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Steggles Family Roast Whole Chicken $2.90/kg @ Woolworths


Steggles Whole Roast Chicken $3 Per kg @ Woolworths (1.8 - 2.65 kg) weights will differ between States.

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    I feel attacked

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    (1.8 - 2.65 kg) weights

    The one you linked to is 3.1kg

    • weights will differ between States

  • Last time I had to check with 2 different people at checkout to get this price when on sale.

    Best advice go late in the afternoon and avoid morning.

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      Last time I had to check with 2 different people at checkout to get this price when on sale.

      Why? Did it scan incorrectly?

      • yes. Came out original price not the sale price

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      Just pay the higher price if it's marked correctly on the shelf, then go to the service desk & get a full refund.

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        Exactly this.
        Best thing about shopping on a Wednesday is free meat because something has come onsale and wasn’t re tagged

      • Great idea.
        Will do it next time

      • how does this work? most of the time they will refund the difference after mentioning the offer.

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          There is a voluntary code (signed on by Colesworth) which requires them to give you 1 item free if it scans incorrectly. It is called Scanning code of Practice. Some supermarkets do not inform staff about it. But if you insist the supervisors usually know about it.

  • Can this fit in woolies airfryer?

  • Love these chickens on roids. Yum!

  • Find these chickens so bland, yuck.. Even tho there cheap I dont bother now after trying them once

  • Still showing 5.5/kg for me

  • Had an experience today at my local Woolworths. Got charged full price. Had to take it to the counter and get the discount price. Check your receipt, people in the meat section not doing their job.

    On the positive side cooking a chicken roast this weekend :)

    • Fail Ozbargain 101. You should have gotten it for free. For bonus points go back and get another one for free. See my comment above for the reason.

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