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Dewalt DCW200B 20V MAX XR Palm Sander 1/4-Inch (Skin Only) $150.39 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Palm Sander, Sheet, Variable Speed, 1/4-Inch, Tool Only (DCW200B)

Ripper of a deal. Mine arrived yesterday.
- It's quiet
- The vibration is so minimal
- Takes a maximum 5.0ah size battery because of the dust extraction port at the back
- Takes clip on 115mm sanding sheets
- This sheet sander is used for finishing

Note: This is the American version which does run on the Australian 18V batteries. Plus if it breaks down, you're not covered by the Dewalt 3 yr warranty becuase you're purchasing the American version.

15-Oct-2021 7:30PM AEDT
Amazon Au is now out of stock, the item is now fulfilled by Amazon USA. Please note any shipping charges (if not a Prime member) will apply.

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  • Does anyone know if Milwaukee batteries fit DeWalt skins without adaptors? I thought I've seen somewhere that it's compatible.

    • No you need an adaptor

      • What do u guys think about eBay batteries? They look the same! And are significantly cheaper.

        How much is down to branding/overheads, and how much is actual technology etc!?

        • I bought a 4AH Bosch compatible battery in 2017 that's still going strong (only used in a vacuum cleaner). I've heard some ebay fakes are massively under capacity but if you buy from a vendor with strong positive feedback rating you should be okay.

          The vendor I used was https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/zeng-eur

  • Tempting…. I got the circular sander version a while back, and it's brilliant.

    • My orbitial sander arrived this morning. The grip is super comfortable. What sanding discs do buy? I've seen people purchase Dewalt or the Bosch ones, because they don't clog up.

      • Most recently I gambled and bought a mixed pack of 125 or so off eBay for $20. Figured cheap as chips and would just change them a bit more often. So far they've actually been pretty good ie don't seem to clog up any more or less than the expensive ones….. if you have an air compressor, can always give 'em a blast every now and then.

        • Nice one, thanks for the info. $20 is an excellent price for a pack of 125 that work.

    • Yeah I have the same; no limit on battery size either I dont think as the battery doesnt block the dust extraction port, which is good as I use the 8ah powercore batteries from the bosch range with an adaptor

  • I am new to woodworking and do cnc carving. Can anyone say whether I need this if I have a random orbital sander from DeWalt

    • Depending on what you're doing. The 1/4 sheet sander is for finishing work, and the orbital is for stripping. You could get away with just one. I purchased both and I'll use the 1/4 sheet sander for getting a final smooth finish or general purpose activities, and the orbital for stripping paint/varnish off base boards or timber, then finish with the sheet.

      • Thanks. I currently use the orbital sander to finish and sometimes get ring marks. I do not make any furniture. Ordered this one

        • Yes you'll definately get ring marks with the orbital. I forgot to mention that when I replied to you. This 1/4 sheet is such a good price, you won't regret it. It's now sold out and has updated to $152.17 + $19.34 delivery.

          • @NovaPR: Thanks. Time to get some sand papers

  • damn if only it was "mouse" style, really need a point to get into corners etc

    • Have you considered DeWalt's multitool with the mouse attachment? They are awesome.

      Dewalt Multitool DCS356 18V for $214.45, Australian version from Melbourne Tools.

      Here's the attachments you're looking for: Dewalt Sanding Pad

  • Update: out of stock at this price ($156.57)

    Now showing $152.17 + delivery ($19.34) = $171.51
  • Update: Back in stock and $152.17 with free delivery.

    $4.40 cheaper than originally posted.

    • Wow! Amazing price, thanks for the update.

  • $150.39 now with free delivery.

    • Incredible price AND free delivery - wow.

  • So tempting,

    But still cant decide to stick with ozito or ryobi or Dewalt.

    I just occasionally do some diy project

    • I've used the XU1 sheet sander for years and I could really give it a good hammering. It produced an excellent job and it did not fail at all. It put my Renovator multitool with mouse attachment to shame.

      I also have a corded ryobi sheet sander, which sands just as good as the XU1 and Dewalt. I love the quick change sanding 'hook and loop' sheets. The only problem is it blows a lot of dust and it has a cord.

      I purchased both the Dewalt orbital and 1/4 sheet sanders because they have;
      - minimal vibration,
      - are cordless, and
      - I'm hoping blows less dust.

  • Now showing $149.62 + ($19.34) Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU
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