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Telstra Day: Samsung - Galaxy S21 128GB $624, 256GB $672 | S20 FE 5G $699.30 | A32 $336 (Account Req.)


Telstra Day – our monthly one-day sale event where we offer unreal deals on a great range of products – is back once again. Here’s what’s on offer this time around.

Edit: Full list of deals now in title/on Telstra Exchange, iPhone and iPad deals also live, wouldn't fit in the title!

Mod: Removed S21 Ultra 128GB $1293.60, 256GB $1360.80 Duplicate from title.

Mod: All Telstra Day Deal Posts

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    Is this locked to Telstra network?

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      Do carriers even do that anymore?

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        Yes, but usually only on prepaid devices under ~$200.

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    Outright or does it have to be attached to a plan?

    • possibly same like last month.

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        You can purchase outright or attach to your Telstra account/plan over 24 months. :)

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          Great Post, Thanks Luke!
          I have an important question for anyone also interested in the monthly installment for the handset please. Can you kindly confirm if I attached it to my existing Telstra AC for 24 mthly equal repayments with No new plans added just hardware for the S21 256Gb and if we decided months later to migrate my account to another telco for any reasons; we will I be paying out the Remainder of the $672 Owing Only; OR is Telstra is going to be "Sneaky" and slug us all with the full recommended retail price $1344/1349 instead, just because we choose to payout in 24xmonthly installment instead of outright now at $672???

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          Hi OP, could you please clarify the outright purchase option? I read that as you just pay for the phone and then own it/use it with whatever carrier you want, whereas the Telstra website on the S21 product page says "Outright purchases are only available with eligible plans". Thanks.

          • @Mr Buggles: If it’s anything like last time, you can checkout without adding a plan even though the terms and conditions said you needed to add a plan. I think that people did need to be existing customers though.

            • @em: Great, thanks for the reply em :)

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          "Was $1,248. Save 50% off RRP when you add to an eligible Mobile plan." You only get the deal IF you sign up to a Telstra plan

        • +1

          in the fine print under the phones showing as early sneak peak, it says you have to add a plan to get the 50% off the S21 outright or % off the other 2 shown so far. I don't have any Telstra products or account, but I can either go in store or ring up (I live in Penrith, NSW) to get the deal? Do I need an account for that?

        • Getting error message at checkout

          Scheduled Maintenance
          We're carrying out some updates to our shop. Please try again in a couple of hours.

        • doesn't let me buy outright, says need a plan

          • @wanderingeyesau: I just went to it, clicked on outright, then went down the bottom and clicked "Next" and it went straight to checkout without needing to select a plan.

            • @MrFunSocks: Many have tried that but have been unsuccessful. One guy was even accused of fraud trying to buy.

              "Add to cart > Payment > Payment details are incorrect > Try to update details > Payment system is down > You've now been flagged for fraud."

        • When i went to buy it outright, it prompts me to choose a plan

  • +2

    Any deals for S21+ or Ultra?

    • The only info so far is in the link.

      • +47

        Our link will be updated first thing Thursday morning. I stay up late for y'all to get the good deals. :)

        • +1

          +1 Also looking forward to Ultra deals :)

        • +1

          Can you please push for ultra to be offered.

        • +1

          +1 for ultra please… :)

        • +2

          +1 for OPPO find X3 pro please

        • +2

          Is Thursday morning at 12:01am or business hours from 9am?

        • +2

          +1 for ultra :)

        • +1

          great job luke.

        • hows about a deal on performance tablets, eg Galaxy Tab S7+ or similar device with 120hz screen

          • +1

            @payton: Yeh I need a new tablet! +1

        • is it only one day offer? what is the min cost for a mobile plan to qualify? Thanks.

          • @amorn: yes, only 1 day

          • @amorn: It looks like $55pm is the cheapest plan to qualify but I'm happy to be corrected.

        • Any idea of what time? The little things in Lockdown excite me!

        • Is that 12.01am Sydney time?

        • Getting errors

          Scheduled Maintenance
          We're carrying out some updates to our shop. Please try again in a couple of hours.

        • how absolutely disgraceful. Suggesting people to stay up late etc and Telstra website no even updating, coming up with an error message saying come back in a couple of hours. While people are staying up to try and get this deal way past the time they really should be awake, losing sleep just to try and save some money. 100% not your fault Luke but it's your name on this post.

    • +14

      Ask and you shall receive: there's an S21 Ultra offer coming at midnight. Don't say I never do anything for you! Check Telstra Exchange at midnight for full details. :)

      • +1

        Any more detail on this?

      • Legend

      • -1

        Where is the s1 ultra deal?

        • +1

          Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB Silver $1,293.60 and 256GB Black $1,360.80 (30% off) Delivered

          • @Bafranz: Ahhh where I can access those deals try to click the link I couldn't get it.

