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Logitech G703 Lightspeed Hero Wireless Gaming Mouse $54 + $6 Postage @ Bing Lee eBay


Just noticed this price drop from $109 to $54 on Bing Lee via their eBay storefront.
Even with $6 postage its a good deal at 50% off…plus there is a $10 eBay coupon for October that also can be stacked/applied.
You could try getting OfficeWorks to pricematch and beat by 5% if you're quick off the mark tomorrow.

Excludes: QLD Regional, SA Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

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    If you have afterpay you can get $10 off.

    What is "$10 eBay coupon"? Did you mean afterpay?

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    • Is the 903 much better ?

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        I only own 703. It's good enough for me.
        My friend's 903 is really big tho

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        • +1

          Thanks for that, I think I prefer the 703.

      • Don’t quote me on this, but I think it’s about 200 units better

        • Don’t quote me on this

          Sorry, too late.

          I'd already posted it on Reddit…

      • Sold out this one

      • +1


    • got one thanks!

    • nice price. got mine for 124 two years ago and thought it was a good deal

    • THANK YOU !
      Bought one, hope won't encounter the double click issue/

    • Thanks,

      just bought one. Only one left on eBay.

  • Wow, I am using g502 wired now ,which one should I get?

    • If you like it, I suggest sticking with it - G703 is relatively a lot more uncomfortable to use. The main benefit I found was just that it was wireless

      • i like it, prefer 502 wireless but haven't seen any real bargain.

        • Yeah G502 lightspeed would've been classified my ideal mouse about a year ago, but I recently made the switch to a GPW and haven't regretted it at all.

          I still use my wired G502 on the side for all its macro keys though.

          • @jjsu: i don't gaming on PC, just like how it looks. LOL

            • @ce5himm: I don't game much nowadays either. It's very comfortable in my hand and much, much lighter than the G502 - not to mention also being wireless.

              • @jjsu: looks like i will pass all these and wait for a gpw to try out. LOL

    • I have an old g502 wired

      Got a g pro from the last deal

      I prefer it over the g502 much lighter and well balanced

      Loving it and definitely playing quicker and better

      • How much was the g pro? normal g pro or superlight?

        • Recent deal 124 for g pro is considered low here.

        • I bought it from Amazon UK $124

          Also impulse bought a g pro super light for $180 a few days later but haven’t opened it yet because I’m very happy with my normal g pro and the super light has less buttons

          Super light may be available tomorrow with latitude pay from jbhifi for $130 and if so i’ll return it

          • @s3n: 130 from JB? Damnn I might have to jump on the g pro superlight at that price!

    • if you need those extra buttons, look at g604

      wireless and deadly

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    What's the $10 coupon for Oct?

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    Look up issues with scrolling for the G703. Had the scroll issue after 3 months of use. They may have since updated this model though

    • +1

      This, had mine replaced by Logitech

    • +1

      There's firmware update for the older G703. Not 100% fixed, but it happens way less (once every couple of days instead of all the time).

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    dam..oos already

  • +1

    I think it's sold out

  • +1

    G703 is already OOS :/

  • +2

    Damn oos

  • +3
    • oos

      • It's back if you're quick…

      • Now it's gone again.

        It was available for about 4 mins.

        • lol i saw that, and i was even on the payment page, just doing search to double check whether it has free scrolling.

          • @ce5himm: It's back again…

          • @ce5himm: It's gone again now…

            • @jv: Just bought one from their website, must have come back in stock momentarily

              • @kookykersbrook: Keep refreshing, and became available, I guess it's like a website glitch, let's see if tomorrow they will cancel orders

          • @ce5himm: Back again…

  • someone grabbed 8 G703 from their ebay store…..

    • +12

      reselling pigs all over this site

    • +1

      Come on now.. that's just plain greed

    • like scalpers,

    • +5

      8 -.- more than all mice i have got at home, including ones in the roof.

    • them scalpers are gonna blame it on the double-clicking of their switches… lol

  • This or hyperspeed basilisk?

    • THIS is oos, so the answer is obvious.

