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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 - $337.45 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Please pardon me if I missed something. Not used to post stuff on OzBargain.

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Mod Note: 'Apply $59.55 coupon' checkbox will appear under the price on the Amazon Product Page

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Amazon AU price-matching The Good Guys

    PS: Still cheaper at The Good Guys is you use the LatitudePay Promo.

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      I just bought one from the Good Guys yesterday, and the manufacture date for the headphone was Nov 2019.

      • is that a good manufacture date?

        • I think no. The battery quality degraded

      • Is that black or silver?

        • silver

      • @mz830 I also bought from GG yesterday. Can you please inform how to find the manufacture day please.

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          connect to the bose app in your phone. the app will show the date.

      • They might not able to make more due to chip shortage after that

        • Got 2 from the Amazon deal. Silver pair for the Mrs (was 2019 build) and a black pair for me (2021 build). The 2019 build unit was almost flat, but my battery was 25%. After firmware updates both are running the same fw - so internals must be the same. Only difference other than colour was the 2019 box opens at the sides, and the 2021 box opens at the bottom.

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    Yes it still does. However my frustration was no stock near me. I hope it still helps someone. Thanks 😊

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      Can you tell us more please?

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    Is the latitude credit check thing a big deal? I keep reading about it in the chat in relevant posts.
    Should I avoid afterpay and latitude coupons?

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      ZipPay definitely appears on an Equifax credit report. I don’t think LatitudePay does. I’m not sure about AfterPay. I suspect the ZipPay was part of the reason ANZ/Westpac declined my credit card application.

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        AfterPay hasn't appeared on my Equifax check. I've been using AfterPay for years and ran an Equifax check last month

      • When I signed up for ZipPay last year, there wasn’t any credit check at all.

  • No need to be an Amazon Prine member to get this price.

  • Grabbed one. Thanks OP.

    Couldn’t get it from GG before as all stock was outside 15km from me. (In Melbourne here)

  • Some how the price went back to $397

    • Apply the coupon

      • Sorry what coupon? I did not see one

        • Should be a checkbox under the price on the Amazon product page.

        • Under the price.. there is a tick box for coupon.

          And above:
          Secure transaction
          Returns Policy
          Amazon-managed Delivery

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          Thanks guys…
          Been using Amazon for years had never noticed this place lol….

  • how to get this price? need to be a prime member?

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      its pretty much in the description.

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    I have these and I love them, they’re so soft to the touch and don’t have an overly tight fit or pressure on the ears.

    • second that. been using it teams. ok so far. Though notice when the battery dips below 10 hours, mic are impacted. Total hours with anc on 5, 17+hours of use

  • tired price matching with JB but unable to do so due to the coupon thingy :/

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    Just need to drop to 299.99 so can claim in-year on tax!!

    • From my understanding, you can claim a percentage of work usage for an item to get it under the $300 threshold.

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        Think your understanding may be a misunderstanding

  • Time flies. This product has been released for more than 2 years now. Not sure if this one is better than QC45.

  • How is this fair compair to the QC35 II ? In term of sounds, ANC, and fit
    I lost my WX XM3 so im finding a new pair atm

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      If you read through the comments on any deal on Ozbargain that has come up for either of these 2 along with Sony XM4 you will get a lot of information.

  • Are we expecting better deal during Black Friday sales?

    • Looking at the history, the lowest would be what The Good Guys offer is at the moment, with the Lattitude Pay at this point in time.

      • Looking through previous deals (without Latitude Pay, sorry, I don't have it) I can see few:
        $318.75 in July (Good Guys)
        $299.00 in June (Amazon)
        $330.00 in June (Videopro and Amazon)

  • For what it's worth I've had these headphones for a little over a year and they're fantastic, lovely battery live (I usually get 13 hours from memory?) and the noise cancelling is a bit too good at maximum so usually I keep it at the half-way point so people can still get my attention.

    • Agree - great battery life - listen to them for extended hours at work.
      Call quality is brilliant

    • I usually get 13 hours
      Ouch, that pretty low compared to advertised 20 hours.

  • Just bought these from GG. 15% off with promo HOUSE10.
    Didn't use Latitude.

  • just to add to this you can buy USB bluetooth dongle for it and it works well with Microsoft Teams :)

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  • anyone have experience with these versus the bose earbuds ?

  • Have they fixed the firmware or stuttering issue that many people complain about? Havent been following that thread in bose website for a while.

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