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eufy Cam 2c Pro 2K Security Kit 4 Pack $649 Delivered @ Device Deal


Saw this today, Seems a solid deal. I was able to price-match at JBhifi (which told me it was below cost) as I had gift-cards to use up. YMMV though as JB did say they normally don't match online retailers without a shopfront?

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    • Thats an older homekit though isnt it?

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    180 day battery… ah no thanks. I prefer the 365 day battery.

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      Better than Google Nest cameras, barely last 60 days on battery.

    • Are you aware that this is the newer 2K version which has better quality video at night?

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        Are you aware there are no discernible difference in video quality with the newer version according to numerous reviews on YouTube?

  • Dang, buy now or wait for black Friday sales…

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    Bought earlier this year from these guys for $699. Been happy with it. We should support the smaller retailers where we can, especially if they have initiated the price reduction.

    • I bought the 3 packs one from JB Hifi midnight deal and I'm not regret I didn't get the 4 pack as I need 1 more camera :(.

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    Bought the 3 pack a month ago and finally installed it today. These are good cameras with excellent video quality. Simple setup and good features. This price for 4 pack is great!

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    A word of caution - I have been a fan of the EUFY 2c’s and recommending it to all my friends. I got 2 cameras from the SCA deal last year and then 4 more a few months ago.
    However, about a month ago, my hub stopped recording and I have still not been able to get a resolution. I tried all the trouble shooting steps from EUFY support including formatting my hub, but no luck. Now finally, I have been advised to contact the seller and process warranty. I have lodged a case with SCA for almost a week now, but no response yet. I then googled and looks like the 2c hubs have been causing grief. So buyer beware. It worked well
    while it did, but the service has been disappointing.

    Note: My experience above is with 2c, not the 2c pro in this deal.

    • I prefer the Eufy 2 Cam with Hub1 as it has backup battery, which is a must have imo.

  • $3 cheaper than JB commercial deal. Will wait for SCA superdeal :)

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    $641 delivered at TGG commercial for anyone that has access :)

  • VideoPro has this cheaper at the moment and i then took the add to bunnings last week and got it priced matched with 10% off


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      Doesn’t look like the pro model

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      Not the same model bro, 2C pro is the latest model with 2K resolution.

      2C and 2C pro way hundred bucks difference

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