            • +1

              @Femelo: Available when Telstra updates the store at 12:01am in under an hour

                • @Femelo: Iam already a telstra member can I add to my plan or do I need a new one?

  • +31

    If we can't have an end to lockdowns, at least we can buy a new doom-scrolling machine.

  • +6

    This is too good to be true, S21 at half price? really?

    • +17

      Believe it!

      • +3

        S21 Ultra deals coming soon?

      • Will it be super hard like everyone click at t-0 and everyone misses out?

      • Can u use telstra points to claim this?

      • Hey Luke,
        Do you know if the Samsung Galaxy A52s will be on offer? It was unveiled a few weeks ago. I believe it's meant to be AUD $699 RRP. Or do you know when you guys will get that in stock?

        If that one is available, I'd be very stoked and upgrade the whole family. Even if it's priced higher, but still on a discount (eg $450), that's still a great price for us Australians on a Budget. Perhaps you can relay this information upstream to your bosses.

        Cheers for the post!

    • +32

      It shows just how badly the S21 has sold. It's massively tanked. And if the S22 rumours are anything to go by it will only get worse. I can only imagine how much of a bloodbath it would have been had Huawei not by banned from dealing with any US firms.

      • +12

        S21 sales down 20%, but at this price great phone for anyone looking to upgrade

      • +10

        And the S21 just… isn't that good. On paper it seems alright, but when I "upgraded" to it from a S20 FE I experienced so many random bugs. Android Auto especially, but also graphical bugs when scrolling a page with video, weird auto-backlight behaviour and apps just outright crashing.

        I switched to a Google Pixel 3 when they were on fire sales a few months back and have barely any bugs. Samsung must've really rushed the software development on the S21 series…

        • +15

          I have had my S21 for about 6 months and had none of those issues, maybe you got a dud or I got lucky…

          Can't go wrong if you get S21 on a good deal though, I paid about $420 with a trade in of my old phone (which I paid bugger all for), so it turned out OK.

        • +3

          but also graphical bugs when scrolling a page with video, weird auto-backlight behaviour and apps just outright crashing.

          I haven't experienced any of that whatsoever. No graphical bugs, no auto backlight problems, no crashing apps. I've had it since launch and am a reasonably heavy user.

        • Oh man i'm currently experiencing those graphical bugs and its bugging me so much. Do you think it's covered under warranty?

      • +11

        It shows just how badly the S21 has sold.

        I don't think the S21 has sold badly, the news articles that say this haven't followed the trends.

        Look at the graph: https://www.gsmarena.com/report_sales_of_samsung_galaxy_s21_…

        Each subsequent Galaxy generation has sold more poorly than the previous for many generations now. The S21 is worse than the S20, which is worse than the S10…etc.

        Essentially, Galaxy sales are driven by high-end markets, i.e. richer countries. In these countries, Apple is increasing their market share.


        The statistics tell the story. In 2019, the Android/Apple split was 64% / 36%. In 2021, it is now 55% / 45%. It's clearly trending towards iOS taking the crown for the first time at some point soon. You can really see the shift happening after the iPhone X.

        Apple has listened more to consumers, they have more options, better features, the OS has greatly improved - even though I've always used Android (never owned an iPhone), I would consider an iPhone in future. I never would have a few years ago.

        I can only imagine how much of a bloodbath it would have been had Huawei not by banned from dealing with any US firms.I can only imagine how much of a bloodbath it would have been had Huawei not by banned from dealing with any US firms.

        I basically think of other Android competitors, e.g. Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi…etc. practically irrelevant in Australia. Oppo might have some low-end market share, but the battle is really Apple vs. Samsung and Samsung has lost share to Apple.


        • I don't think the S21 has sold badly, the news articles that say this haven't followed the trends.

          Each subsequent Galaxy generation has sold more poorly than the previous for many generations now. The S21 is worse than the S20, which is worse than the S10…etc.

          So wouldn't that mean the above comment is correct in stating that it has sold badly?
          And given the trend you've quoted each subsequent model is likely to sell less than the previous, hence sales getting worse ie. selling badly

          Might also explain their gradual move to a semi-walled ecosystem, hoping they can lock in users (eg. some Watch & Buds features only working with Galaxy phones).
          Though I don't see that working for Samsung, like it has for Apple.

          • +5


            So wouldn't that mean the above comment is correct in stating that it has sold badly?

            No, whether something sells well or badly is how it compares to expectations.

            If you believe you will sell 100 units, but you end up selling 70, then the product sold badly. If you end up selling 120, then the product sold well.

            My point is that by most metrics, the Galaxy S21 series has sold pretty much about what the trends suggested it would sell, or in other words, it's an average performer.

            The entire market for Android phones has shrunk and you have to take that into account.

            • +2

              @p1 ama: Ah gotcha, seems I misunderstood your initial post.
              Thanks for the explanation, that helps clear it up for me.

