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TP-Link Deco X68 (2-Pack) AX3600 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System $349 (Was $549) Delivered @ PCLIVE Amazon AU


I've been wanting to buy these for a while but not wanted to pay the $549 price tag after seeing the previous OZBargain deal for these at $349. They've just gone on sale again at Amazon so a fantastic deal again at this price.

AX3600 Tri-Band Wi-Fi: Boosts overall speeds up to an incredible 3600 Mbps
AI-Driven Mesh: Intelligently learns the network environment to provide ideal Wi-Fi unique to your home
Connect More Devices: Connect over 150 devices without dragging down performance

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Same price on ebay with additional discount coupons. Wait for 15% Tech Tuesdays Afterpay to come and get it for less than $300. This is 2x2 so paying more than $150 for each is a crime :P

    • Is there a confirmation of afterpay sale event tomorrow?

      • I don't know about an event tomorrow, but there is an Afterpay coupon code that was just released: Voucher/coupon AFTERPAY10 so long as you pay with Afterpay.

        You can use SPENDNSAVEOCT instead for $10 off without needing Afterpay.

        • darn…i dont have afterpay! dohh

  • Due to the concrete walls and multilevels at my place, I have 4 Kogan mesh units (1 for every floor inc garage). Being a tight-ass OzBer, I can’t justify 4 of these x68 units…for those that own this, is it a big upgrade improvement?

  • how does this mesh work? Do i need another box or do i connect it directly into the NBN ISP modem via ethernet?

    • i plug mine intoa ny ethernet LAN port on the TPLink modem/router nbn provides and it works just fine.

      • nbn don't provide TP-Link devices. TPG does.

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      The main Deco can work as a router (or just as an access point.)

  • Do I still need a modem? Or is it a modem and router all in one?

    • Deco X68 is a router.

      FTTC = nbn NCD + Deco X68.
      FTTP, HFC = nbn NTD + Deco X68.
      FTTN, FTTB = VDSL2 modem + Deco X68.

      • What's the benefit of plugging this directly into the NTD, instead of the modem?

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          The nbn NTD for HFC is a modem and nbn NTD for FTTP is an ONT. Having an extra modem has no benefits.

          You get faster performance from the Deco when it's being used as the only router.

          Plugging the Deco into the nbn NTD fixes double NAT problems. Double NAT can break access to Plex, cameras, remote access, servers, home automation and more. For casual browsing and Netflix you can get away with double NAT but it's not a recommended setup.

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            @Twix: Thank you for the info, this all very new to me so just trying to achieve the best set up for home.

    • 349+100=499?
      Plus it's on backorder.

      • You get extra access point and camera for $100

        • It's $151 more…

  • Seems to be that price at all the main retailers now.

  • Keep in mind TP-Link have introduced Home Shield - essentially Home Care that was on the older Deco/Archer devices, however it's now offered in a "free" and "pro" version. The vast majority of the functionality that was attractive in the original Home Care software now comes at a cost (around $60 a year).

  • Be careful of this mode I have opticomm on 600mbps with ABB. First few days was great. Then speed went incredibly slow at 1MBPS and consistent drop outs. I’ve raised this with TP link who are investigating it. They said because it’s new it may have firmware upgrade needed.

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