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[NSW] Ozito PXC 18V Pole Pruner - Skin Only $129 (Was $179) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings Warehouse


Been watching the pole pruner for a few weeks now, reduced from $179 to $129. Can see some better deals from 2019 but not much since.
Note the pole hedge trimmer is still $189 but can buy the attachment separately for $68.50 so can get both attachments for under $200 or $10 more than the hedge trimmer.

Telescopic extension pole
Batteries sold separately
Automatic chain oiling
Reach from 1.83 to 2.77m
Oregon chain and bar
The Ozito PXCPPS-018 Cordless Pole Pruner features a 200mm high-quality Oregon chain and bar for efficient cutting action and is ideal for branches and tree limbs up to 170mm wide.

The pivoting head can be locked in 7 different positions for greater versatility in multiple applications, while the main handle locks in 4 positions providing the ultimate in user control and comfort.

The aluminium extension pole allows the user quick and easy adjustment for hard to reach areas normally only accessible with a ladder.

Lithium Ion technology provides cordless convenience and eliminates the need for long extension cords. Choose the 18V Lithium ion battery for the run time you need - sold separately.

This tool is intended for DIY use only.

link to hedge trimmer attachment

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  • +16

    About 2 years ago I purchased one of these with included 18v battery and charger from Bunnings for $88.

    Did an incredible job cutting through very thick branches. Was quoted $800 to lop that tree so money well spent. Still going strong.

    • +8

      Same here. I got a quote for $600! LMAO. I saved much more since that. Even my neighbour loves to borrow it.

      These tree cutters mofos must be chargin rates for lawyers.

      • +1

        Rates are for insurance companies when your tree falls over and they have to remove it under your insurance cover.

        • -1

          Nah mine was just small twigs very far from the haus. No chance of it falling on the house unless they want to throw it using some sort of machinery. Some of these tradies believe they are real surgeons Tree surgeons apparently. They charge like real surgeons!

    • Also got that awesome deal, and now I’m the resident lopper.
      Only downside is the battery that came with it was tiny, and ran out of juice very quickly.
      Rather than going and buying bigger Ozito/Bosche batteries, I’d like to use my Ryobi ones, but unfortunately while plenty of ozito battery->ryobi tool solutions exist, the opposite doesn’t appear to (outside a very vague thingiverse file that has no details on the wiring)

      • +1

        Ozito batteries can usually be bought cheaper when Bunnings price matches Aldi. Maybe it's better to invest in Ozito batteries and buy the adapter for your Ryobi tools instead.

        • Yeah from now on, but sucks when I’ve already got the ryobi batteries, and can’t use them in reverse

        • Where are you getting the adaptors from? I've bought some from Ali express for Milwaukee to Makita but I can't find anything for ozito.

  • +1

    Not for Vic unfortunately.

  • +1

    Showing $179 for me, Eltham VIC !

  • +2

    I bought the ALDI equivalent skin, Pole Pruner, with a hedge trimmer attachment for $100 a year ago. It helped me and a number of my friends.

  • $179 in Tas

  • +1

    I've got this with both attachments, great bit of kit for the price.

  • $179 in NSW Chatswood

    • I can confirm 129 in NSW Chatswood.

      • Yes, now showing $129 at Chatswood, I put in a click and collect order.

  • +4

    I have this, can't remember what I paid but was a previous deal on here. It's been great, had a big tree in the backyard that I lopped down to half height with this saw, branches up to 15cm diameter I reckon. Only thing that's gone amiss with the tool is that one of the branches I cut fell onto the pole and bent it, but I straightened it out and the thing still works. One con is that the end attachments (saw and hedge trimmer) are quite heavy so it's not that well balanced when you're using it. Don't forget to get some chain and bar oil.

    • +1

      Indeed. I had the pole pruner and trimmer kit then sold after a few uses due this stupid weight balance, especially when you have the trimmer head attached, it’s like holding one side of the Olympic bar while the other end is heavier. Pruner attachment is better but still not a fun. I am reasonably fit so I was guessing many people would find it as an issue, glad to see you mentioned it.

      • +3

        I bought the Ego because the motor is in the handle. However, being more solidly built, the end result was 95% as bad as the ozito.

        TLDR - Don't buy the Ego if you don't like the Ozito

        • Wow!!!! Good to know! Thanks. I have actually been eyeing on Ego for quite a while. Even thinking upgrade everything to ego.
          I love my ozito lineup especially I had most of them from kit deals really can’t complain the price and quality, giving the light use for my crap workshop and moderate size of yard…. Not bad at all. However I can’t find a good line trimmer from ozito even the 18v*2 line trimmer is no good then really want to buy the Ego carbon shaft trimmer but the price tag scared me off (bloody $500!) heard good things about it but now I am hesitating if the pruner is not good as you mentioned, then the other staff might not as good as I am dreaming.

          • +1

            @RaymondXD: Fwiw the ego pole hedger is much sharper than the ozito. You know when something is so sharp you don't know you've cut yourself? That.

