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Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB White with Galaxy Buds+ Bundle $499 + Delivery (Online Only) @ BigW


Not too bad if you are keen on a S10e with Earbuds, combine with discounted gift cards for another 5% discount.

Completely redesigned to remove interruptions from view. No notch, no distractions. Precise laser cutting, on-screen security, and a Dynamic AMOLED that's easy on the eyes makes the Infinity-O-Display one of the most innovative Galaxy screens yet.

Product Features:

128GB + MICRO SD (up to 400GB)
BONUS Samsung Galaxy Buds+

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    • +33

      For $499, I think its a steal!

      • +11

        Still using mine, no complaint.

        • Had one but battery life sucks because it's 30 months old :(

          • +1

            @BrewerHaHa: Get a battery replacement kit from ebay and a battery. It's pretty straightforward and will put some life back into it.

            • @gakko: I might, but at this point I might get a new phone. I bought the S21 from the recent deal for family, i'll see if they do trade ins again and hopefully pick something up with a headphone jack and SD card slot

          • -2

            @BrewerHaHa: really? the battery in these brand new ones in Big W already used for 30 months? that's bad

      • +3

        Yeah, good phone!
        I upgraded from mine a little earlier in the year, but wasn't having any issues with it at all.
        Only thing that I felt like I missed on it was a 120hz screen, but it's still got a headphone jack so that's cool.

      • +1

        I've had mine for about 2 years now and I don't know if I would recommend it now, even at this price.
        Personal preference but I don't like the Samsung UI (lots of bloatware).
        Also dislike the fact that the hardware assistant button calls bixby. I know you can configure software to make it call google assistant via bixby but it's slow in comparison to my old og pixel xl.
        Also the "hey google" voice trigger is plain bad, not sure why it's so bad but about 50% of the time it doesn't work.
        Edit: the biggest plus in my mind is the size. I'm not a fan of big phones and the s10e is relatively small

        • Yeah wasn't a fan of One UI on my Note10… oddly enough I think the interface Samsung used before it (Samsung Experience) was cleaner.
          I now use an iPhone 11 Pro, while the interface is more refined its been surprisingly more glitchy for me.

    • +7

      Solid phone, solid price with the bundle. I think it's fair.

  • +9

    Perfect screen size. I wish the likes of Redmi 10 Pro and Poco X/M3 have a version with this screen size.

    • -5

      For you I guess. Wish it was bigger, can't deal with small phones like this one.

      • +7

        Luckily for you, just about every other phone on the market has a bigger screen.

        • Yes. The bigger the better.

    • +3

      I hate the fact that the only phones left with SD card, FM radio, 3.5 jack and dual sim are entry level/Mid range and they only come in 6.7 Inches like the Poco X3 Pro

      • FM radio…. What ๐Ÿ˜‚ you know most stations stream digital but I agree with micro SD and 3.5mm jack

        • Bit ironic for you on a bargains site to dismiss paying for something (given most mobile data in this country is not fully uncapped) when it's perfectly free in the air.

          (Personally I can live without the FM radio but I get the sentiment the higher class the phone the less it has in some ways)

    • Asus zenfone 8 from JB wand local warranty too.

  • +1

    Good size device, if only it were cheaper (don't care for buds)

    • +7

      Sell the Buds for $100. Win win!

  • +5

    this is exynos i think

    us import version is snapdragon , usually 400+ on ebay

  • +2

    Eligible for Android 12. below average battery for normal use. has a Jack and compact. - s10e user

    • samsung 3yrs security updates ?

    • I think the battery would be well into the charging cycle as well. S10e did have a tiny battery, and I don't think it's just the age. My wife's S10e's battery life is awful as well.

      I am thinking that changing the battery might be worth it, though there are lags here and there on her phone that she wants to upgrade.
      I am planning to change the battery on mine at least (S10 Plus), battery health has gotten to 77%. I am guessing my wife's phone would be in worse condition (she had it for longer and she uses wireless charging far more often than I do).

      • Agree. I might upgrade once we start going to work. It's a good phone as i WFH for now

      • How do i check my battery health on S10e?

        • +1

          I use an app called AccuBattery

          • -1

            @iridiumstem: Not accurate.

            • @Mi2: Probably, I just am using it as, I was feeling that the battery life has gotten worse and there is something that supports that beyond just my gut feeling.

      • +1

        Have you or your wife ever optimized the phone for it's smaller battery? All I hear is people winging about the battery but I have a 2 year+ old s10e and I get 24hours+ out of a battery. I will admit I am not a heavy user compared to most people though as I try to live in the moment, not on my phone.

        Have you changed the screen background, lock screen and theme to black or images with lots of black in them? OLED screens save lots of energy with black pixels as they are switched off. Additionally, turn your screen brightness way down unless you need it high (out in the sun) and consider lowering your cpu speed to 70% if you do not need it. I have mine at 70% and don't ever notice it being slow. Additionally you can turn off GPS and Bluetooth when you aren't using it to save even more power.

