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Home Fast nbn 100/20 $67 for First 9 Months, Then $87/Month @ Aqua Mobile


$20 Discount for First 9 Months on 100/20 home Fast NBN

9 Month discount on 100/20MBPS with 30 days cooling-off period ( get full refund in case you don't like service )

Bring your hardware or buy preconfigured Netcomm router for $119

Fast connection, No Contract, No Cancellation Fees.

The first bill will be prorated and charges applicable at regular price ($87) discount will be applied from following 9 months for more details contact customer service @ 1300 097 819

Critical Information Summary
for orders call us on 1300 097 819 or Chat with Us

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  • so you can cancel before the 10th month just asking cause i know others want to know

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        Not what they asked.

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    These guys essentially sell you nbn services at or below cost, but your data may be used for marketing.

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      Huh ????

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    Not great of a deal.
    Im currently on 100/40 for $79.95/month FTTP.
    Sick of seeing crappy plans with only the first 6months discounted. Discounted to suck you in.

    • Who's your ISP, if you don't mind me asking?

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        That deal is with Superloop.

        • Agreed with the into deals being crap but Superloop have jumped on the 6 month into pricing now…… $89.95 per month after 6 months.

          Why cant they just split the difference and do $79. I would jump on that.

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            @Scotty99: nbn make these promos for 6 months. ISPs want the pricing changed but nothing has been changed yet.

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              @Twix: Ah that explains why it's so prevalent. Thought it was some silly idea by the ISP to get people to transfer (them thinking that's what we want from plans).

              NBNco need to change that up cause I'll stick with my optus 5G 100Mbps unlimited plan for $75. The speed often exceeds the 100Mbps cap (normally around 150 but have seen it go as high as 200+). And no lock in contract.

              Only bad thing is their silly modem functions being locked down. Can't even change my ip range (added in my own router). But better than FTTC nbn 50 for essentially the same price.

      • MyRepublic, grandfathered plan probably.

        • used to be on the original MyRepublic $60 get max speed deal they originally came out with.
          A few years back they scrapped those plans and forced me into one of their standard plans, was annoyed to not be grandfathered…

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    Mate is better value. $79 for 100/40, and if you don’t mind switching to their mobile deals it’s $10 off bringing you to $69pm for 100/40.

    • Anyone know if mate is good for perth/WA?

      • For Wa Give Aqua a try we give 30 days cooling-off period if you don't like it get full refund

    • Where are you seeing $79 for 100/40? It's showing up as $89 for me.

      And even if it was $79 that is still $12/month more expensive than this deal? Upload speed is irrelevant for those who don't need it.

      • Good point, they must have changed the pricing. Even at $69pm for 100/20 arguably still a better deal since the price won’t expire in 9 months and you are with a better more trusted provider.

    • I pay $79 for 100/20 with mate, you might be thinking of this package perhaps? but yeah agree, I would (and do) stick with mate because its their regular price.

      • Yeah, their mobile plans are good value so I do the bundle to save $10.

        • I had bad luck with their mobile service personally so I just stick to their NBN deals. Not just them to be fair, the Telstra network. Used to be on boost and kept getting regular dropouts so tried out mate because of their package deal and same deal but this time I couldn't get mobile data after leaving my home network. Needed to restart my phone every time I left the house to get mobile data signal. Bit of back and forth and I gave up and swapped back to Kogan. Zero issues since.

  • Extra charges for static IP? @Aqua2021

  • Well, I tried it for less than a month, unfortunately speed wasn't that good, but the good thing is that they are responsive and refud was paid in full.

    • I wonder if they're Aqua is any better than superloop and the ping dropouts that I keep having.. which causes the VPN to work to drop …

      I've just changed over last week and I'm already wanting to change again.. sigh

      • I am back to ABB, was thinking of trying superloop, but won't do after your comment :D

  • @Aqua2021 any deals on 250 plan?

    • call customer service to discuss

  • Same as super loop

  • I've signed up. So far speeds and ping seem solid. It was a 24 hour turn around between calling and having my service active.

    Note they pro-rata the first month, and don't apply the discount rate to pro-rated time. So in essence you'll have 9 months at $67/m + X days at the $87/m. Not the end of the world, but it does mean you're paying a touch more unless you transition on their billing day.

  • I assume Aqua use a CG-NAT? Can it be disabled?

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