            Probably wider spacings for bigger branches too?

            It's a better unit, but not $550 better unless the branches are too thick for the ozito..

            I'm happy with my ego mower, blower and line trimmer.

            Also happy with my ozito hedge trimmer, pole hedge trimmer and blower (low power but good control.. For specific areas, not blowing the whole yard)

            • @justtoreply: Thanks for the advice. Am about to buy an EGO pole hedge trimmer to add to other EGO gear but will now reconsider. Thought that having the motor unit in the handle would make it easier to use as many people complain about all the other brands with the motor at the base of the trimmer.

              • @ozsave: The other thing about having the motor in the handle is it makes the shaft length fixed. So for the ego you have the standard length, and the standard length + the extension pole. For any other length, you need to adjust by reaching with your arms. I presume it's not too bad, but since the ozito has the motor in the head the pole length can be fully variable.

          • +2

            @RaymondXD: I've had the EGO line trimmer ST1500E-F for a few years and it is very good. The line spool is fairly easy to load and the bump feed for the line has never missed a beat. The battery does a large suburban block - maybe 40 mins on and off. It cost ~$400 but check carefully online as some places sell them at a slight discount or with an extra battery.

            • @ozsave: Thank you so much for your review. I will keep hunting and hopefully grab one soon.

      • These battery tools are feather weights compared to some of the plugged powered offerings. I have been cutting a huge tree down every fortnight for over a year (green bin collected for free fortnightly). Now have forearms, delts and lower back of a beast..haha.

        I don't have an issue with the weight of this one (not too bad one handed), but the chorded Ryobi is pretty heavy. So what I did was I added (with good ole duct tape and cable ties) an extra meter or so of aluminium pole to the base. This extra bit sits under your armpit and gives you better control and leverage when its fully extended. It also provides more counter weight to appose the cutting head on the other end.

      • Yeah the weight is an issue, but I think a small one. Wouldn't prevent me from buying it. This chainsaw pruner has saved me hundreds if not thousands campared to what it would cost to pay a tree lopper person.

    • Which chain & bar oil do you use/recommend? Or will any one just work well?

  • +1

    $179 in QLD too :(

  • +1

    Don't forget to use bar and chain oil. Never want to run a chainsaw dry.

  • Dang, I saved ozito searches incase a pole hedge trimmer goes on sale, bummer this isn't a deal in QLD.

  • or just the attachment if you have other skin already


  • +1

    $179 in my area and im in NSW. This might be store specific or slow to update price.

    • i'm in NSW and showing $129 online for me.

    • Same for me :(

  • $179 in Canberra as well

  • +1

    Where do I purchase the battery and charger? Can someone link me, please?

  • +4

    btw You do need to be somewhat strong to hold this up as it's top heavy. If you have trouble keeping things up, perhaps don't expect to use this at full length.

  • I bought the Aldi version last year (slightly bigger bar) and came with a hedge trimmer attachment as well for $80.

    Most awesome piece of machinery I have used. The battery efficiency is phenomenal. I have pruned a Huge tree that was 2.5x the height of the powerlines and equally round. Some serious cuts. Never missed a beat.

    • 2.5x the height of the powerlines

      Did you use a very high ladder or did you climb the tree at the start?

      Does the tree have good clearance all round?

      • Ladder + plus climbed the tree. Tree was all through the powerlines.

        I got a few arborists out and they wouldn't do it due to proximity to lines. Rang the Power Network and they wouldn't cut it unless "it was causing a fault". I was worried the bigger branches would break the lines, they weren't remotely worried and said just call up if you bring them down.

        So bought the pole saw. A lot of strategic cuts, plus ropes to try and make branches fall away from the lines. Had a couple fall on the lines and had to cut between to get them to fall through. Only LV lines, but wouldn't recommend it. Didn't breathe for about 2 mins as I was worried they would break while cutting, or even power jump across the phases if the tree had enough moisture. All worked out in the end, great little saws.

        *Tip -Use some of the cut branches between forks to make a good platform to stand on when up high.

        • Had a couple fall on the lines and had to cut between to get them to fall through. Only LV lines, but wouldn't recommend it. Didn't breathe for about 2 mins as I was worried they would break while cutting, or even power jump across the phases if the tree had enough moisture.

          That's a big of NOPE from me… Glad it worked out though.

          Distributor should definitely have dealt with that.

          • @NigelTufnel: Yeah, I reported it to the energy authority. Apparently the person who told me that will get spanked.

            Some guys actually ended up coming out 11 months later (since a tree 3 doors up caused a fault) in a plastic bucket cherry picker and sat on the lines and cut the last branch that I hadn't got to yet. Poor buggers had to use a recip saw, so lent them the pole saw!

            But that's what happens when you Privatise a grid. The person I spoke to would be told to say "we only cut trees if there is arching /smoke)" and we will "fix a line if it comes down". I rang a few times and recorded it. They always said the same thing. But this tree was causing problems and had to go.

