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[Latitude Pay] 200W Xiaomi ZMI No. 20 25000mAh Powerbank QB826 (Direct Import) $81.99 Delivered @ Kogan


210W max output
25000mAh battery capacity
Safe for airline travel
LED charging indicator
Meta texture, smooth pressing
Efficient and portable
Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
Low-power port
100W USB-C and USB-A port
Compatible with all USB devices

The ZMI PowerPack No. 20 offers a maximum output power of 100W for the USB-C1 port, 45W output power for the USB-C2 port and 100W output power for the USB-A port. The total active output power for all 3 ports is 210W. Compared to the USB-C battery packs, which are usually less than 60W with the low USB-C power, the ZMI PowerPack No. 20 is sufficient to juice up your devices and ensure efficient productivity.

Latitude pay deal, $25 off $75 Spend: Kogan

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  • Anywhere but Kogan.

    • What's up with kogan. There will aussie warranty right? I never bought anything from kogan or dick smith yet.

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        While they do have warranty on their products. Trying to actually get them to honour it has been like trying to draw blood from a stone in my experience.

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    I can't believe I'm currently on the Indigogo campaign for this, $99 USD ($130~ AUD) and it was supposed to be shipped in August (and was the only way to purchase the 210W device officially internationally at the time)

    After email and messaging them multiple times throughout September and October, only this week they got back to me saying that they couldn't ship the item to Australia due to "Our previous delivery channel cannot deliver goods at present, because the ZMI is a pure electric product that is often returned by customs. We are looking for a new delivery channel." To their credit they did offer to refund.

    So I've just bought it from Kogan, will get it locally in a few days and save a heap of cash at the same time and take them up on their refund offer.

    FYI this device can work as a 'UPS' which is what I'm planning on using it for (using USB-C PD trigger to DC 20V 5A). According to Youtube, device charging is not disturbed when plugging and unplugging a USB-C in to charge the battery pack itself.

    Thanks OP.

    • I know there are two similar models but one has higher output Watts. Is this it?

      Forgot model numbers and exact specs, but sounds like this is the better one that was hard to get in Australia.

      • Based on my following of the product, yes, there were resellers selling the 200W China version to International markets. At some point, I think they may have dropped the 200W version and moved to a 210W International version. The details of that change are in that post.

        The 210W was officially only available on Indigogo, originally planned to ship in April 2021, which slipped to August 2021.

        My guess is that non-Indigogo sales, to companies such as Kogan, have occurred now. Based on the clear information on Kogan, they are selling the 210W International version.

        I will be screenshotting all the information, just incase Kogan were duped and sold the 200W version (it's clearly marked) and will probably as for a refund if so.

        • Yes , good idea if you buy from Kogan. I had to wait like 4 weeks from Indiegogo for my one.

          EDIT: The model on my one is QB826G from Indiegogo.

        • Yes, something like this was occuring as Kogan states the specs, unless like you said a mistake was made, or misleading info.

    • Why does a company like xiaomi even need to crowdfund? It probably would've made it to the market regardless of how many people backed them.

      Btw, I doubt that it can sustain 200w for very long before throttling

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    I got this info from another post, FYI please open the link below before purchase.


  • Charging itself in 2 hours sounds like the international version

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    Just a tip, check your email as I had a $20 kogan credit applied to my account today. That combined with a historic Kogan First benefit for free shipping, and Latitude Pay $25 got me this landed for $53!

    • Got me excited and looked, but no dice. Are you a lower $ spending customer Kogan wants back in his fold ?

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        Yeah, think so, probably targeted as I haven't bought anything from them in about a year.

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    cheers. Got one with the $20 Kogan credit and latitude pay. $53.00 total. If it is the 210 version then this is a bargain!

  • overkill for Samsung phone?
    Currently using Xiaomi 20'000 25W one bought from Kogan

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      Massive overkill.
      Main benefit of these big,heavy and expensive powerbanks is that they have the grunt to charge laptops.

      • When your powerbank arrives could you please rapport back here on which model it is to make sure it is the better 210W model ?

