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20% off Select Items: Razer Blade Pro 17.3" QHD 165hz - i7-10875H,16GB,512GB,RTX 3070 $2319.20 Delivered (OOS) @ Microsoft eBay


ebay are having a 20% promo for selected Microsoft items including Surfaces.

Decent price for the Razer Blade Pro 17 with a RTX 3070 Out of Stock.

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  • Any info on the TDP and cooling?

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      I found the TDP info by googling “Razer Blade Pro TDP”. What were you looking for about the cooling?

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        Why not post the TDP for us? :(

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        wanna share with the class?

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    Also 20% off for Surface

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    Thanks dealbot. Also applies to a few other models, so I opted for the Blade Advanced 15" with 3080, 1TB SSD and 32GB Ram which came to $2,719.20 (yes I know reduced thermals etc etc).

    There's also this one which seems like a good price:

    $1,328 - Razer Blade 15 Base FHD 120Hz - i7-10750H / 16GB / 256GB / GTX 1660 Ti - AU

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    The 3080 Razer Blade 15 is $2700. Cheapest 3080 laptop I’ve encountered.

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      I had a Blade Advanced 15, and whilst a great machine speed-wise, heat-wise I would not recommend. My unit was always elevated, standard gaming use, seemingly constantly running at around 85 degrees plus - the heat was so intense that my battery doubled in height and caused the bottom to bulge, resulting in me needing to remove the battery altogether. Also the heat had seemingly damaged some components, which was causing the GPU to lose power randomly. Whilst i really loved my machine, until they figure out thermals in a smaller form factor unit, i would not recommend.

      For the record mine was the Blade Advanced 15 with a 2060

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        Mine is a Blade Advanced 15 2070S, same story. Elevated, standard gaming, rarely ever under 90C while gaming. Half the CPU cores hit 100C very quickly. I found that disabling/uninstalling Cortex helped a bit along with the general windows performance configs, but we shouldn't need to do this at the price we paid for these machines (as nice as they are!).

        Would not buy another until they sort out thermals.

        • How frustrating :(

        • got a 17 pro (10875H, 2080S max-q) and the thing is super cool

          silent in day to day workloads

          not too noisy gaming, and stays cool (rear end of the device gets hot, that's it)

          I think in general 17 has better thermal design. vapor chamber is larger. 4 coolers instead of 2. more volume inside to play with.

          if you're ok to haul around 2.7 kg that is. I am ok, it looks absolutely fantastic

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        I think the 17.3 has a better design to combat bulge by placing the fans directly on top of the battery, in addition to the heat pipes.

        Bought a cooling stand to help fight against the possibility of bulge.

        • Yeah i would imagine the 17 will hand the heat better

          • @NickimusRex: yeah. Hopefully mine should show up in the next day or 2, and be able to see what the heat situation is like.

            • @Velathial: how do you find yours? I have prev gen (2080S fhd) an sometimes entertain the thought of going QHD

              • @shabaka: In terms of the display, i think it looks brilliant on a laptop. A 1440p display is perfect for portability without compromising on fidelity in games, and even if you need to scale down to 1080 for performance sake, it still looks good while gaming.

                Besides that, has been running great and has been able to take a majority of the stuff I have thrown at it with mostly no compromises. Fans work hard, but atleast temps for the gpu haven't gone beyond 60-65c for me so far with decent ventilation.

                Would also recommend getting dbrand skins as a must pick up to protect from finger smudges and scratching.

      • Have you tried repasting the CPU and GPU? Use to have an Alienware 15 R3 that had thermal issues. Using Arctic MX 4 fixed the issue combined with underclocking.

        Also, with the Advanced model can you charge the laptop via USB C on both sides?

        • This unit wasn't USB-C charging unfortunately. I did attempt repasting, but saw no performance change. I have since replaced it with a desktop pc with a 3080 so pretty happy now :)

      • I've got a blade 14, if it is anything like that, the fan profile seems to favour being quiet. Even at load it doesn't even go to the 50% mark.

