This was posted 7 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Baseus PIR Motion Sensor Rechargeable Night Light US$12.49 (~A$16.96) Delivered @ Banggood


Update: Rep has added another 200 units

US$1.09 cheaper than the previous deal


  1. Back Lighting design: softer light without being dazzling

  2. Dual induction, PIR human body induction + photosensitive induction

  3. 120 days long endurance

  4. Magnetic installation: Easier pick and place

  5. Type-C charging

To get price in title:

  • Apply coupon BG028925 at checkout.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD

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  • +3

    Can this run always when dark without motion sensing.

    • +1

      Check each photo

      • +1

        Not sure why you were downvoted, lol. The answer is on the 6th photo @Jklaro

        • +5

          6th photo shows me auto on off. To me on means always on auto means motion sensor and off inactive. But could also mean auto is sensor.. on is when dark turn on

  • Using this, loving it

    • Just checking, is it bright? Given its a nightlight I'm guessing not, was contemplating one or two for the shed but if it's just a dim glow it's probably not the right solution. Cheers.

      • Its alright. I installed near the stairs and its okay to see the steps

  • Suitable for the toilet at 3am?

    • +45

      Nah, tricky to aim and too messy.

      I reckon bucket works better.

  • +1

    Hey I ordered this last sale and I was wondering if people got the natural light and found the light to be very white ?

    • +19

      That's racist

    • +2

      Yeah I got a natural light one and the light is much whiter than the pic

    • +2

      Me too. Ordered natural but got white.
      Still not bad but

    • +2

      YES, i can't stand it :( just clashes with every other light we have…
      It says 4000k but i swear if you measure that its about 6500k+

      • +2

        I thought the point of this was that you use it when you don't have any other lights on, then it can't clash

      • It's near the same as Philips lights I have 4000k also, so it's accurate. It is in between warm white (3000k) and cool daylight (5000-6000k)

    • Is there anything printed on the box or device to confirm it is definitely the natural and not the white?

      I just bought 4 and will be disappointed if they’re too white, because they won’t match the Blitzwolf ones I already have. With that said they might still be useful in the garage.

      • +3

        It says natural light on the box. But it's more like 5000k rather than 4000k warm white.

        It's just pure white light

        • +1

          Well that’s 💩

          • +2

            @Master Bates: It's very misleading, doesn't match my xiaomi warm night light. Which is much softer light and less bright so you don't go blind at night

      • +1

        It‘s printed on the device and mine says colour temperature 4000k (which is what I’ve ordered from the previous deal) but mine also emits a white light. The light looks about in the 5000k range. Definitely doesn‘t look 4000k to me. It’s apparent when I have my Xiaomi nightlight next to it. If you put this on a white wall, the light looks whiter and if put on a beige wall, the light looks yellower.

    • +2

      same, ordered natural and it is more like 6000k

  • Just moved into a new house. Bought 2. Thanks OP.

    • +38

      Congratulations on the three houses.

      • -3

        Classic Boomer

      • +1

        Thanks dreamer. It wouldn't have been possible without all the home loan deals on OzB.

        • +1

          Damn, clearly I'm doing it wrong, I just keep buying deals and eating into my deposit…

  • Price gone up slightly to US 12.93?

    • Did you use the coupon code above?

      • +1

        Yeah I think I didn't uncheck insurance or something

        • Yep, that’ll be it.

        • Even uncheck, still higher than what title says. I think it's because of MasterCard rate.

  • Purchased a few, thanks OP, appreciate it.

  • Thanks OP, got one. Hope it's as good as advertised.

  • previous buyers - Is the whole unit magnetic, or is it metal with the wall piece being a magnet? i.e. can it be put straight on a fridge or do you need to install the sticky mount? Thanks!

    • +1

      One of the reviews on the website says it, “can be used on fridges or metal door frames.”

      • +2

        Yes this is correct it's got magnet for the fridge and 3M tape for the wall

    • +3

      You need to install the 3M sticky mount which is a pain to remove if you want to reposition.

      • +8

        This comment is underrated. My wife thought she'd be a funny bugger and gave me a bump just as I was going to stick the mounting pad, causing it to be crooked. It was such a PITA to remove and ended up taking some of the paint off.

      • +1

        If you don't install the mount, can't you still use it on metal surfaces?

    • Thanks!

      • +2

        Sorry for the fridge you don't need to use the 3M tape. It attaches by magnet

  • How do we pay in USD and is PayPal the best option?

    • +2

      Always PayPal for the included protections. Make sure you chose to pay by your card’s currency conversion, not PayPal’s.

      • I'm getting AUD as default even before checkout.

        • +1

          Choose USD on the Banggood website or App before going to PayPal

          • +1

            @Master Bates: Thanks, figured it out finally. But for two I'm getting AU$30.27 or US$28.54 in the checkout page. So, isn't AUD the cheaper option?
            Edit: Now I'm getting the price as per OP. I still don't know how I got the AUD 30 for 2 earlier, but I did order it at that price. Verified from bank account also, no extra charges.

  • +1

    I don't trust Bangood they had deceived me twice by advertising something and delivering a differnt thing which is extremely cheap and very similiar. They do all the tricks mind it.

  • Thanks OP, got three and a free meat thermometer.

  • Don't need it but don't know why I bought it.

    Thanks OP.

  • How long is the sensor timer? I don't want it do the leg dance while peeing if it isn't longer than 30s.

