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Philips Series 7000 Vacuum Beard Trimmer BT7500/15 $54 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The lowest price so far for this trimmer.

  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades are precise even without oiling
  • 20 lock-in length settings, 0.5 - 10mm with 0.5mm precision
  • High performance vacuum system with optimized airflow for a mess-free trim
  • Easy to clean - Just empty the chamber and rinse the blades under water
  • Up to 75 min runtime after a 1 hour charge, or plug it in
  • 2 year warranty, worldwide voltage, no oil needed
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  • +6

    The lowest price so far for this trimmer.

    Price matching The Good Guys which is cheaper ($48.60) with coupon code HOUSE10

    • +1

      No availability at my local good guys. Amazon free shipping better value for me.

    • Thank you! Got one.

  • +1

    I've got one of the higher end models but essentially the same, best trimmer I've ever had, nice being able to easily click the length up and down in 0.5mm and the vacuum stubble collector works well although not if you let your beard go for a week or more then you are in your own with clearing it and stubble in the sink (angry girlfriend/wife) lol
    But really it's a great trimmer. Mine is silver with digital display and charge dock but otherwise very similar, great price to.

    • Yeah, I only trim once a month or so and this is just a hassle to use.

  • Damn just bought the 3000 model the other day for the same price..

  • This or the oneblade?

  • +1

    How would this go on my more sensitive area's……

    Such as my butt-hole.

  • Great deal thanks for posting, last shaver on its way out - lasted a good 10 years so no complaints. Keen to see how the vacuum works?!

    • I have had one for more than a year now.
      Vacuum works great, picks up almost all.. not 100% but pretty good.
      Easy to clean, just click off the guard and cutter and tap it in the bathroom basin and it’s all clean… no idea why people say it’s a hassle as it is not.
      I trim to about 1mm every 2weeks.
      Charge lasts a long time.

      Just bought one for my son as he kept taking mine. Paid $75 a few weeks back and is sitting in a cupboard as a Xmas gift to wrap.

  • I have this one, the vacuum concept is good but it is a nightmare to clean it everytime. To me its a design flow. to empty the catch should be easier.

    A Normal trimmer with a cheap beaed cloth is way better than the vacuum one. Other than that, it is a good trimmer

  • +1

    I remember looking into this and discovered that you can't rinse the entire thing. Hair accumulates in the chamber, which just put me right off. What's so hard about rinsing the sink after a shave?

    • +2

      Being tall and having a bristly beard is a pain in the ass.

      I either lean way over and feel uncomfortable the whole time shaving, or I stand up straighter and hair flies all over the place.

      I have an old model of one of these that is by far my longest lived shaver, but the battery is dying so it needs to be plugged in to work.

      But yes, not being able to rinse the blades/chamber has always annoyed me.

      • Yeah good point - I get shavings all over me as well…

      • Just change out the batteries..which I also need to do. Couple of battery tabs, a bit of solder..done.

        • Yeah but unfortunately the hair catcher door is also broken on mine.

          I've dealt with it for years but it's annoying because it can pop open at any time.

          I'm sure replacing the battery is easy enough but these devices just aren't made to be repaired whatsoever which is sad.

          • @Telios: Yeah mine broke years ago. Been using it with a hair tie to hold it. Not ideal since have to slide to open the door.

            Battery really isn't that easy to replace. Did mine awhile back. From the design they could have just put terminals and had it removable. Instead they went with spot welded and soldered strips. 14500 cell = AA sized, so terminals would be cheap. Also the battery management is very odd. Turns out that it isn't based on the battery voltage. Fresh 4.2V cell and it shows as dead flat. Just assumes when it first gets power that it is flat. Then guess based on charge/run time?

            Recently started self discharging though. Sitting for a few days after full charge and dead. Not the battery either. Voltage gets too low and won't charge/operate on AC. Brought it back to life by connecting a charger direct to the battery. Also of note, same speed directly connecting battery to motor as turbo mode, so turbo is actually normal speed. Not sure if PWM or just lower voltage. Either way, this model only one speed and it isn't turbo. Yet another way it is a downgrade.

  • +2

    I've had this and 2 of the previous models - so I'm on my 4th.

    I keep buying them because they work pretty well, decent battery life, easy to use and the vacuum feature does keep mess down a bit (but not all), and when on special like this they are cheap enough to go through every 12-18 months when they break without feeling like I got ripped off.

    The problem with them is the clipper keeps breaking, this newer model is a little better because they made the plastic a little thicker, but the same problem exists - the problem is that the plastic on the side of the clipper where you push it into the shaver is just incredibly thin and really susceptible to breaking, once broken there's nothing you can do to keep it useable. You have to be really careful when putting the guard on and off especially if it gets a little stuck, and it's like a deliberate fault line they manufactured if you ever drop it you can be sure it will snap right there. You can even see in the pictures, look how thin the plastic gets at the clip, it's like 2mm.

    It's a shame because usually with Phillips stuff I'd be pretty sure I'd be getting a few years at least, but yeah my experience with these is like 12-18 months.

    • Had the same issue but bought again as it’s the best clipper I’ve used. You have to be so careful with the flimsy plastic clips on the guard. If you bought on Amazon reach out to them, they just refunded me one I purchased 2+yrs ago

  • is this the only one with the hair chamber? wonder how much it can hold before emptying? also Good guys has it on clearance this is a run out model is it?

    • +1

      You only get a couple of shaves at most, the problem is it catches along the bottom of the cutting blade more than the chamber itself filling. It's more about reducing clean up you still wouldn't use away from the sink imo.

    • It catches close to 100% of the hair so just empty the trimming each time, it’s simple to do.

  • I have it and has rusting problems, bought it only few months ago

  • +1

    Have just seen if you register the shaver on Philip's site, it extends warranty to 36 months. That's very generous - and probably needed given all the issues identified!

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