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ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum: Bonus 70,000 Qantas Points ($2,500 Spend in 3 Months), $0 Annual Fee First Year (Save $295)


First post so please go easy on me

I was scrolling through to look for ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum, came across this deal on ANZ's website.
The requirements are similar as previously -

  • Be 18 years of age or over, and
    • Be a permanent Australian resident or a non-permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your Visa
    • Have a good credit rating. Find out more about Credit Reporting
    • Ensure if applying for an offer, you don’t currently hold and haven’t opened or closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold or an ANZ Frequent Flyer credit card in the last 12 months and meet all other offer eligibility criteria.

Annual Fee $0 for the first year and 295 thereafter. More info on rates is available on the link provided.

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  • Would buying crypto (btc) using this cc count towards spending limit? anyone done this before? binance support purchasing bitcoin using CC but not sure if this will count towards the spending requirement.

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    Before you sign up for this card, go to the qantas website and register for the extra 20,000 points shown here:

  • How long does it take to get the application email from ANZ after applying? It never seems to be straight away.

  • Does this card not work with google pay? Keep getting "this card can't be set up to pay in stores"when trying to enable contactless payment

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      Must be a bug, I've using this card with Gpay for over a year now.

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      Ring ANZ or try again tomorrow.

      I remember it happened to me once and it was late that day so didn't call them. Next day tried add again and it worked.

  • Is it normal for them to disable your ANZ Internet Banking access once you cancel your credit card, assuming that's the only account you have with them?

    • definitely

  • Was rejected - so shot them a mail - some bloke called me and asked for my payslips - received the approval text the next day.

    That's the second time ANZ have played out like that. Annoying, but the things we do for points…..

  • Applied under my wife's name and got rejected straightaway. WTF?
    She has no other credit card at the moment and earns $86k. Credit score 907 too.

    • it has been like that for me for quite sometimes (though I am not on 86k), but this time around, after like 4-5 months without trying to apply to any CC I finally got approved within 2 days, didn't even receive the phone call. I will just have to go to a branch to verify my identity

      • It was due to my wife only putting half our mortgage balance in the application. They rang her confirmed some details over the phone and it was approved the next day.

  • When does the bonus QF points get paid out. I'm assuming the third month?
    I spent the required amount in the first month, statement came through without bonus points.

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      ANZ seem to do it at a set interval and I can say with 99% certainty you'll get it within 2 months.
      It won't always match up to the statement dates.

    • Usually paid out once you've hit the spend threshold and then after your next statement is issued.

      • It's a set interval - one time I've received points during the first month after meeting the spend and prior to receiving my first statement.
        The next time it was some days after my second statement.

        • I think you're correct, received the first statement earlier this month and it did not show the bonus 70k despite having exceeded the minimum spend requirement. Checked my ANZ account just now and the bonus 70k point is finally shown. So now it's just a matter of seeing how long it takes to get transferred into my actual QFF account.

  • anyone elses website (profanity)? super zoomed in etc?

  • Applied on Friday and got rejected, emailed them straight away (as suggested by others in the comments) saying that I may have made a mistake on my application
    Got a call on Monday just rechecking numbers and approved over the phone, pending 3 months worth of payslips which I sent later that night
    Text today saying approved and card will arrive in 3-5 business days

    • Card came today so
      5th applied/rejected
      8th spoke to them and sent payslips
      16th card arrived

      Less painful than dealing with them this time compared to the black rewards card earlier this year

    • Can I ask what you changed to get it approved?

      • Looking at the email I sent cause I don't exactly remember looks like I mentioned my credit card spend/repayments. When I spoke to them we pretty much went over all my expenses/answers again anyway and I kinda felt like they were 'leading' me a bit when I was answering so I'd get approved if that makes sense? Cause apart from saying I spend 2k and repay 1.5k per month or something along those lines all my other answers were pretty much the same.

  • Applied on Thursday and approved on Friday. Very smooth process.

