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[Back Order] Nokia XR20, Snapdragon 480 5G, 6.67” HD+, 128GB / 4GB RAM IP68 Rated $703 Delivered @ Amazon


I've been looking at the Nokia XR20 since launch and noticed this deal via Google when looking where to get one with my tax refund!

Combine with Officeworks price beat for even more off ;)

I'm looking for the end date for the deal but can't find it will update when I do.

Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +16

    Looks like a ripoff given the specs.

    • 3yr warranty
      3yr OS update
      4yr security update
      IP68 - scratch-resistant, drop-resistant, temperature-resistant, water-resistant

      • Also anything milspec approved is always ott price wise hey :)

        • 6gb ram ? not 4gb

          • @phunkydude: 6GB is correct for the 128GB version AFAIK, 4GB for the 64GB. I'll take a look and update if incorrect

            Technical Details
            RAM ‎6

      • -1

        3years and 4 years starting when? 2 years ago?

        • The phone was released this year if I recall correctly.

        • +1

          We keep our lives on our phones. So, we want to trust that what’s in there stays private. Nokia XR20 comes with monthly security updates for 4 years, so you can keep your hopes, dreams, ideas, pictures, notes, schedules and emails safe and secure into 2025. Sorry, hackers.

          up till 2025

          this phone only starts selling couple months ago

          • +2

            @phunkydude: About this item
            A smartphone designed for the long run.
            Longer lasting = better for the planet.
            Basically, life-resistant.
            The toughest of tough screens.
            3 year warranty.
            Monthly security updates for up to 4-years.
            1-year free screen .
            Dual 48MP and 13MP cameras.
            The latest OS features until 2024.

            OS updates until 2024, but security into 2025. In saying that they sometimes do release updates later like they're apparently doing for the Nokia 9 pureview or whatever it's called.

            • @wardog: @wardog
              MOST phones now at that price comes with 4 years monthly firmware updates and 3 years of OS updates. Samsung started it. As for HMD updates look at the past they are NOT the best at updating their phones.
              With some of their phones taking up to a year to update to Android 11

            • @wardog: Nokia 9 Pureview. Got it in one. - sent from my Nokia 9 Pureview :)

          • @phunkydude: "So, we want to trust that what’s in there stays private."

            Yeah, about that… https://ia.acs.org.au/article/2021/help-government-hack-or-f...

      • +2

        Nokia have had problems lately with updates and Android 11 updates especially.

        You'll be waiting ages. It's a good phone for a tradie but everyone else, stay clear.

        • +2

          Actually I currently have a nokia and so does my partner, what issues are you talking about? I have never experienced any issues with updates on my side.

          Cheers :)

          • +3

            @wardog: I'm still waiting on the Android 11 update for my Nokia phone. Nokia keeps on delaying it. Android 12 will be out before they get around to updating it.

            • @AB100: Ah cool, which phone you on? I'm just glad they announced they worries bring it to my current phone as I didn't think they would 🤣

              • @wardog: "wardog" What model Nokia are you reffering to/have you got?

            • +1

              @AB100: depends which model …..

            • +2

              @AB100: I have the Nokia 6.2 . Released in 2019, supposed to get 2 years OS updates, and 3 years of security updates. Bought phone in Sept 2019 with Android 9. Received Android 10 in May 2020. Android 11 was supposed to arrive for it, in the second qtr this year, then the the 3rd qtr, still waiting.

            • @thangcuoi: Cheers for that, the updated updated updated update says it should be soon but hey I want expecting the inclusion of my phone anyway!

          • @wardog: Just because you haven't doesn't mean there's tonnes of people that have. Nokia have had their fair share of issues over the years.

            A deal is a deal on a phone, but let's not pretend it's all roses in the garden, whether it be a Nokia or any other phone brand.

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    I can only assume Nokia intended to release this 5 years ago and they only just found the key to the storage container

  • +3

    Haha this has lower specs yes but it's a mid spec phone that's mil spec and IP rated with glass that's warranted against damage. It also has 5g which is a bonus at this price point imo but yeah if you're after a brand new Samsung galaxy or iPhone spec phone this definitely ain't it 😅

    • +2

      My Galaxy S21 would like to have a word with you.

      $624 from this deal, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648279

      IP 68 rated and because you rate milspec so high, I'll use an Otterbox milspec rated case,

      $704, I think I'd spend that extra dollar.