        • I probably could my ask my wife to do such things, but I think it boils down to, why should she cater for her phone when the phone is just a tool. She unfortunately isn't someone who enjoys tinkering with the phone so it'd be really out of her way to do all that.

          While I use a black lockscreen and home screen, I don't think it'd have a huge impact on the battery, since you don't stay on them for long enough. Screen on time probably is mostly Facebook, Internet Browser, Youtube, that kind of thing and those contents probably impact on the battery used due to screen. I do it more because dark looks nicer on OLED and I do want to delay the inevitable noticable degrading of the OLED screen (which in my opinion is futile).

          I don't think her brightness setting was too bad. As with CPU, she's already complaining about how laggy the camera app sometimes is, don't want to really add to that.

          I think battery life complaints on my side is more, how fast the battery is drained during usage. Not screen-off battery time.

          I guess the second thing is that the phone is awakened by syncing and such. I could set it up so that the thing syncs less frequently, do all that, which will get into why should she cater for her phone when the phone is just a tool. I definitely think all the things you are mentioning will help with the battery life, but the battery is already in its way out so I don't see much point.

    • -1

      agree, i have s10e bought from a deal on here, battery can't handle 8 hours with texting, some calls, and heavy navigation using google map, mobile data on. i like it because the size.

  • +3

    Has DeX too I think

    • +1

      yep, works great

    • Yup, pretty awesome.

  • +1

    single sim only

  • Not a bad deal

  • Hmm, this or the S9, price is similar…

    • +5

      We have both. Go the S10e. Faster and better experience. Last of the headphone jack models.

      • A72 / A52 still have headphone jacks…

        • Those are significantly slower than the QSD 855 models. Or they're decently slower than the Exynos 9820 models.

          But if you're talking about the recently released A52s phone? That has a QSD 778 which is actually a flagship-level chip, faster than both, and equal to an QSD 860 device.

  • S10e is pretty good, I had one as my last phone and sold it back in February 2021 for $400 (but with a load of Samsung/Otterbox cases). $499 for a new one with Galaxy Buds+ is a great deal.

  • +1

    i did love this phone but the battery did suck especially it its last month. I recently moved to an S21 via trade in through the recent deals. Note I did only pay this much way back then, maybe only $400 come to think of it. Was quite the bargain. (through a JB Hifi deal)

  • +4

    Nice screen, expandable storage. Much better value than an s21

    • +1

      Depends what you pay, I got my mum an S21 during the last Telstra Day sale for $624. Way better deal than this (though this isnโ€™t bad at this point).

      • Best one is from Samsung trade-in deal. $499 for 256GB version and can be even lower than that if you can get extra vouchers.

  • +2

    Absolutely great phone and most important it is not ugly

  • +12

    S10 series is the last flagship Samsung Phone imo. It had everything except exchangeable batteries.

  • +1

    The real hero here is the buds+ , discontinued but probably the best bang for buck earbuds on the market

  • i could never understand why the galaxy series always have pissy small battery compared to the M or A series.

    • Maybe to keep the weight low?

  • How much are the buds (or its equivalent) worth?

  • +3

    Have a S21 but constantly jealous of my partner's S10E's fingerprint reader

    • Is the onscreen fingerprint scanner still bad on S21?

      • It's shockingly bad on s20

        • Yeah, on S10+ the fingerprint scanner flat out refuse to work with a glass screen protector and has few issues here and there. I guess a generation didn't have much improvement on the fingerprint scanner.

  • +5

    all the new phones are so ridiculously big that the s10e feels like the last decent size phone available

    • I think it's time to go for mobiles with folding screens.

  • I had a lot of issues with my S10+ before I upgraded recently. Maps would randomly work terribly, random apps would stop using data and performance wasn't perfect. I wouldn't bother with this gen of Samsung.

  • I'm planning to sell a used s10e, 24 months old, great condition. Any advice on what price to advertise for?

  • Wow got the dual sim version for $679 in 2019. Great to see price is still holding up

  • Would it be better to get an S10e or pay extra to get the A52s 5G? It's a similar size, flat screen, expandable memory, headphone jack and much newer

  • +1

    This is a great deal - congrats to those who got one.
    Galaxy Buds + are wonderful to use and for me have been great for phone calls.
    I had an S10e earlier and found the best features were the fantastic main camera, the compact form factor - under 70mm wide, 150g light weight, proper out of screen fingerprint reader, headphone jack and wireless charging.
    Only downsides for me were the screen PWM flicker (quite aggressive), warm operation with the exynos CPU and slightly lower battery life.

    The only similar android phone I can think of at the moment is the Zenfone 8, but even it looks chunked out in comparison to the S10e 7.9mm width and 150g weight

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