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Barty FST Gesha: Four 90g Packs of Speciality Coffee $225 (RRP) + Delivery @ Barty Single Origin


Gesha is one of the worlds highest quality coffee varieties, in the same way, that wine grapes come in different varietals so too does coffee. Coffea Arabica has literally dozens of varietals – Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Pacamara – and perhaps most famous of all, Gesha.

Gesha originally came to Panama from Ethiopia in the twentieth century as part of efforts to find disease-resistant fruit.

The result was serendipity – the unique terroir of the Panama coffee region speaking to the Gesha varietal to produce the most beautiful coffee in the world. Gesha is now the “go-to” coffee in specialty coffee competitions internationally and is found on the menus of the most discerning coffee houses and fine dining establishments around the world.

Barty has consigned ONLY 150 packs for this release on OzBargins, which includes a flight of four speciality Gesha Panama coffee's, 90grams per cylinder, each coffee was hand picked from drying beds on the 14th of September 2021 — each coffee cup's extremely well & scores above 82 points plus … also, each coffee comes with a Certificate of Authenticity having been working with Finca Santa Teresa for the last 6 months to bring the extraordinary flight of coffee's to Australia.

For more on the taste and profile notes be sure you check out our 'The Cupping Show' on YT where we provide a full low-down on each of the coffee's in detail.

Orders will be shipped within 7-14 days from purchase or you can Opt-in for next day priority pick & pack for an additional $9.95 Australia & Asia Pacific.

This is a premium pack of serious coffee, hand picked, packs hand crafted and unlike anything you've every tasted.

A great gift or treat yourself, experience one of the worlds finest coffee's direct from farm to cup while we continue to raise awareness for mental health.

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Barty Single Origin
Barty Single Origin

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  • +20

    Having your "coffee expert" leave product reviews is pretty dodgy practice, IMO.

    • -22

      ok so, hate to say it, best you do some research on FST … this is no lame offer

      FST is a well renowned farm that's won many awards on a global level and this flight has been endorsed recently by some serious roasters in Australia.

      The same offer is available on Alternative Brewing with a small markup to cover costs https://alternativebrewing.com.au/products/barty-fst-panama-...

      • +22

        My comment had nothing against the FST farm, my comment was against your practice of having your "coffee expert" leave product reviews, generally reserved for actual customers not affiliated with the business.

  • +2

    I would if I could, but I can't. I've really wanted to try some Gesha beans and tried to order some in COVID lockdown 1, but Manna Beans never got back to me. At the price per gram it's pretty expensive to try and dial in your brew. I'm more likely to pay $15-$20 to buy a cup from a reputable roaster rather than me trying to fiddle with it. Also, I'm guessing you can get SOs scoring in the high 80s which will cost significantly less per kg. Good gift for a coffee enthusiast though.

    • +3

      These fellas in SA have a couple Gesha beans. Highly recommend you give them a shot, and a visit if you're ever nearby.

      • +1

        I'm in the ACT, if it was close-by I'd give it a crack.

      • I'm genuinely curious what "White Label" means for this Panamanian Gesha offering?

        • I believe the labelling is to differentiate from their other products rather than a description of the coffee. With that comes smaller quantities and higher costs, presumably due to the cost to them.

        • Just their way of saying it's special or "limited release".

          • @Anders: White label sounds like clean-skin in terms of wine.

            • @yojabbajabba: Suppose so. But here it's literally a label that is white and it stands out from their black labels.

              Highly recommend Dawn Patrol fwiw

    • Again, this a flight of super serious coffee, have a look at the cert where we're full transparent on the pricing & costs to bring this to Australia, here is one of the coffee https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/coffee/products/ba...

      • +1

        I know what it is and I know it's value as a product. It's just hard to justify, like buying $600 bottles of wine when $60 bottles could taste just as good, if not better. It's just a supply and demand issue, not really quality which can't be matched.

        • not sure what you mean by quality? have you tasted a 2021 vintage of Gesha from Panama this year?

          • @bartjawien: As I said, I have wanted to try but have not. I'm not saying it isn't an exceptional and unique flavour but from a cupping score perspective you can get beans that would score the same for significantly less. Would happily try at a reputable roaster and pay overs for the cup than me trying to dial in 90grams (4ish cups) to get the most out of the beans.

            This is a niche product, I doubt it would get a good response on this site and I appreciate it for what it is.

            • +1

              @bxpressiv: sure, why don't you cover over and I'll dial you in a cup having been profiling these for the last 8 weeks to perfection, I'm sure you'd be walking out with a pack under your arm wanting to share a cup with your closest and dearest

        • +1

          Going to agree with you 100%. Even if it does taste better what is the % gain for cost ratio? Is it 5% better at the a 200% cost increase? This is something ask myself with everything (cars included).

  • +11

    So that is 4 x 90g per cylinder = 360g of coffee for $225….really? So $625 per KG…I don't care how good it is (an I love my coffee) but that is NOT a bargain… this is just marketing.

    • -9

      Have a look at the cert were we show the P&L for each coffee: https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/coffee/products/ba...

      • +6

        Í don't care if your cost to produce is high, its NOT A BARGAIN, even if the beans were picked by velvet gloved virgins…

        • -8

          hang on, the bargin is the product not the price, whether its picked with velvet gloves or not … this product is like caviar, rare and came of the farm a few weeks back straight to cup — horses for courses mate 👊

        • +3

          I agree with @Svenlem on this one. Exclusivity and access ≠ bargain.

          This doesn't take away from well-produced Gesha coffees, paying back to farmers in Panama who have invested greatly in their process and labour to produce a far better green bean harvest (independently verified via cupping, as evidenced by the certification and documentation).I don't think that comparing coffee $/kg as the measuring stick of value is helpful, just like comparing all wines using $/mL would be unhelpful.

