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100% Spike Point Rebate When Purchasing TP Link KP115 via Origin (Origin Spike Customers Only)


Just noticed this today. Log in to your Origin Spike account, and you’ll see a “100% Spike Point Rebate” when you purchase a TP Link Kasa KP115 via Origin. They cost $29 on there (so RRP), but you can just withdraw the points when they arrive, so essentially free?

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  • "Smart technology makes SpikeHours a cinch! Buy a TP Link smart plug with a 25% upfront discount and connect it to your Spike account to receive an additional 25% rebate in Spike points"

    Not seeing it here.

    • Must be targeted? I don’t have any smart devices connected.

  • +1

    It was a good offer when I had a 200% rebate.

    It's a targeted offer. I don't have this offer on my account today.

  • postage fees though?

    • showing as $14.50 for me. no postage fees

  • Is this still going?

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