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Donner Tutti Love Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal $16.00 Delivered @ Donner Music


Parts Description


  • DC 9V Jack:For power supply, use a 9-volt DC regulated by AC adapter, 500mA (plug polarity is positive on the barrel and negative in the center).
  • LEVEL Knob:Adjusts the chorus volume.
  • DEPTH Knob: Adjusts the chorus sound depth.
  • RATE Knob:Adjusts the chorus speed.
  • INPUT Jack:1/4¡± mono audio jack, for connecting instrument.
  • OUTPUT Jack:1/4¡± mono audio jack, for connecting to an amplifier.
  • Footswitch and LED:Tap to switch the unit on/off. The LED will lit up when the effect is on.


  • Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
  • Current Consumption: 11mA
  • Dimensions: 42x93.5x52mm
  • Weight: 230g

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  • +2

    My brain: "Fruit kebab."

  • Tempting, but I just bought a Boss ME80

    • I get it. I'm not convinced re the value proposition of pedals over digital effects myself anymore, but I still like to buy them to tinker with.

      This is a pretty nice chorus sound for $16 thought.

      • Agreed. I was actually thinking it would be worth it for the hardware if I wanted to build my own circuit.

        • Damnit! You talked me into it. Thanks OP

          Cant go wrong for $16.

          I only have 2 other pedals. 1 is my original Ibanez Tube Screamer, which has a rare chip in it.

      • +1

        agree - surely it goes the way of HiFi now where digital is so good that analogue becomes reserved for the purists?

        I just bought a Spark and whilst I know it's not high-end or whatever, I can't believe what a great practice tool is, but also how good it sounds for the price and what it is.

  • Cheers OP…for 16 bucks I just ordered one to try.

  • I note that unlike the misleading description accompanying the recently posted Donner Echo pedal, which implied that the pedal 'featured' a 9V power supply, for this pedal they make it clear in the description that it doesn't.

    Does anyone have one of these btw/can anyone comment on the quality (build and sound)?

    • I haven't received this pedal yet, but I own four of their other pedals. Chassis is surprisingly sturdy. I can't speak to the internals, but my Yellow Fall (which I recommend) is still working fine after 2.5 years.

  • Pedal, Schmedal. Most guitar amps these days have everything. To the degree I sold off all my pedals. Just sold a Marshall JH1.

    My crappy old Roland Cube does all I need as an amateur muso.

    And if you want the lot, just buy a Boss Katana 50. It does everything for about $350

  • Nice find! Got a couple of their pedals and, for the price, they are fine (use it with my looper). I also have the Spark and a Boss Katana. Both have excellent sound, and a heap of effects to work with, but I also have an old Peavey 110 with standard built-in effects that can sound a little scratchy at times. $16? What the heck.

  • Hopefully its coming via AusPost and not CP/Aramex.

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