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[PC] 25% off Escape from Tarkov Video Game (from $45.38 + Tax + Payment Surcharge for Base Edition)


In celebration of BSG turning 7 years old, they are offering 25% off all editions of Escape from Tarkov. Now is a great opportunity to upgrade to EOD for those that were sitting on the fence.

Users have also been reporting of in game gifts from Prapor (small weapons case, ammo case, 2x moonshine and chocolate)

Please also note price in title does not include VAT and credit card charges.

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Escape From Tarkov
Escape From Tarkov

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    I hate this game so much… but it's the only game of it's type. Was basically pier pressured into getting it, then EoD.

    But hey, at least I killed Pestily with a crappy pistol this wipe :)

    • +2

      Was he on a pier and you pushed him offensively with some … pier pressure?

    • If you hate this game and it's only of its type, then you kinda hate this "type" of game altogether, if so, why play it?

      • No one likes this game. I have it. It is unforgiving, hard, bugged, filled with cheaters, everyone is better than you… but I can't stop playing it. It's awesome!

    • Need peeps to play with?

    • EoD?

      Edit: Ah, Edge of Darkness edition…

  • Never understood why this just wasn't released on steam

    • 33% cut for gaben. Eventually it will be.

    • +5

      because BSG don't want to pay the amount of refund that will be come their way.

  • Also anniversary gifts in game, Weapon Case. Ammo Case and 2x moonshine. Also 25% on merch (not a bargain)

  • +1

    Be careful if you're double jabbed as this game will make your myocarditis flare up!

  • Just bought and already the launcher is bugged and won't send me the verification code (yes I've checked spam, added them to trusted senders etc.)

    I guess that it's probably an issue where Hotmail/Microsoft blocks their domain and there's not much they can do about it, but I feel like given that support knows about the issue, they should put up a warning when you sign up, or at least support other forms of 2FA for the launcher.

    Now its time to wait for BSG support to change my email address :(

    • Actually, seems to be working now :)

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