        You can manually crank up the fan, but mine gets extremely winey as you go past 70%

        What I will say is though, the basic customisation in performance profile and absent of any battery settings are terrible. Way below the standard of other manufacturers, I'm not surprised they have so much battery problems.

        I'm not sure if it was this year or the year before, but they've started implementing vapour chamber cooling. Not sure how much of an improvement you can expect from that

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          One issue i found with the software is that it would randomly turn off "automatic" mode for the fans and just set it at a ridiculous RPM and change it to manual without your input. Probably a good thing considering the thermals i guess :p

      • So even at 20% discount, not worth it? My son gonna game a LOT, like APEX and he will buy Battlefield 2042 + Farcry6, if this machine won't last 3-5 years, then wont bother, don't like wasting $$$.

        • Maybe not for a 15 but your milage may vary

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          The selling point of Razer Blades is the form factor. There are many other cost effective options that provide better cooling at the same performance levels - and they'd be better in the long run.

          @NickimusRex and I, both have Razer Blades and we're not having much confidence in Razer 😂

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            @leinad: True, my son just said he still prefer to wait for better Desktop deals, he never moves his current laptop away from his desk, so no point buying another laptop mainly for gaming at all. Plus really worry about Razer's reliability for the long run … The worst is we both hate to see terrible finger prints on such an expensive laptop haha

            Also power will be 100% plugin, what Razer famous battery bloat might end up having an explosion in the house too!

    • Went for the $2700 3080 as well, it's the cheapest I've seen and in a nice form factor. Heck even the cheapest desktop 3080's have been almost 2k. At this price it's only real competition has been the slim 3070's. Keen to see what it can do and adjust my setup to cope with any thermal limitations

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    Good price, but looking at other Ozbargain community comments the Legion 5 pro seems to be better?
    Razer cons:
    lower ram speeds
    last gen cpu
    lower wattage to GPU? (What is the wattage?)

    I think the lowest price for Legion pro 5 with 5800H with RTX 3070 for $2192.11 (after cash back and edu discount).

    • Cashback and edu discount is mutually exclusive

    • How? Couldn't get these specs for less than $2500 last time I checked.

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    Good price for the Blade 15 at $1328. Worth it for the build quality and a 1660Ti is still very capable.


    • Oh that is tempting…

    • How does the 1660Ti stack up against the 3060 mobile?

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        3060 wrecks the 1660.

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        you'd want 3060 because it supports DLSS. helps immensely in games

    • thats a great deal. deserves a post of its own

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      Is this the best gaming laptop around $1500? I need a new PC and have an external monitor already. Not fussed if it's laptop/desktop, just need something that can play Path of Exile and do some 3D modelling ok.

  • Not all items have 20% off ?

    • Correct.

      ebay are having a 20% promo for selected Microsoft items(ebay.com.au) including Surfaces

      There are a number of laptops, headphones etc that aren't included in the selected items.

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    The Razer Blade Pro with 10th gen CPU has a 100 watt 3070.

    The newer Razer Blade (they drop the Pro moniker) with 11th gen CPU has 130 watt 3070.

    • Yeah, I was tossing up the 3080 15 inch vs the 3070 17.3 inch because of size, but better performance on gpu purely on wattage alone is worth.

    • +1

      Not one of the ones on MSFT Ebay from what I can see right? If there is please share a link as my research on this sucks

      • None of the new ones are on sale as far as I can tell

  • the one I want doesn't have 20% off lel

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    Beware, they're not advertising the current delay in shipping (due to covid) up to 10 business days. Mine shipped a week after order.

    However, I think when they shipped my order, they refunded me the full cost of the laptop instead of the discount difference. So, I think used up all my luck for the year 😅

  • is the 8 gig 3080 card any good?

    • +1

      Should be fine to run most/all games on high settings, it's a perfectly capable card that can do most things you throw at it.

