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30% off Portable Carplay-Apple Carplay/Android Auto/7" Touch Screen US$160.93 (~A$217) Delivered @ Carpuride


Carpuride is offering 30% off on the Portable Carplay-Apple Carplay/Android Auto/7" Touch Screen with promo code-CARP30.
Original price was US$229.9 (AU$309.99), final price is $160.93 (AU$217).

Order Screenshot: https://imgur.com/PvnxY8j

Shipping Policy

1:We ship to nearly all countries.
2:Standard shipping: 3-15 working days delivery
3:Internet orders are usually shipped within 1-3 working days of receiving the order. Most orders will arrive within 3-15 working days after delivery, but be aware that this can vary depending on the country.Affected by COVID-19, logistics, and distribution in some countries and regions will be delayed to varying degrees.We use reputable express services from DHL/UPS/DPD for most deliveries.
4:You can always follow the status of your order by checking your tracking number on your confirmation email.You aslo can check the package information on our website's Support > Order Tracking, through your order number and email address.

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    Similar items in AliExpress can be had between AU$150 to AU$200. Curious what makes this different

    • It's a patented product, using Taiwan's high-end chips, the product is only sold on Amazon and official website!

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        AU $183.13 45% Off | DLC 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Portable Wireless Apple CarPlay Tablet Android Stereo Multimedia Bluetooth Navigation for toyota

        Chip and photos looks the same to me. Anyway good luck with the sale.

  • I guess there isn't one with wireless Android auto ?

  • So discount code is CARP30 for 30% off

    Ordered one. Let’s see

    • The volume can be adjusted. It has been shipped in large quantities, and there is no such problem.

      • It would be good customer service if this brand's rep would reply to the Amazon post. What is the support policy from your company if the same sound issue is seen?

  • anyone can confirm or give an honest review for this , I am after one cause my Navara coming with no apple car play and I am desperate to have one ..aftermarket unit look ugly
    are they good out or crap
    can't see any review online for this

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      This will look way uglier.

    • The installation is very convenient and does not require any technology. The product is equipped with two brackets, which can be suitable for any car model.

    • Put in a new double din or proper Android headunit that’s been customised for the Navara. I had one in my QASHQAI for 18mths and it was excellent, retains factory steering controls and camera. Plenty of options on AliExpress.

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    Amazon review : "this product is very good and not scratched at all when it comes.. the product is not good and the product is very good and the color is good and it's better to use" :) Well that was a whirlwind.

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  • Whats the laws on this, wont it be classified as a multimedia/visual unit (that's not factory)

    • I am not quite clear about your question, can you recast your question?

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        Does this device classify as a VDU - visual display unit under Victorian road regulations.

  • Hi do you have a video on YouTube?

  • I have ordered one hope will be good ! otherwise God help you carpuride :)

  • Is this wireless car play?

    • Bluetooth Model

  • Will it fit any car or more specifically a Mitsubishi Outlander 2005?

    • Just realised it's not a car radio replacement. You need an existing working radio to feed the sound through to the car speakers :(

  • You would have an excellent product here, if you had more offerings on the output side.

  • its really funny the website stated delivery time "We offer free shipping for all orders. The delivery time is 4-7 working days
    I have ordered one on the 15/10/2021 been marked as dispatched 2 days later with really generic tracking number " can't tracked anywhere " today as writing this comment its 07/11/2021 and no where can track find my order
    do you think guys I should request refund from PayPal or lodge dispute transaction with credit card provider ?
    by the way I contact the associated
    guy here a week a go but he never responded to me
    not really happy right now

    • Don't worry about it, it's likely to take a couple of months from overseas depending how they've sent it.
      The world's postal services are in shambles at the moment.

  • arrived finally so to clarify does not support wireless apple CarPlay only wired :(

    • Do share how the unit performs please after a few weeks. Cheers

      • sure I will if i installed it , i thought would be wireless apple CarPlay ,I hate wire going all over my car really

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