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[Hack] 2 Pieces of Boneless Hot & Crispy for $2.95 @ KFC (App Required)


Nice find from OzBargain user amy12345 Full credit to them for this post.

Not sure if anyone's posted this but I discovered a bit of a hack. If you add something to your cart on the app (literally anything), it then gives you the option to add on extras, one being 2 hot and crispy for $2.95. You can then add as many of the 2 for $2.95 as you want. It ends up costing a little more but at least you can still get it.

Given that KFC were selling too many of the 10 for $10 deal this is the next best thing. It's believed they had to end it early so stores had enough stock to put in their advertised $4.95 fill up box and the Boneless Hot & Crispy box.

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  • +20

    these things are like crack

  • +3

    I dont see it is a hack or crack, my apps adds the same thing lol

  • +5

    Boneless wicked wings!

    • yep , that all they are boneless chicken wings ….. when i bought them i was expecting thigh fillets or breast fillets , so not much meat, but lots of coating and oil.

      • +1

        Ironically I recall reading an article stating something about America banning the use of the word 'boneless chicken wings' due to the fact that this kinda thing doesn't exist.

        • +1

          It is discrimination against bone

      • +1

        i believe it's drumstick meat to be exact.

  • +7

    Wonder if they will ever bring back the $10 deal.

    Love eating my Hot & Cripsy comrades

    • I ordered the $10 deal on Tuesday, in store. no issue

    • +1

      Some stores in VIC offer it via Drive Thru and Instore. I've ordered it at least 3 times this way.

    • I am close to KFC Prahran they didn't let the deal back to online app order but you can order in store, and i believe a lot store can order it while the stock last

    • Their doing it right now every Tuesday.

  • +9

    I buy 2 of these boneless chicken pieces, put them in a wrap with salad and make it my lunch. Delicious👍

    • +3

      Poor mans twister wrap

      • +21

        *Ozbargainers twister wrap

      • You know what they say:

        A dollar saved, is a dollar earned

        With the tax I pay, it's quite a bit more than a dollar earned.

        • Here's an upvote for you buddy

  • +3

    still prefer wicked wings, just me?

    • +2

      Me too.
      Weren’t a fan of these one bit (unless my KFC is shit).

      • +17

        Your kfc is shit

        • Dang might need to give it another shot then, as I really enjoyed the original hot and spicy.

        • the 13th herb/spice

    • +2

      I ordered the $4.95 box and was the size of a nugget. Is that normal?

      • Should be twice the size or 1.5x of a nugget minimum

      • To be fair it’s small but more like 2 nuggets.

  • +6

    I was able to buy the 10 for $10 at my local KFC (Jandakot WA) two days ago. Wasn't in the app or on the menu board, but asked at the counter and they said they were happy to. Worth a shot for anyone hoping for 10!

    • Same in Sydney, two days ago I rocked up to the drive through and they had a hand written sign advertising 10 pieces of this for $10 (today only they said though).

    • Try it 5 min before they close, sometime got bargain

      • +2

        I've tried a similar approach at nightclubs. Results kind of as expected.

    • Is that the one on Armadale road?

  • 2 piece hot and spicy add on, $3.40 at my local…..

  • You can also order this at the counter or drive through without anything else.

  • Bring back the free delivery burger!

  • Havent tried it. Is it kinda like zinger pieces then?

    • yeh its exactly like the zinger pieces

      • Thanks! Ordered

  • +2

    It's clear the appetite for Hot N Spicy is strong - and it hasn't reappeared for 2021 yet and has been over 12 months since its last release. Maybe KFC is waiting for lockdowns to end?

    • +1

      worst shit is, I used to be able to order hot and spicy from one kfc near me all the time (its always on the menu there). they opened another kfc slightly closer to me in another direction and now I can't get delivery from the old one. it makes me cry

  • +4

    wish we had popeyes

      • +1

        I've had that happen at various KFC's multiple times. Worst one was near Central in Sydney. Rocked up for lunch at 12:30pm and they were only selling chips and drinks. Had completely run out of chicken. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • +3

    these things with supercharged sauce = DA BOMB!

  • +2

    Dipped these in gravy with the boneless box…it was like eating a heart attack. 🤤

  • +7

    Only 50% more per piece than the 10 piece price .
    People here get excited over anything lol .

    • +5

      Yep, saw this in the app last night when ordering the full up box, didn’t think it was that good. I actually think it’s a rip off now considering the size of the boneless piece I got with the fill up box, which I’d say I could’ve eaten in one mouthful.

  • +1

    6 pieces are $9.95 at my local.
    After adding anything in the app, there was no option to add two pieces for $2.95

    • +1

      EDIT: worked after adding the 6 pieces for $9.95.