    • 30s which will reset on movement. Otherwise I think there's a manual mode too

  • Wait wait wait… 500mAh and 150 days? Can't maths this.

    • These kinds of lights only turn on for a few seconds when they detect motion, and the light isn't very bright either. They're not meant to stay on for long periods. The battery will run down very quickly otherwise.

  • +1

    First I bought one, then I thought why buy one when I can buy two for twice the price!

  • I got mine from the previous deal and its probably faulty. I'm literally in front of it waving and moving around like a monkey and it still doesn't turn on till I basically pick it up. Following up on a possible replacement (I'm guessing its cheaper than organising a repair), but just some feedback from someone having issues. Hopefully it gets resolved smoothly.

    • If it's near a bright light source it won't trigger, so the battery isn't wasted during the day time.

      • You may actually be right, I put it under fairly low light at the time but trying it in darkness seems to trigger it better. I'll try it a few more night to see how consistent it is.

  • +1

    I am still looking for something like the old Xiaomi Yeelight Auto Sensor Night Light.
    - Warm white, not too bright, just right as a night light.
    - USB chargeable, lasts for a few months.
    - Magnetic or hook mount. Just hang it anywhere.

  • I'm a new banggood user (well my email address is anyway), so I got a free gift and a $2.78 discount extra.

    Chose MOHOO Indoor Thermometer which looks cool, has temp and humidity and big screen.

    Order Total
    Coupon Discount
    Allowance Discount
    Total Payment

  • OMG thanks OP
    missed out on last deal
    bought some for around the house

  • +1

    Seems coupon only works 380 times

    • +1

      Happened to me as well…I think this deal is expired…

  • +1

    Coupon no longer works
    “This coupon can only be used 380 times.“

  • +2

    Rep added another 200 units.

  • +1

    I just bought 2x units for $10.88US each using the coupon so can confirm it still works (and is slightly cheaper now?)

  • +1
    Product Quantity    Amount  Options

    MOHOO Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Temperature and Humidity Meter with Backlight for Room Home Greenhouse
    US$0.00 1 US$0.00

    Baseus® PIR Motion Sensor Night Light Human Induction Backlight Magnetic LED Light Rechargeable Bedside Lamp Wall Lamp For Home
    Light Color: White Light
    US$21.99 2 US$43.98
    Sub-Total: US$43.98
    Coupons:BG028925: US$-22.22
    Shipping insurance: US$0.00
    Shipping Fee: US$0.84
    Total: US$22.60

    28 degree card charge is $28.88AUD

  • Thanks OP bought two for $29.68 AUD

  • +1

    Thanks, ordered 6 to use it as a step lights (one light per 3 stairs)
    94.68$ AUD using the coupon
    I found an alternate , but not sure how it compares. Well Baseus is still cheaper, fellow oz recommendations, can't go wrong.

    P.S. Builders (Henley) charge 350$ per step light!!

  • Can this pick up paranormal activities?

  • Purchased 2 for $29.72 (ING card). Thanks OP

  • Received a delivery delay email.

  • Received it today. As per poster above, ordered natural light, received the white light model.

    • Does it have a sticker on the outside of the box saying 'natural light' and 'colour temperature 4000k' on the back of the device?

      If it does we have received the right products, but the light still looks white as noted by others above.

      I'm going to complain but will likely just use them in the garage.

      • It does have the "natural light" sticker.

        Too bright for my use case (bathroom light), so I've asked BG to replace it. Will see what they say.

        • It will have to be a different product though.

          Baseus seem to believe 4000k is natural; we probably want 3000k max.

          • @Master Bates: 4000k is neutral
            3000k is warm white, from here start to see yellow hue
            2700k is more yellow than warm white IMHO,
            5000k is cool white, from here start to see blue hue
            5600k is cool daylight

            Old incandescent bulbs are 2700k

            • @reactor-au: Would you say neutral is natural?

              • @Master Bates: Because sunlight is full spectrum, it is white.
                So even if a bulb has poor CRI, the closer to neutral aka white it is, the more natural its colour is to sunlight.

        • Any update on your request to Banggood? What did they say?

    • That was quick I'm still waiting.

  • Got mine yesterday, ordered 3 "Natural light" ones, got 3 x 4000k White Light ones. where do I complain. As usual, these websites make it as hard as possible.

    • i'm in the exact same boat. if anyone has had any luck getting actual warm light ones please do share.

    • You have the right product. The 4000k ones are the Natural Light, it's just the photos that are misleading!

      • They have stuck a sticker saying "Natural light" on top of the box. I think the box is mis labelled.
        Anyway i complained and they offered me some crappy points credit. I declined their offer and they came back with approx 15USD credit to my paypal account which i accepted. (my purchase price was $30USD). hope it helps anyone else who was scammed by this deal\mob.

        • Thanks for the update, I'll hit them up. They're a touch too bright for a nightlight, but not bright enough for the garage because the light bounces off the walls and I need direct light in there, so that's both my use cases blown.

        • Which option did you select: Return for a refund, Return for a replacement, or Repair to be offered a partial refund?

          • @Master Bates: I didn't have those options.i logged in, went to "contact us" and logged a ticket with customer support. They first tried to palm me of with offer of points.
            Anyway if you've got those options in front of you already, unless you really want to return it, I'd go partial refund to save the headache of posting it back etc. If you do post it back, make sure you have tracking so you can claim with PayPal later etc if they stuff you around (if Payal was your payment of choice). Good luck.

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