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[NSW] Pit Boss 9kg Cherry BBQ Pellets $10 @ Bunnings Villawood


Usually these pellets are $29.95: https://www.bunnings.com.au/pit-boss-9kg-cherry-bbq-pellets_...
The cheapest per kg bag of pellets I usually get is $24.95 for 15kg at https://www.barbequesgalore.com.au/p/maxiheat-hardwood-pelle...

This works out to be $1.11/kg, the BBQ galore one would be $1.66/kg, albeit the maxiheat pellets are unflavoured.

I have smoked with a higher end (?) bag of smoking pellets like the GMG (usually $3.15/kg), but I haven't had enough experience nor the sensitive discernible taste buds to notice the difference, but these did the job and made me happy.

I took this photo at 5.30pm yesterday (12/10/2021) so I'm not sure how much is left today. Happy cooking!

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    Nice deal, I'll have to ring up my Bunnings (VIC) to see if they've got the same.

  • Also going to call up and see if they'll do this deal in Vic.

  • Good deal aside. Anyone know a good recommendation for a pellet smoker?

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      Depends how much you're willing to spend and how big you want it. Personally, I've bought a second hand GMG David Boone and have been pleased with it. I like how the Traeger pellet smokers comes with a second tier rack for more space to smoke stuff. The forums suggest people are generally happy with the Bunnings pellet smokers.

      • I have a GMG, great product. Though depends on the price point. Despite claims it works well with other pellets. Just think about how you're going to clean out the ash. I have an old vaccum cleaner I use on it every so often (depending on how long cooks are, every long, long cook, every so often if just smoking a fish). Seems like a small thing, but it ends up mattering

    • What's your budget, what's your space like where you're going to put it, and what do you want to smoke?

      I have the Pitboss 3 Vertical - I did have the space for one of the offsets, but I just liked the aesthetic (the glass window is pretty sweet, but you have to clean it regularly). There's the newer Pitboss 4 which has wifi control and the racks are larger, but it's about $200 more. The other "bonus" of this is the massive pellet hopper because it's just as tall as the machine - so you can do very long smokes in these verticals without having to refill the hopper.

      I've been very happy with mine.

  • Can you use pellets in a Kamado BBQ somehow?

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