  • did anyone have issue adding the card to apple wallet ? went to a branch verified my ID, activated my card, was able to pay with it at a store but each time I try to add the card it says call to verify your card and I need to stay on hold for ages.

    • I had to call finally went through and all went activated.
      Though I ll have to call again didn't work for my watch…

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    Getting stuck at the "saving profile" step… just keeps the loading circle going and going :(

  • Can credit history from UK be used to obtain credit card for new AU permanent residents with a employment who do not have any credit history in AU

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      Highly doubt that any history outside of Australia can be verify.

      • Any options for applicants without Australia credit history

        • Have a read here :


          I wouldn't worry too much on credit rating if you have stable income, low or no debt, good repayments. My credit score is in last 12mth is around average-fair score but never have issue with getting new credit cards.

          How long have you started your job? If you've working full-time for apprx 3mths and slightly above average income then go for it. You never know until you try.

          Otherwise you can start on a lower tier card but with cashback like the Westpac one here :

          Its minimum credit limit only $500 while this one is $6000.

  • why is this marked expired? I can see it on ANZ website, although when you get to the application process the page layout looks a bit odd

    • I'll request the moderators to re-upload this under 'Long Running'.

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    So I applied for this last Wednesday (1 Dec), and didn't get any communications from ANZ at all (not even an email with the application number). Called up today, and turns out the application got auto-approved - I get paid into an ANZ account, and as part of the application process it flagged my salary deposits automatically so I assume this is why.

  • Hit spend on 2nd statement and got points on 2nd statement. Not sure how long it takes for credit score to see an increase but gonna cancel this one now and try for Westpac/St George

  • Any issues applying for this and the ANZ Rewards Black at the same time? Are they likely to approve 2 cards simultaneously?

    • Both are separate products, shouldn't be a problem!

  • After breezing through applications for Qantas (Citi) and Amex, this one was a bit more of a pain, though not as much as others have reported.

    05/02/22 - Applied online and received rejection, sent appeal: "I was denied on application for this card but think I may have made a mistake in the application. Could someone call me to discuss this."
    07/02/22 - Missed call, requested callback.
    08/02/22 - Callback where agent went over my expenses and I lowered some as I had included some large one-off expenses which were not relevant (silly). Agent requests "payslip," so I uploaded three months worth.
    09/02/22 - Agent calls requesting additional payslips (from Nov.), which I had already uploaded
    10/02/22 - Missed call, requested callback
    11/02/22 - Agent calls to confirm other earnings shown on my payslip (combo of leave and bonus), and gives verbal approval. SMS/Email approval given a few hours later - "You will receive the Card, Welcome Kit and PIN within 3-5 business days."

    70000 QF points for $0 still very much worth it imo.

  • Thought I'd give ANZ another shot while I can tank a lookup… So far they've asked for 3 months of statements, which were provided, and now 2 payslips.

    Amex and NAB asked for nothing, BOM asked for a single payslip, Westpac asked for only a bank statement. It's only ever ANZ that's tedious like this, and only when it appears you flip cards. First time I applied with them a statement alone was fine.

    • It's seems ANZ only doing that recently - at least late 2021. I was shocked when they asked for 3 months payslip. Usually only need 2 payslips (1 month) with them in the past.

      • I had then do it everytime after my first card with them - as far back as 2017/2018.

        First card was a breeze, instant approval with a single payslip

        Just got approved but only after providing 3 months of statements and payslips, copy of employment contract and a statement to explain a short unpaid leave….

  • Finally got the QFF points yesterday/today despite making the spend months ago. So login to QFF if you're still waiting and check now…

  • Anyone struggling to get QFF? I made the spend 2 months ago and this is my 5th month. Have spent over 4k in that period and yet no points…
    Called last month and they said it should be deposited in my next statement..hasn't yet. What are my other options?

    • +1

      Better ask them to double check your QFF number. Most bank process is about someone manually punching something to somewhere and they often make typo in the process.

    • Are you getting the regular monthly QFF points (ie not the bonus) though? I noticed I got my monthly but not the bonus about a month after getting the card.

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