      • I was so close to getting that great deal, but decided against it at last minute for my own reasons.

        Was only One day and not everyone could even then get it. Over now and will not see that again

        at that price for another 2 years for AU stock I'd say.

  • +7

    Some reviews https://au.pcmag.com/mobile-phones/89084/nokia-xr20

    Camera ✰✰⋆ (Mediocre)
    Sound quality ✰✰⋆ (Mediocre)
    CPU performance ✰✰✰ (Acceptable)
    GPU performance ✰✰ (Not great)
    Durability ✰✰✰✰ (Very good)
    Battery life ✰✰✰✰✰ (Excellent)
    Longevity/ Software support (✰✰✰✰ Very good)

    This phone is basically the hi-vis vest, steel-toe boot, cargo-shorts wearing version of the Nokia X20.

    • Better to get Nokia X20 5G 128GB with a IP68 case then

      • That could definitely be an option, an otter case or now I've seen that pelican do phone cases too. The pricing of those cases on top does bring it a smidge close to the 667 I paid to order though Officeworks and without the warranties the xr20 has over the x20 too but yeah solid option!

        Edit: went looking to try include some links here but I couldn't find something that did both IP68 and milspec, pelican have an IP65 case for some common phones and some milspec ones, OtterBox lol like they might only do milspec now. I'm sure there are options or there though.

  • rugged phone
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 480

  • +1

    Nokia have been lost forever. I loved my n95 and my 5210 for years. The brand means not much since the iPhone 4 imo

    • The rotary dial home phone was good too.

  • +6

    Sd480? $703?

    • Oh you could definitely get most phones cheaper as grey imports but yeah if the company doesn't have a global warranty then it's too much hassle for me lol

  • +3

    How is this a deal? The X20 has more RAM, better camera and otherwise the same phone but is $477 on Amazon.

    It just doesn't have the "military" grade casing on it and super strong glass, but just buy a decent case and a screen protector instead, it's also way thinner and lighter already.

    • +2

      550 nit screen vs 450, IP68 dust/water resistant (up to 1.5m for 60 min), Drop-to-concrete resistance from up to 1.8 m, MIL-STD-810H compliant, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, Dual-LED dual-tone flash, second LED flash, stereo speakers (although people are complaining about these), BT5.1, USB Type-C 3.0, Li-Po 4630 mAh, Qi Wireless.


      But yeah aside from the above the X20 does have more ram and an FM radio which the XR20 doesn't according to the above link.

  • +4

    I get it, rugged phone and all, but this is basically a $250 phone with a rugged case on it. Throw in Nokia’s declining reputation since HMD took over and it’s really a bad deal, sorry OP.

    • -6

      I'm not sure "declining reputation" is correct, they definitely are doing a tonne better than when Nokia was owned by MS and sales wise they've remained at a steady 23 billion approx in global sales since 2016. I'm trying to find what you're refferring to there. If they have issues I might need to cancel my order >.<

  • +3

    Maybe if it was $307 not the other way around.

  • +1

    $703 is wayy too expensive for a sd480 chipset.
    And the fact that better spec X20 is cheaper and this price is almost in the league of current 8.3 5g’s pricing, this is not a deal.

    • -1

      Thats a matter of perspective, the XR20 has a few things that the X20 doesn't. The main reason for the price difference though is the duribility of the phone, the XR20 is the ruggedised version essentially, this is why it's IP68 rated, Milspec rated and has an advertised drop-to-concrete resistance from up to 1.8 m along with a 12 month screen replacement warranty against damage.

      Additional engineering and then certification is what costs the money for ruggedised equipment.

      • Not sure why this is downvoted, I mean sure if it's not ruggedised it's sure to be cheaper but the fact remains if you're looking to buy ruggedised equipment it costs more.

