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Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition $223.20 Delivered @ Microsoft eBay


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Fly like a pro

Thrustmaster brings the realism like never before with the TCA Officer Pack,
ecreating the look and ergonomic feel of an Airbus A320 throttle quadrant and sidestick.

Master realistic take-offs and landings in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with surgically precise, incremental controls powered by high-tech magnetic sensors.

Probably the lowest price tag for this set.

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    I am here just to read the comments….

    • +6

      Err what sort of comments were you expecting?

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        refer to first word on description

      • +1

        The thrust kind

        • +1

          last time I searched for this brand of joysticks on ebay, the word thrust alone produced some rather embarassing auto suggestions………….

    • +1
    • +2

      Duffman approves this product ……… Oh yeah!!

  • Does this work with FS2020 on XSX?

    • No i dont think so, i think tihs is PC only. You need the Flight One HOTAS for XSX.

  • +5

    Would this work with River Raid?

    • +1

      Will it work with River Raid on my MSX PC?

    • +2

      No but it's great with Battle Toads.

  • Great price, I picked this up for $289 a year ago from the MS Store which was the cheapest at the time.

    Works very well in XP11 and MSFS

  • +2

    Thrustmaster has to be the best name for a "Joystick".

    • +1


  • -1

    Don't need this for the thrusting!

  • +1

    Planning to play MSFS 2020, but prefer to buy a yoke, a throttle and a rudder pedal instead.

    • +6

      and a rudder pedal instead.

      buy two otherwise you'll just go round in circles

    • +1

      thurstmaster just announced a Boeing licenced yoke and throttle set

    • The honeycomb yoke would be my choice, I would've gotten that if I didn't get this a while back

  • Nice thanks

  • Boeing yoke will be out very soon

    • That looks like it's going to be super expensive.
      Thinking about pairing the Honeycomb Alpha yoke with the Logitech throttle.

      • Considerably cheaper than a Boeing

        • Can't fly and not allowed to fly a real Boeing anyway.

  • This or the Logitech Yoke and Throttle Quadrant? (Honeycomb setup would be nice, but outside my budget)

    • Depends on what type of aircrafts you fly I suppose

      • Not the big stuff yet. Still a noob when it comes to flight sims

        • +1

          I would say it doesn't matter that much unless you're planning to get into it a lot more, but Yoke's would be better for smaller aircrafts & Boeings whilst joysticks/sidesticks like this are better suited for Airbus.

          I use this sidestick and fly Boeings and smaller aircrafts without any issues however…

  • +1

    Will this work with Solo Flight on the C64? Thanks

  • Good for squadrons?

    • +1

      Yeah I’ve wondered this too - currently playing squadrons with quest VR using an Xbox controller and it’s awesome already on that so have been looking for a HOTAS but they’re so pricey. Everyone seems to use the TM 16000 which is about the same price as this but not as good quality apparently to this one so maybe this would be the better choice
      I think this controller would also be good for delving into DCS so might bight the bullet at this price. Thanks heaps OP
      Don’t get the TM HOTAS One/X even if it’s $100 cheaper - research suggests you’ll be left with buyers regret

      • +1

        Actually, I take back my comment. On researching it seems the throttle can have some compatibility issues with Squadrons and also the increased buttons on the TWCS is probably better suited than the funky retro buttons and switches on the Airbus version which even if remapped, won’t be easily accessible for use in squadrons esp in VR where you can’t see the throttle with your goggles on. This HOTAS seems best really for specifically flying Airbus planes on FS, and maybe DCS.

        Good price nonetheless for anyone specifically after this

        • +2

          For squadrons I actually preferred to use a single joystick + keyboard combo because I know where they are blindfolded.

          • roll and pitch, weapons and countermeasures are mapped to joystick
          • throttle, yaw and keys for power / shield adjustments are mapped to keyboard (basically WASD and 1,2,3)
  • A yoke would be better for GA planes, I use a Warthog Thrustmaster and wish I have a yoke.

  • +1

    Boys and girls,

    This is for Airbus twin engined aircraft: A320 family, A330 and A350. The joystick is good for any aircraft however, but the throttle setup is a replica of those aircraft listed above.

    If you want to fly Boeings, this wouldn’t be “realistic”.
    Boeing airliners use a yoke and a more traditional throttle (the Airbus throttle have preset idents for different thrust settings).

    I believe thrustmaster is developing a yoke and throttle modelled after the Boeing 787.

    • Unless the thrustmaster has servos which automatically move the thrust levers with the A/T engaged, it won't be all that much different other than the FLX/MCT/TOGA detents.

  • is it waterproof?

  • This is pretty average and probably only really good for Airbus cockpits - you might be better off waiting for the Honeycomb Tango Foxtrot which looks really nice.

  • My wife has a nickname for mine, the thrust master 3000.

    • Cool story bro.

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