          However, at a base level there is no financial advantage to buying this coffee from BSO vs any other speciality Roastery who has sourced the same coffee.

          As the old adage goes, this isn't OzRRP, and the bargain should yield a financial advantage to the consumer.

    • You'd never buy a 1kg of this coffee, you'd hate for it go stale. Again, we've only consigned 330 units and that's it — if you are a coffee geek this is a flight that's not one to be missed ✌️

    • +1

      While I agree to some degree the same could be said about many things.

      Printer ink, for instance. Easily comes to a thousand dollars/L for colour ink cartridges for printers like the Canon ImagePrograf 1000. That is a completely made up price by the manufacturer. Still - if someone were to sell the original Canon cartridges for $50 a pop (80 ml in one) it’d be a bargain.

      I would never buy coffee like this. I agree the whole text is mostly marketing. But let’s face it: that’s true for almost anything being peddled to us.

      • Thanks for your honesty, everyones is different, this is like a fine wine or a fine dining experience … no BS here these coffee's are insane and nothing I've ever tasted before, where we've made sure not to peddle the marketing, whats on the bag and let the product speak for it self.

      • Tell me you use Epson Inktank printers? I do and it saves thousands of dollars in ink at work.

  • +7

    If you click the 4 things included and go to their individual pages the prices are listed as
    Barty FST Panama Sophia Gesha Natural - $60
    Barty FST Panama Summer Gesha Natural - $55
    Barty FST Panama Manzana Gesha Honey - $55
    Barty FST Panama Batista Gesha Honey - $52
    Total $222?

    $3 more for the pack is a bargain?

  • +4

    Sorry mate, this one was always going to be a tough sell on a website for scrooges. I love buying exotic beans from Ozb, but even my impressionable arse baulks at the idea of paying $225 for 360g of coffee. Possibly could have been more palatable in smaller quantities?

    • +2

      360g of filter roast should yield 5.011kg of filter coffee (25g in - 348g out). Or 14 brews.

      The average v60 filter brew at my local is $15, so $210 worth of coffee. And the baristas there can nail a pourover every time with much better equipment and skill than I have at home, plus the capacity to account for wastage and brew another batch if they don't get it right the first time.

      I don't trust myself to do this coffee justice brewing it at home, attempting to get the flavour profile that was originally roasted for.

  • +1

    You're posting this offer in the wrong place, mate. If it's not low cost/cheap then it won't be seen as a deal on OzBargain. You're wasting your time/energy trying to explain the economics of specialty coffee to most (not all) people here.

    The median coffee drinker on OzBargain thinks that the Aldi Lazzio blends are the best bang-for buck, that Breville make the best coffee machines and a 7-11 $1.00 coffee is the only correct price point when you're out and about. Most people here conflate 'cheap' and 'good value' as being one in the same.

    Move on and chalk this one up as a learning experience. There are a number of ASCA members who have tried promoting their SOs and blends on here with some amazing deals and have realised that OzBargain can be a hostile platform that's simply not worth their effort. If you get an invite to the OzB Unofficial Discord Server then post to to the 'Caffeine Central' channel. There are a few farm-to-cup sellers there and a more understanding audience.

    • +1

      Coolio, thanks.

    • +2

      any chance you or someone can share the Discord invite link/code?

    • +3

      The 'bargain' listed is $3 more expensive than the individual items purchased separately from the same website.

      Yep, amazing deal…


      • hahahahaaha love this

  • +5

    OzBargins hahahaha

  • Boy oh boy Bart you sure know how to rile up an online community!

    • +1

      you guys are great to have a bit of banter with, i do enjoy the back and forth, we are about to drop a 25% off voucher store wide tho … not sure if that will spark any interest while we raise awareness for mental health 👊

      • That sounds cool, what exactly will you be doing for mental health? Portion of sales to beyond blue or something like that?

        • hey! check the cert of auth on each of the FST products, it outlines the proceeds in the P&L that go to ReachOut.com along with price we purchased the green for direct from farm

          • @bartjawien: Please just outline the answer in the reply @Rep - is it a few bucks or a few cents per packet or per dollar? Not interested in a deep dive. Also is it to the AU variant? Incorrect URL

            • @FlatulentFrank: The offer of FST is limited stock direct from farm to cup, we've only 150 packs of the 4 Gesha's for $225.

              Here are the options;

              • Subscribe to our Premium subscription for $50 and receive a flight of FST Gesha every week for 4 weeks (10$ Discount)
              • Purchase the 4 Pack for $225

              Or purchase the coffee's individually at there individual price with our fancy packaging or reduce opt to reduce your packing footprint by 35%.

              We're making sure we pushing sustainable, recyclable packing and minimise wastage with this flight of Gesha from FST.

              • Barty FST Panama Batista Gesha Honey $52 (Vac Sealed $20 Discount)
              • Barty FST Panama Summer Gesha Natural $55 (Vac Sealed $20 Discount)
              • Barty FST Panama Sophie Gesha Natural $60 (Vac Sealed $20 Discount)
              • Barty FST Panama Manzana Gesha Honey $ 55 (Vac Sealed $20 Discount)
              • @bartjawien: My comment was in relation to the mental health $ spent to it…nothing more nothing less.. the hesitation giving a clear answer concerns me greatly. All good best of luck with your business! almost pulled the trigger and ordered if I received a clear answer on the question. All g

                • @FlatulentFrank: oh! the straight answer is: this FST flight of Gesha has ~$15.50 per cylinder/coffee going to ReachOut.com ✌️ dare you to pull that trigger, you won't be disappointed.

  • oh! the straight answer is: this FST flight of Gesha has ~$15.50 per cylinder/coffee going to ReachOut.com ✌️ dare you to pull that trigger, you won't be disappointed.

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