        Here is an example, this is a ruggedised (and milspec cert laptop, same as the Nokia cert):
        It costs $3709 USD

        8th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-8350U Processor (Quad Core, 6M Cache, 1.7GHz,15W, vPro)
        Windows 10 Pro (Includes Windows 11 Pro License) English, French, Spanish
        8GB, 2x4GB, 2400MHz DDR4 Non-ECC
        M.2 128GB PCIe NVMe Class 35 Solid State Drive
        14" FHD WVA (1920 x 1080) Embedded Touch, Outdoor-Readable Screen
        Intel UHD 620 graphics

        The equivalent non-rugged laptop to this is probably the Latitude 7420 Laptop (bearing in mind you can't select 8th gen Intel CPU Dell laptops aside from the ruggedised ones it appears):
        11th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7
        Windows 10 Pro (Includes Windows 11 Pro License) English
        Intel® Iris® XE Graphics for i5-1135G7 Non-vPro Processor with 8GB Memory for Laptop
        8 GB, Non-ECC, Integrated
        M.2 128GB PCIe NVMe Class 35 Solid State Drive
        14.0-in. display

        As you can see in this example, you pay more for ruggedised equipment of the same spec. This is because it is specialised and it does cost a significant amount more to put the additional engineering in place along with going through the IP68 and Milspec certification processes.

        Anyway, like I've been saying if you are not in the market for a ruggedised phone then this post is not for you.

        • +3

          Apparently you can put a price on build quality and it turns out the average consumer believes that it is very very little .

          • +1

            @troyww: That's it hey :/
            I guess that's why everything's built to a price these days rather than being built to last.

        • +1

          Build quality means nothing these days.

    • Comparison with Nokia 8.3 5G as an alternative for people to consider:

      I can't see the 8.3 5G on Nokia's Amazon store but can see that brick and mortar stores are still selling these.
      Also worth noting that OS support expires on the Nokia 8.3 5G approximately September 2022 and security updates 12 months later.

  • +1

    Think I stick with my Nokia 5510😄

  • +2

    Sorry to say even the POCO X3 I had bought earlier this year seems to be a lot better specs wise in many areas, and is a lot cheaper too! The chipset and the internal memory and storage are poor for that price point, and they are some of the most important when it comes to performance. This is a low to middling phone selling at the higher end price bracket.

    • -4

      Bear in mind the Xiaomei Poco X3 is a chinese designed, engineered and built phone that isn't competing in the same ruggedised/tradie segment.

      • I don't know why you would mention Chinese designed which isn't a factor when considering a phone on its own merits. If it's ruggedness you're seeking, even this looks like it's better value - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003216750976.html?spm=a2...

        • -1

          Not to mention HMD Nokia actually uses Foxconn in China to do a lot of the work for their phones, not necessarily design, but a lot of the rest.

          Wardog is out of touch.

          • @adrianhughes1998: Their phones like most are built in China yes, but anyone "in touch" with the manufacture of equipment will tell you that engineering costs are far more expensive outside of China to within China…

            Out of touch, try working in the communications manufacturing industry and then get back to me. I'm speaking from personal experience in design and manufacture of two way communications equipment for a major Australian manufacturer. Including the use of milspec equipment and having our equipment tested for IP68 rating. You're speaking from what?

          • @adrianhughes1998: Foxconn is a Taiwanese manufacturer not Chinese (as in China).

        • Good luck getting a warranty on that even if the phone did turn out to meet the spec it claimed. If you were in the market for a ruggedized phone and didn't want to pay local prices your still likely be better off buying a reputable phone from another country. I definately wouldn't recommend that after my own experience though! Ha!

          • @wardog: my nokia 7.1 fell in water during warranty period …had fogging in camera and wouldnt turn on, ..nokia fixed it ….

            • @garage sale: A deals website should compare deals purely on the products merit, which can include quality, price and specs. The manufacturing country in and of itself isn't grounds for discrimination when we are comparing deals. This isn't MAGA or a left wing forum, so I would encourage those with personal bias to keep them in check. A good person of science is grounded in objectivity, not the opposite. An engineer of all people would appreciate that the design language is universal.

              p.s. I'm replying to the thread, not sure why it addressed commentator above me lol. Sorry about that.

    • I dare you to drop that from 1.8m up. It can be good every own drop test ☺️

  • I like the rugged build quality. I like the accessory loop, I can think of a few uses for that. And the custom assignable button at top, very nice. More phones should have custom buttons you can map to whatever you like.

    Definitely this phone is on my list. I won't buy Samsung again, I hate the bloatware. I don't want a Chinese brand phone either. Wish I could move away from Google and Apple for the OS too, I don't trust them either.

    Cinema mode on the Nokia camera looks fun. I might have to get this or the Nokia 8.3. I don't care about "OS updates", they don't matter if everything works. Security updates are a gimmick, as the vast majority of attack vectors are via apps, or your own stupidity in clicking a link you shouldn't have clicked.

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