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Suunto 7 Smart Sports Watch $249 + Shipping ($0 to Select Metro / Pick-up) @ JB Hi-Fi


I believe this price tag is a deal.

Offical RRP is $599

Amazon sells it for $454.92 (updated now it appears Amazon having it price matched to $249)

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    Only 12 hours of battery life at full usage just sucks and personally kills it for me.

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      Which GPS watches last more than 12 hours?

    • Are there any that last longer ?

      • Check out the Garmin Fenix 6 series like Commenter mentioned above or the Amazfit GTS which some reviews mentioned also lasted around 5 days with GPS, heart rate, sleep etc all switched on which is a lot better than 12 hours.

        • Dude, it's a smart watch, not a fitness watch.

          Different targets and use cases. This is not meant to be full-blown fitness tool like others in Suunto lineup are.

          • @adrianhughes1998: No mate, Suuntos are not dedicated sports watches but smart watch with bolt on sports applications. Don't confuse the two. SMH

            • @clubhonda: Jesus Christ, that's what I said. I was talking about the Suunto 7. Did I not say "like others in the Suunto lineup".

              Did I not infer i was talking about the suunto 7?

              Why you listing Garmin which is a whole different category?

              This thread is about smartwatches. Not sport watches. You're comparing apples with oranges.

  • I don't think I need it, but that's really tempting.
    Just want to find out the difference with Suunto 9 as well.

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    Worth the $250 as a normal price. But the RRP of $600 puts it in comparison to the Apple iWatch… and no way this comes even close to that.

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      One is a fitness. One is a smart.

      How can you even try and compare them?

      • Exactly. Along with the other comments on here about GPS battery life comparing an actual dedicated hardcore sports watch, against a smart watch 🤦

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          Suunto is a smart watch that tracks sports. The Apple Watch is also a smart watch that tracks sports. I would take the Apple Watch over Suunto any day to track my workouts. The most scientific reviewer of smart watches on YouTube has concluded that the Apple Watch is among the most reliable fitness trackers. The Suunto 7 tracks 70 types of sports/workouts. The Apple Watch has 17 pre-loaded sports/workout, and another 80 sports/workouts that can be added by tapping “add workout”. They both include some quite bizarre sports types, but honestly, if you need to track your martial arts, your paragliding, or your kettlebell throwing, something is wrong in my opinion. This reviewer has shown again and again that watches cannot reliably track your body function/movement when you are doing intensive exercises while you body is contorting in unusual positions, like in weightlifting.

          • @ForkSnorter: Yeah that's what I meant. The suunto are smart watch first, sports second. Same with Apple.

            As opposed to the Garmin/Polar/whatever that are sports watch first, with some bolted on smart functionality.

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            @ForkSnorter: Exactly my point. Apple kicks the crap out of the Suunto 7.. no way the RRP is an accurate reflection on value.

            • @UFO: so the 30% of people that have an apple phone are better served with an apple watch. That leaves the other 70%. I'd surely complain about this watch as quickly as I'd complain about Apple never supporting anyone else aside from their own ecosystem. It's anti comeptitive and monopolistic to say the least, and the EU is going to catch up with them eventually, just like they have with USB C.

              The unfortunate part is that while this is a WearOS watch, none of the important specs are listed neither on the JB site nor the Suunto site.

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    Thanks OP. Just bought one after reading the Amazon reviews. Have been looking for something like this for a while - to wear to the beach, when swimming, to use strava with gps on runs of around an hour or so - great to have the spotify music feature too - not many other watches have that, and not at this price point. It looks like the battery life - and some functionality - improved a lot after the late 2020 software upgrade. Build quality and screen are apparently excellent. Seems like a great deal for $250.

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      Looks like as of September this year you can download Spotify (premium) playlists for offline listening. Sounds like it really chews the battery though - sounds like it only lasts for 3 hours with music using bluetooth. So maybe a run with gps and music might only last an hour or so (?). I'm guessing playing music offline on other watches also chews the battery, so probably not much different.

      • I bought this watch as well yesterday, just received an email from Sunnto after registration - a few free trials with subject 'YOUR VALUE PACK IS HERE'

        • Cool. Thanks. Missed the email.

  • Just saw from a review that because Google Fit handles steps/heart rate, it doesn’t actually show up in the Suunto app. Anyone know if this is still the case?

    • Haven't tried excercising with it yet but a notification came up that you can share the Google fit data with the Suunto Wear app.

  • Surprised nobody mentioned $10 off $50 at JB with Latitude pay (till tomorrow). Online only. Missed that - damn.

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    Now price matched on Amazon (except for lime colour). Free delivery for Prime members. Should I post a separate deal?

    • I guess you should, cheaper than JB Hi-FI - less $4.99 delivery fee plus cash back.

      • Will do. Wow - didn't realise there was cashback on Amazon. Thanks! Now I know.

        • Done. You may want to update your comment re the Amazon (usual) price. Link is now going to the updated Amazon price.

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