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Bialetti Brikka Coffee Maker 4 Cup $59.97 (RRP $119.95) Delivered @ Myer


Haven’t seen price this low before but already have 2. Why? Worried first one might fail during lockdown. They make surprisingly good coffee. Also surprisingly sturdy. Sale ends this Sunday.

2 Cup version $49.97 https://www.myer.com.au/p/bialetti-brikka-coffee-maker-2-cup

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        duty stand-by is always safe!

  • Nice find OP, Moka pot is a brilliant coffee when you get the hang of it.

    • This is said to make better coffee than Moka pot but haven’t tried Moka pot so can’t verify!

    • Unless you have Induction :(

  • The best of the best, been looking for a new one. Thanks, OP.

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      Nah - that's the 9Barista. ;)

      (ps. I own a Brikka, because I'm not made of money!) :)

  • Makes really creamy and great coffee.
    I had the older model for 4 years now, time for an upgrade. Thanks OP.

  • Prefer my venerable Rancilio Silvia - but a Bialetti stove-top pot is a good back-up. Invaluable when away from home too.

    Fine Food Depot (Heidelberg West in Melbourne) have a nice selection at decent prices - Note: No on-line presence - you'll have to visit in person.

  • Any tips on getting the best coffee from it?

    • Some tips I found useful
      - When new, run it twice with just water
      - The pot has a water level indicator inside so try not to exceed that level or risk overflow
      - Ensure flame is smaller than the pot
      - Some recommend removing from stove as soon as you hear the whistle but I prefer turning off stove once it has almost stopped whistling.

    • I got lots of tips from this genius:


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    Thanks op. Talked me into an upgrade. Suncorp rewards has 5% off egift cards to bring it down a bit more too

  • What's the difference between this and Bialetti
    Venus Stainless Steel induction 4 Cup Coffee Pot

    • I think the Venus is designed for Induction cooktops.

      • Of course. I missed that in the title

  • Grabbed one. Thank you.

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    I took my moka pot with me on holiday last year and used it for the first time in a couple of years since getting my Breville Bambino Plus and Smart Grinder Pro. It made me appreciate just how good the Breville is.

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      Lesson learnt. Next time take the Breville and plug it into a tree. :D

    • so the Moka pot cannot compete with Bambino Plus at all?

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      Theres many tips to using a moka pot that aren't intuitive.

      You should boil water first, then add boiling water to the base, and put it together.

      Do not let water cover the valve.

      Do not tamp / pack the coffee grounds down

      Use a medium heat, remove from heat when most of the water has come through - before it boils over. Ideally you avoid boiling altogether.

      Basically you want to do everything possible to avoid burning the beans.

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        Hehe I pretty much do all these. I pack it with coffee and tamp it in a little with a spoon. I also fill the water up. It comes out strong and dark, I like it like that in the morning but some of my beans are quite light and this method seems to improve/increase the taste. I have dark beans which I don’t pack in because then it is just too strong. I have a Bialetti Moka Express 3 cup. Used it daily for the last two years. I really like this type of coffee.

        I usually boil the water first but screwing out together needs a tea towel to handle the bottom part.

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    Be aware, the compact size means that they have a lower TDP than desktop variants, but this design has limited cooling leading to poor thermals so watch for overheating of the GPU (granular percolating unit).

    One advantage though is the solid state design with no moving parts though so should improve longevity and you don't need to worry about dust building up on the vents. Obviously more portable than a desktop too so easily fits in a backpack.

    Battery life is literally non existent though.

    • Sir, this is a post about coffee.

  • goddammit oos

    • Thanks, have expired.

  • For those who missed out, amazon now selling it for the same price for the 4 cup version https://www.amazon.com.au/Bialetti-Brikka-Espresso-Coffee-Si...

  • 2 cup is still in Stock @49 at Myer

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