      Ordered 4 pieces for $5.90 plus 2 large sides for $5.95. Deal.

  • +2

    Pretty sure the hot and crispy 10 for $10 only runs from Monday to Thursday they take it off for the weekend and then put it back on the app Monday again that's what I've noticed last few weeks.

    • You’ve restored my hope in humanity

    • +4

      Must vary by store then; I rang my local on Thursday night to ask if I could get the 10 pack deal and they said no.

  • I actually just asked for 2 pieces by itself and they gave it to me for $2.95. not as good as the wings

  • +1

    I bought a 10 pack and they were all thighs, a bit too greasy and fatty to enjoy.

    Ideally the boneless tenders with a zinger coating would be perfect.

    • +1

      We should crowd fund a KFC franchise and play fast and loose with the menu just for ozbargainers

  • +3

    if you use the same hack but add then remove a family feast, you'd be able to get 4 original pieces for 6.95. that should be worth more than the puny pieces

  • +5

    I've had these twice now, two different KFC's, both times they've been undercooked and like biting into rubber. Never trying it again

    • +2

      Come to think of it, the piece I had last night did look a little undercooked and wasn't that "crispy"; looked quite different to what's advertised. Still just ate it though but I'll be wary if I get it again and will take it back/call the store if the pieces are no good.

    • That's exactly how mine were!
      So perhaps my KFC isn't shit after all.

    • Then it would be overcooked if its like rubber. Dried up and chewy.

  • +3

    Too small for $3. Bring back the 10 for $10 deal

  • Are these the spicy flavour?? because they are usually labelled hot and spicy? Don't know why KFC don't have them the whole year round

  • Don't see it on mine. Only get the 3 for $5.45 option that's already in the app.

  • I got drumstick fillets when I got mine

  • These were tiny and dried out so much when I bought these. Must have to get there at opening time to get the best

  • +2

    My local KFC still sells $10 for 10pieces.
    You just have to ask them since it got removed from the App

  • +3


  • Any of y'all getting KFCs that have switched off online orders via the app - but the store is opened?

    • All good with my local store.

  • I was wondering wtf.I couldn't order it on the app by itself! Thank you

  • KFC Carlingford have it advertised at the counter for $10 for 10 pieces.

  • +1

    After having these on break as fresh as fresh can be you’re really better off getting wings in my opinion these don’t stay crispy for long.

  • Are they really chicken?

    • +1

      Nope, their actually Salmon fillet on the inside.

      • No they are Dolphin disguised as Salmon wrapped in a chicken blanket

    • Not 100% chicken

      • Shanghainese pheasant?

        • The meats chicken it's not just meat though

  • +1

    Tried them today and really wasn't a good cut of chicken.. quite disappointed 😅 probably wouldn't go again..

    • +2

      Completely agree.
      I just want a bucket of zinger pieces.

      • +1

        My bestmate used to work at KFC and bring bucket loads home 👌 absolute treat

  • +1

    KFC Baulkham Hills NSW is having a manager’s special of 10 pcs for $5. In store only, not sure how long the promotion last

  • +4

    $2.95 for less than half a zinger fillet…meh pass

  • -1

    Another way you can do it if you want a tiny bit more value is add any shared meal then go for the 6 for $6.95 then delete the shared meal from your cart. Either spam it or click into the bar itself and up the multiplier.

    Example: https://i.imgur.com/lHejcsI.png

  • Damnit, it's $3.50 for two pieces for me here in Forster.

    • +1

      Not only do I get ripped off by my local KFC, I got negged for some reason lol

      • They changed it back to $2.95 and I just had it. Pretty tasty. Seems like everyone is having mixed results for quality though

  • Seriously underwhelmed by this new fad. The two pieces I got in the meal box were dark crumb and crispy, the two extra pieces I got in a box were light crumb and soggy. Bit into a soggy and was about 60% and the rest of the thigh meat tough and slimy. Took those back and she gave new ones - while batch on the tray was light soggy. She explained it was fresher oil.
    Be kind to your mouth and get popcorn chicken instead.. now if only they made a hot n spicy popcorn chicken…. mmmmm……

  • +3

    Nearly $15 for 10 pieces, is this even a good deal considering the size of the pieces?

  • +1

    Not sure if this is a hack. I just asked if I could get the chicken on its own the other day and this is the price they gave me. Ordered 6, was worth it.

  • been doing this since day 1 at it's how is intended… no hack?

  • +1

    It’s gone from the menu

  • cant find this - sydney cbd menu

    • Ask to speak to the manager

    • Still working on the app in Brisbane. Will do a quick check of each capital city and report back.

      Edit: still working everywhere including Sydney. I added the $4.95 fill up each time and went to checkout and it popped up underneath asking me to add it on

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