hope climate change don't see their water drying up too.

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        tell that to who build hydropower dam to block the Mekong River

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        Cotton also requires a lot of water and that doesn't stop certain people from growing it. All you have to do is take all the water from the river that everyone and thing down stream needs to survive. Profit.

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    Inflation, used to $8 for 5 kg

    • The extra $2 is for "inflating" the bag

  • Details
    Country of Origin:
    Packed in Vietnam

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    This was already on special for $10 at my local Woolies in Wollongong.

  • Yess, finally I can eat.

  • Yes, has been this price since Wednesday at Woolies. Funny that, a year ago they were $16 a pack and 1/2 price $8. Bit of inflation, only masked by constantly obstructing Pricehipster and thus erasing historic records…

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      History of Original Price: $17 (2019) -> $20 (2020) -> $16 (Early 2021) -> $20 (Now)

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    If you have an Asian grocer nearby, best to check what they have.

    We manage to get a bag of SunRice Premium Topaz Jasmine Rice 20kg (Product of Australia) for ~$40

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      where did you get this?

    • Would you mind telling which shop & location ? thx

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    The new "half" price. I remember 3 so years ago half price of this was $5, then $6, $8 and now $10. That's around 20% increase every time - same for many ozbargainer Asian food "favourite" items like instant noodles, chicken wings etc. No salary increases with that speed :D

    • That's around 20% increase every time

      That is because it is Sunrice, all the head office and people expenses don't pay for themselves. As demonstrated previously most of the cost is when the goods have landed. Getting the rice package, onto the container and onto the ship isn't where the serious cost is. It is at the wharfs here and to move the container to the warehouse then cost of rent and labour.

      House prices aren't what they are for no reason. Everyone is living with lower salaries so they can get a pay rise from capital appreciation of their houses.

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        Shipping has gone up by a fair bit too, have a look at the World Container Index.

        • 4x isn't bad as it sounds. Except if you are shipping bulky low value items like toilet paper.

          For example say you fit a car into a 20ft container. Assuming it used to cost $1.5k from Asia now it is $6k. It would be a lot for a $20k car but if you are buying $50k or $60k+ cars like many people question on these forums it is actually not so bad.

          If we are talking about DSLR bodies that sell for $2k each for each 20ft container the extra freight might not be $100 per item which explains all the not all time lows but close enough deals on OzB lately.

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            @netjock: Assuming this rice comes in containers rather than bulk ships, a 40' can have a payload of at most 26t. If it costs an extra AUD $10k to get it here, that's 38 cents/kg. Not much for a camera, but a lot for rice.

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    who really cares where it's from (good if it's Australia though).
    As long as it's not from USA - arsenic seems to be an issue there.

  • fwiw last bag i've got is made in Thailand :)

  • Oh just in time.. mine just ran out.

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