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Dewalt 1800W Thicknesser DW735-XE $999 + Delivery @ Bunnings


Stock appears limited instore. Delivery to SA cost $40, this cost may differ between areas/states.

Remember to price match at other stores:
Total Tools $1350 https://www.totaltools.com.au/51204-dewalt-1800w-330mm-thick...
Sydney Tools $1170 https://sydneytools.com.au/product/dewalt-dw735-xe-1800w-330...
Adelaide Tools $1349 https://adelaidetools.com.au/dewalt-330mm-1800w-2-speed-thic...
Justtools $1199 https://www.justtools.com.au/dewalt-330mm-portable-thickness...
Discounttrader $1349 https://www.discounttrader.com.au/product/dewalt-dw735-xe-18...

10,000 RPM cutter head speed
Three knife cutter head
Two speed gear box
Depth of cut: 3mm
Replacement blade is DW7352
DeWALT's 1800W 13" planer thicknesser has a powerful 10,000 RPM motor that handles larger cuts of timber in wider sizes with ease. The material removal gauge and extra-large thickness scale deliver accurate cuts with every pass.

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    Pricehipster suggests this is the cheapest price since Nov 2019

    • +1

      Yep. I got it for $1004 a couple of months ago, almost as cheap. This is a great price though


      Haven't used it yet, but I had done a lot of research on which thicknesser planer to get and got while reduced

      • Why did you buy a thicknesser months ago and haven't used it as yet? Would be a very odd impulse purchase.

        • As per my last line…

          "I had done a lot of research on which thicknesser planer to get and got while reduced"

          The usual price is 1,349.00, I had been researching one for a long time and will get extensive use out of it, and timed the purchase to have a massive discount on RRP in addition being eligible for another DeWalt promotion. The reason why I haven't used it yet is not a concern of anyone here to be honest and it was a considered purchase, planned for a long time.

  • is it in stock anywhere?

    • Nothing for delivery - shows OOS.
      None in store or delivery for stores I've checked in ACT, or in parts of SA.

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    Asking as an Ozbargainer… What does this thing do? Do I need it or buy first ask questions later?

    • +4

      It trims your woody

      • Isn't that the Thiccnesser?

        • thicclesser

    • Essentially it is a tool that allows you to trim wood to the same level of thickness. You can cut to width/length with multiple different tools, but the tickness or depth (and flatness) is more complex. It would also be complemented by a jointer, but a thicknesser planer would be needed more often.

      Main value is that firstly it can let you claim lumber from all different sources for your projects rather than buying specific dimensions, but also when working on other specialist projects requiring you to join wood at the same level of thickness (eg: cutting boards, chess boards, table tops etc).

      It isn't the first tool a woodworking enthusiast needs but after a table saw etc, it is pretty high on the list.

      Different countries refer to these tools as different things so it can be quite confusing.

  • None in ACT - I went to try for delivery and checkout states no stock.

  • No local stock in SA, $40 delivery.

  • is this the opposite of Thinspo ?

  • +1

    Calling something that thins a thicknesser….

    • +4

      Because it thins to a dialled in thickness

  • This or the Carbatec spiral head?

    • +2

      I went with the sherwood deluxe spiral head one. stunning!!

    • If your thicknessing figured hardwoods a spiral head is best. Less tearout and leaves a better finish. I'm planning to get the carbatec at some point.

      Fyo: total tools can order in carbatec equipment if you don't have a carbatec store close. I've saved tones on shipping this way

      • +2

        I chose the sherwood as it has a true helical head as opposed to the carbatec one. also the sherwood cutters are carbide, not hss- will last a lot longer. anyway, it's amazing on hardwood, and way less noisy/much quicker than the ryobi one I murdered the other week. more info here:


        • Good to know. Thanks!

  • +1

    I have one and I think its really good…really heavy though, 40+ kgs…
    I've planed reclaimed Jarrah decking and it was super easy. Just ensure that the timber has no screws/nails. Changing or rotating blades are also relatively easy to do - probably around 15-20 mins all up including giving it a quick wipe-down and vacuum when opened.

    • +1

      Do you have a dust extractor setup?

      Considering this, but I don't have a dedicated workshop space at the moment, so even if I had the budget for a dust extractor I don't have the space.

      And how much noise does it make if it was being used in an open backyard?

      • +2

        I have a DeWalt vac (DWV902) but I don't connect this machine to the vac. Both are very loud machines :)

        I use PVC pipe to blast the chips into a dust bag. It flings them out with such force that you don't need a vacuum to pull it in.

      • Ear protection is an absolute must for me… It's really loud. I've got it hooked up to my 4 inch dust extractor that collects most of the dust.

      • Loud af. Go helical spiral head if sound is a concern.

  • +4

    What if you like them thicc?

  • Damn, that's a great price!!

    I got mine last year. Made a few pieces out of walnut and blackbutt, and this machine cuts with ease. The finishing cut is unbelievably smooth. As nice as running high grit sanding.
    Just wish it had a spiral head, but still… this is a good price for a very quality (and heavy) machine.

    • Pretty sure you can upgrade the blades to spiral, at a hefty cost of aftermarket blades.

      • yeah you can, and it's not cheap.

        Relatively easy to do, but not something I'm going to do any point in the future.

  • Id love to have one, but can’t justify the space required. I call it the equaliser. I think that’s a bit more descriptive of what it does.

    • Yeah, that's what I would call it.

      Everyone else calls it a planer

      • Except for those who call a jointer a planer

        Technically it's a planer thicknesser

  • +3

    Limited stock:


    Store Phone Stock
    Bonnyrigg (02) 9732 3800 2
    Smithfield NSW (02) 8718 3900 1


    Store Phone Stock
    Delacombe (03) 4372 6800 1


    Store Phone Stock
    Acacia Ridge (07) 3214 8000 1
    Cairns (07) 4040 2800 1
    North Lakes (07) 3293 6900 3
    Rocklea (07) 3722 1000 1
    Toowoomba North (07) 4592 4800 2
    Virginia (07) 3903 3700 1


    Store Phone Stock
    Edwardstown (08) 8299 2700 7
  • great deal, stack with bunnings GC paid with Zip 10% if you're eligible to make it even better

  • I tried to price match at total tools and they said it was below cost price. They refused. So I purchased the last one at Rocklea.

  • For anyone in this thread who has one of these… bought one a couple of months ago as I was waiting for a big price reduction (similar to this) which I got. I have several projects I will need this on (don't let me mislead you, I am a complete novice) but I will also need to add a jointer to my workshop.

    From the homework I have been doing, it seems that many regret getting a benchtop jointer and you should go straight for a free-standing/cabinet jointer. Honestly, the prices seem prohibitively expensive though for a hobbyist.

    Has anyone any brand/model/sale recommendations for a jointer?

  • I noticed dewalt have dropped any redemptions for this. Prior to this month a corded circ saw was available via redemption. Dewalt redemptions generally have been getting worse each new round it seems, thanks again covid:(

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