        • I have not bought this.I just posted this for others benefit.I already have a QB823 65w and QB822 27w to charge laptops with and a heap of other powerbanks as well.I have resolved not to buy any new powerbanks for a few years.LOL

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    My box says 210w

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      Same, and the model is QB826G.

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    So I finally got my unit after a lot of postage delays. I thought I'd post my comments relevant to my use case as a UPS device, in case anyone is interested. 210W international version QB826G.

    The reason I got this is because I was looking for a more modern upgrade for an old Belkin UPS that I had. The UPS currently powers two devices - an Intel i5 Bean Canyon NUC (that runs Home Assistant and various other "HomeLab" virtual machines) and my home router (Mikrotik) with 4G backup.

    After some research the NUC claims to need a 19V 5A (95W) power source, but will apparently accept anything between 12 and 24V. This fits perfectly with the ZMI's USB-PD 20V-5A (100w) output.

    So my purchase list came to the following:
    1. Zendure 100W USB-C Charger (power source)
    2. ZMI No 20
    3. 2x USB-C 100W charging cables
    4. 2x USB-C to DC Barrel connectors/triggers (USB-PD 100W)
    Roughly, all up, about $130.

    Here's how I cabled it:
    1. ZMI USB-C C1 (100W) to the Zendure Charger's USB-C 100W port to charge the battery bank.
    2. ZMI USB-A to USB-C (100W) Cable to the Intel NUC DC plug with the USB-C/DC Power Trigger converter.
    3. ZMI USB-C C2 (45W) to the Router DC plug with the USB-C/DC Power Trigger Converter

    Now, during my testing I used a USB-C in-line power meter to check the voltage/amps across the various ports and everything seemed to work perfectly. I ran CPU benchmarking on the Intel NUC and the most I could get it to pull was 60W, which means there is plenty of overhead. The router pulls almost nothing and is well within it's 45W.

    Here's a couple of my findings:
    - UPS function is absolutely flawless. Regardless of how I was charging the ZMI, either connecting it to the 100W charger, or an 18W phone charger, there was never any power interruption to the USB-C or USB-A ports. Very happy with that and glad I made the right choice.

    • I tested a scenario where the power draw on the ZMI (discharging 60W) was greater than the Power Input (used an 18W charger). There were no power issues. The battery slowly started discharging. Once the power draw was reduced to <18W, the ZMI seamlessly went back into a sort of trickle charging mode (supplying the devices and charging at the same time with the 18w supply)

    • Once the battery was at 100% it appeared that the power circuit started pulling power directly from the Input and passing that directly through to the devices in a sort of 'pass-through' mode. I.E Power Input was at 60W when Power Output was 60W. Once that power was removed the batteries kicked in without power loss.

    • At no time during the charge/discharge tests did the device get even warm to the touch (only slightly at the plug end where the smarts are) . It does heat up when charging at full 100W, but once you're at 100% there is basically no heat. In fact the Zendue charger at idle is still noticeably warmer.

    This device has worked and exceeded my expectations so well I'll be keeping an eye on any furture Kogan specials to see if I can snag another one cheaply for the same purpose.

    The only minor gripe I have is that tapping the 'battery display' button causes the power to cut/glitch briefly (and in my case will reboot the devices). This really isn't a problem because during normal operation in my case, the battery display is always on. I just need to be careful when working around it to try not to touch the relatively sensitive button (I'll probably tape something over it to prevent knocks)

  • Trying to find info about this so thought I’ll drop it here too.

    I emptied the battery after a few uses and decided to measure the charging rate from a 60W charger — the battery charged to 100% within 2h5mins at about 58W, but the meter I’m using shows that only 4299mAh charge has gone to the battery…

    Am I misunderstanding something or does that seem way too far off the supposed 25000mAh capacity?

    • I think I see what’s happening… my 60W charger charged at ~20V. The 25000mAh capacity is rated for 3.63V.

      So I guess to calculate the equivalent charge to the battery, would be (20/3.63) * 4299 = ~23686mAh

      If that’s correct, that’s pretty damn efficient for a power pack!

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