      • cool thanks, how does it compare with a 12gig 3060

        • Do any laptops have a 12 gb 3060? It's hard to make a direct comparison to a desktop system. It's assume it would perform better even being a laptop card though

  • I have an alienware 15 with a 1070, looking at either the 17 inch with 3070 or 15 inch with 3080. Is it much of an upgrade, seeing as the wattage of the GPus seem relatively low?

    • go for the 17 inches & QHD display model. Did enough research that the trade is only for portability at the expense of a stronger card and better thermals. The performance gap of the 3070 in the 17 inch is 10-15% difference in games vs the 3080, due to the 3080 being at 95-100 watts (cant remember exactly) vs the 130 watts of the 3070.

      So unless 2 inches difference is a deal-breaker, then go for the 17 inches.
      Plus the Pro 17 inches is cheaper.

      • Thanks!

      • +1

        Couldn't find a source for the TGP for the 10th gen intel 17 inch model, the 11th gen intel (not on this deal) w/ 3070 is definetly 130w though

        • +1

          100 watt on the 10th.

          • @Juiciness: yeah. I don't see them going over that 100w restriction in anything under and including the 15 inch laptop, unless they drastically improve thermals.

  • 15 has the heating issue, I would go with 17 if the extra weight is not an issue.

  • -1

    MS cleaning out the cupboards with this one, not a great range of discounted items.

    • These are the only 3080 thin laptops I've seen discounted to this price range this year, but true that they are last gen intel chips now

  • Razer Blade 15 Adv QHD is OOS/sold out

  • Razer Blade 15.6 3080 is already OOS. :(

  • everything OOS listed by OP

  • Damn!!! missed out on the razer blade 17

  • Still got 1 Razer model left, but with 1650Ti and at that price, probably no one wants that … unless you need a 13" and love Razer brand so much

  • the sales records said the rtx3070 model had only 17 pieces before oos

    • MS must be stocking up all the newer 11th gen models now, so need to get rid of all the 10th gen ones quick

      • Is there really a huge improvement of the 11th gen over 10th? I'd assume very minimal difference as far as intel goes.

        • +1

          11th gen Intel Tiger Lake-H CPUs (up to Core i9) to replace last year's 10th gen Comet Lake-H
          130 W TGP GeForce RTX GPUs to replace last year's 100 W options
          1080p (2.1 MP) webcam versus 720p (1 MP) on last year's model
          Thunderbolt 4 compatibility instead of only Thunderbolt 3
          Support for two PCIe4 NVMe SSDs instead of only PCIe3
          Intel AX210 for Wi-Fi 6E support to replace last year's AX200/201

          When you’re paying this kind of money, It’s substantial.

  • Grabbed Razer Blade 15 Advanced 15.6" FHD, thanks for posting.
    I was going to get ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 but there won't be any stock coming into Australia in the next few months.
    Also at $2.7k Blade specs are much better compared to M16 with the same portability (~2kg).
    Will see, if not happy reselling shouldn't be a problem as they go for around 3.5k in most of the online stores.

    • +1

      The m16 also doesn't have a mux switch. So you lose out on some performance playing on the internal monitor. So, the blade was prob the better choice in the end, even id prefer the screen on the G15/m16 etc

      • Yeah, I was going to get M16 with 165Hz QHD and 3060.
        At the moment there is only low spec M16 available in Australia with 144Hz and 3050Ti (for 2.9k at JB Hi-Fi).

  • Hmmm spend $2700 on a 3080 laptop or build a desktop?

    Decisions, decisions…

    • +8

      They're all gone brother, problem solved ;)

      • lol, indeed

    • Exactly what happen here too, once they all gone, my son said stop checking out laptop deals, only look for desktop deals! He wants the best gaming performance, doesn't care about portability …

  • New 14" versions included?

  • FYI 10th generation Intel CPU instead of 11, don't know how much difference that makes esp when 10th have 20% off

  • All OOS

  • Do we know when does this coupon expires? Couldn't see it in terms and conditions

  • Some guy bought 3 of the razer laptops >:(

    AU $2,899.00
    1 12 Oct 2021 at 12:27:39 AEDST

    kinda pissed off i missed this deal

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