      • +4

        It was a hypothetical question…

        • -3

          Lol, of course you are the smartest guy here. Only you can see it's a hypothetical question. Come on where is your usual sense of humour.

      • @ce5himm I didn't know this was the only way on earth to buy this mouse. Also, it's back in stock.

        • It's not by the time I was replying.

  • +6

    Fair warning to anyone who buys from Bing Lee, they are slow as molasses to ship things out. Pandemic or not, they seeming can take weeks to dispatch items to you. Then, you have to contend with the Australia Post delays. So, be prepared to wait.

    • +5

      When you're saving this much, and already have a working mouse, it doesn't matter that much, but thanks for the warning…

      • This is true. If you're happy to wait, then that is fine. It was more directed at anyone who needed a mouse sometime soon or for a gift that it might take a while to arrive.

    • +1

      Maybe I'm lucky. Bought few times from ebay and local store pick up. All good experiences. Local pick up store even call me not to forgot to pick up after 1 week. PS local store is Casula NSW

    • +1

      People complain about Aliexpress orders taking forever, but so far this year all my Aliexpress orders have arrived faster than my Bing Lee orders took to process/dispatch.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 1

  • this has expired

  • Pricematch with JB tomorrow

    • +2

      if it's OOS, depend on who you are talking to

      • +2

        The janitor ?

    • Not if it's sold out…

  • Bleh damn.. I had two of these that had scrolling issues a couple of years back, then went to a 903, then a pro wireless and now a steelseries prime wireless. The 703 was my favourite ergonomically for me though, and at this price i would absolutely have risked a third.

  • +1

    BS! Someone just bought the last 8! and I missed out while checking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G903 is still available on their site.

  • My Logitech gaming mouse recently was faulty due to a double clicking issue and after claiming warranty and simply asking for an upgrade to the Logitech G502 Lightspeed Gaming mouse they agreed. I love the G502 it's always been one of the best

  • I have one been using it for gaming etc never skipped a beat the wireless works flawlessly in fps etc

  • LOGITECH G935 still available

    • have a feeling they will cancel all the orders… GL

      • that's regular operation for bing lee

    • Just ordered but no email or showing in my account.

      Edit: now showing

  • Pretty good mouse for the price. Had the double clicking issue but Logitech replaced it and the new one has been okay so far.

  • Got one at officework priced match to $57 just before 9pm WST… Yay

    • Why did you pay more? It's $54 in store without delivery on the Bing Lee website so you could have gotten it even cheaper.

      • Cuz there's no bing Lee in WA mate

  • Back in stock AoN, 2 available.

    I'm just curious. How do mods find time to mark deals OOS and then back, then OOS and back again etc or is it a bot?

  • +5

    Back in stock on website

  • This got ozbargained on me

  • I kept refreshing the page and managed to nab one. When I was talking to customer service to correct my mistyped email address, they informed me it was backordered with no ETA

    • no suprise. Bing Lee

  • kept refreshing page for G935 and 703, managed to snag both. THANK YOU SO MUCH OP!!

  • My G5 from 2005 just started misclicking. Amazing timing! Now let's see if I get over 15 years out of this one …

  • Has anyone else had the money taken but nothing in their order history?

    • This just happened to me. may take couple minutes to see it.
      I placed order, paid by paypal, but no order under "my orders" immediately.
      till after couple of minutes… the order status now is show pending fulfillment, no idea what does this mean, waiting to secure some stock maybe?

      • Just got confirmation that it's ready to pick up but still shows I haven't made an order. I made an order early in the morning so maybe their systems were getting hammered and it just freaked out on me?

        • if you can pickup, lucky enough.
          my order still in processing, will wait and see. hopefully it will be shipped.

  • +2

    woke up this morning, and missed this…

    Edit: just saw the comments and refreshed the page every couple of minutes, and ordered one!
    So not too late…

    • +1

      Most likely it's going to be backorder with no ETA. Be prepared. People also received call from binglee refunding their money due to no stock(G903). The refreshing method is more like a glitch. Not real in-stock.

      • my order status is "processing", so could be processing to "packing and shipping" or "refund"
        will wait and see.

      • It says SOLD OUT

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