            My old man's a retired industrial sparkie and I have some gear and took more precautions than the average Joe. So in no way would I encourage anyone to go anywhere near the lines. But Kudos to these little saws. Cut down a significant tree, didn't miss a beat, the battery longevity is mind blowing and the chain is still super sharp..again I used the Aldi version that has a slightly bigger chain bar, and definitely stronger pole material (but a little heavier), but still super light in my eyes.

  • Why would you want to prune a pole?

    • +5

      To make it look bigger

    • +1

      To get my shoes down.

  • +1

    A couple of years ago I bought the kit version of this (with battery and charger) and also the kit version of the pole trimmer (again with another battery and charger) on clearance for something like $50 each (I also got the blower kit at the same time for $20 or $30)

    I've user the trimmer a number of times and it works well (it's pretty heavy though - especially when fully extended for reach). I've only used this pruner (mini chainsaw) version twice I think - but again it worked fine for what I was using it for (you do need to buy chain oil)

  • +1

    I've got the pruner / hedge trimmer kit. It's very strong and effective, but is heavy to use. I'm glad I go to the gym because I wouldn't be able to handle this for long otherwise.

    Would be great if the pruner could attach to short handle so that it could function as a small chainsaw, but I guess having it on a long handle keeps it away from your body preventing accidental amputations.

  • Gladesville, NSW have 4 left and it is $129

  • +1

    I have one of these. It does a good job but it is not very ergonomic - very top-heavy especially when fully extended.

    • I think they all are. I borrow a Ryobi one from time to time and its pretty top heavy.

  • price back up?

    • no, still $129 for me, looks to be location based. I'm in NSW

  • I borrowed my in-laws one. The chain always falls off after a cut or two. Horrific.

    Even after he puts the chain back on, it's no better. I presume he knows how to get the tension right.

    Is he doing something wrong?

    I hate it.. it's a nightmare. Also, it spins a lot of oil around the place.

    • I think It just has a dial on the side you turn to tighten like the ozito chainsaws. Turn it more with some force?

    • I've never had either of those issues and I've used mine quite a bit. So either he's not putting the chain back on correctly (it's pretty straight-forward), or it's a faulty unit.

    • Time to invoke that 5 year warranty!

  • Have the chainsaw and hedge trimmer kit, both do really well, but agree you do have to find sweet spot for pivoting the support strap around your shoulders, so that it is not too top heavy in use. Definitely a good forearm workout.

    Haven't had much luck with sharpening the chainsaw chain though, even using Ozito electric chainsaw sharpener
    and so doesn't chop through stuff as much as it first did.

    Anyone have any advice on how to get the chain back to sharp cutting goodness?

    • You may need to email ozito and ask for some tipz?

      I am curious myself although mine is still sharp.

  • Been watching the pole pruner for a few weeks now

    Didn't know this was a thing

    • Dogging? How ancient are you?

  • Does Bunnings not price match/beat itself? I looked on their website and it says the item has to be the “same in-stock item available for same-day delivery or collection”. Doesn’t say it has to be with a certain radius of the store…! I’ll be honest I doubt you’ll get that one through though! 😂

    • +1

      Tried doing that in the past. Never works.

    • "competitors price" is usually where they get you. Different bunnings stores are but competitors of bunnings.

      • Oh, I’m absolutely positive they would not honour it for some reason or another. Obviously I’m being facetious, but if another store is not a competitor why do they have different prices??

  • +1

    Bought it last week with full price but haven’t got chance to open it. Just return and re-purchased, $50 saving,LOL

    • No, just purchase a new one and return with old receipt.

      • there is no more stock, hence can't get a new one.

  • I have one with the hedge trimmer works very well little bit heavy at full extension otherwise well worth the money

  • What battery is recommended for one of these? I don't own any Ozito stuff but would love a pole pruner.

  • +1

    It works with the smallest ozito battery but better to get the standard 4 amp. I had the electric ozito pole saw which is also very good but obviously hard to use on a big tree because of the cable. It leaked oil continuously so swapped out for a battery pole saw, very happy with it.

  • +1

    aldi periodically sells a pole pruner + hedge trimmer skin for $99

    • No 5 year warranty.

      • +1

        it has a 5 year warranty, as do most xfinity skins


        • That's great indeed! Also it looks almost like it's made in the same factory (same molds) in a different colour.

        • Wow that's cheap. Has anyone 3d printed an adaptor for Milwaukee batteries? I've been using Milwaukee batteries for my ozito skins, with a printed adaptor. Otherwise too many different batteries/charger.

    • I saw the Aldi kit at Aldi a few days ago, must be the reason for Bunnings sale.

  • How do you properly tension a bar/chain? I spent 45 minutes trying to fix it but couldn't.

    I borrowed a pole saw and used it for like 10 seconds but had to turn it off because the chain was literally falling off both sides (top & bottom, you could use your fingers to gently pull them apart). Have no idea what happened or how to fix it - I was prescribe cutting a twig/small branch (2-3mm).

    Also can we just use /buy the cheesiest chain & sat oil? Or should we avoid the cheap stuff?

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