    • -3

      I got one for $540 direct from Samsung a few months back, it was a lot of work getting all the codes though

      • +2

        I am trying to understand the negative votes (honestly), since this looks like a good deal (if not for Exynos, I'd have bought it already).

        You negged it because you got a better price in the past?
        I believe that by this measure, about 90% of the deals on ozb would be negged?
        Especially the usual suspects, like qc35, xm3/4, airpods, etc.

        Was that the only reason or is there something that I am missing? Thanks.

        • +2

          The Exynos in the S21 is fine, essentially no performance difference to the Snapdragon version unless you're a "hardcore phone gamer". The SD888 in the S21 Snapdragon is bad too, heats up and throttles very quickly.

          • @MrFunSocks: I was more concerned about camera quality and battery life, rather than performance really.
            But this was just based off some random comments, so I might do some proper research then.
            Thank you.

          • @MrFunSocks: Just found a video from Mrwhosetheboss comparing both processors on the S21 Ultra, which would have the same processor as the S21.


            Battery: draw
            Photos: much better on SD888.
            Performance: much better on SD888 (19%) due to Exynos overheating. Got to the point where the Exynos performance became comparable to the S10 (SD855), which is the one I have.

            So I'd be paying $650 or so for a better refresh rate pretty much (no 5G on my plan).

            I'll pass.

            • @l o l: Running repeated benchmark stress tests are pointless because that's not how anyone uses their phones. On your S10 comment, you're comparing peak benchmark to thermal throttled benchmark. Run the same benchmarks 5 times on your S10 and its performance will drop significantly, meaning the S21 is still significantly ahead.

              The camera is the same every year - snapdragon version is better at launch, but the exynos camera gets updated more and quite quickly to be equal or better.

              The S21 Ultra is a much better phone than an S10. Like it's not even close. Take it from someone that has an S10e and a S21 Ultra. And before you say I'm biased because I own one, I use an iPhone as my daily. I just buy lots of phones haha.

              It's got significantly better cameras than your S10. Significantly better battery. Significantly better screen. Significantly more powerful. The difference between the snapdragon and exynos versions to the average user is zero.

        • +1

          No I negged it at 3am after giving up on trying to purchase, like many others, because their system doesn't work.

  • Sounds like some good deals coming in. Please take screenshots!

  • +12

    No expandable memory on this one. Bummer.

    • +15

      At this price not a big deal to go up to 256GB

      • I can't go down from my S10's 1TB… though I've only used half of it I couldn't deal with 256GB - good price though, for sure

        • +3

          What do you store on your phone to require 1tb of storage, out of curiosity?

          • @wombat81: I went for this one more for the step-up to 12GB from 8GB, and given the price at that time for the extra 512GB MicroSD over the lower phone's 512GB internal, it just made sense (got the Samsung staff discount at that time so the difference was not so bad).
            I don't use the whole amount, but it's the "not having to worry about space and moving files around", which is the big plus for me.
            256GB wouldn't cut it, I don't cloud anything, cheap low-data plan

            • @Cheapkiwi: Yeah but what is it all? Music? Movies? I know this isn't what you want to hear, but you really do need to get all your stuff onto the cloud eventually. SD cards fail. Data will become even cheaper. Technology changes whether you like it or not. You have to change too, eventually.

              • @wombat81: yeh, music, movies, and photos I'll probably never look at again - it's nice to not have to worry about making room

          • +3

            @wombat81: it starts with p and ends with orn

    • +14

      Have a plus vote don't worry about these sd card nazis.

      My s20 will be the last Samsung phone i buy unless they reverse their sd card policy.

      Probably go Poco or some other brand next.

      • +1

        I have an S21 ultra 128GB because it was given to me from work. But I am in a similar position as you. My next phone will have an SD card in it, especially with 4K video - I could fill up my entire storage eith a dozen videos. (I have default storage set to 1080p, good enough for me).

        In saying that what the S21 has taught me is to be smarter with my storage backup options. I use Onesync with my 1tb OneDrive subscription and have everything backed up nicely. I found that with such huge storage on a microSD card I would get lazy with it.

        • +3

          Not that I need the space as I have a Note 10 Plus 512gb 5G version plus a 512gb sdcard but I use an Android app that is free called CX File Explorer as it allows you to link multiple cloud companies and more then one from the same cloud company so one can link multiple Google drives and/or link multiple Onedrives etc as an example


          otherwise another option (I have both options as more backups of backups just to be safe spread over different cloud companies) to use an awesome cloud service called Degoo which offers 100gb of free storage and actually the Android App for Degoo is great and well thought out and hardly any ads


          So 256gb on a mobile is enough if one uses above options

          • @Italkdigital: Thanks for those, never heard of degoo but i found terabox for free space

            • @petitejam: Are both of these free space are quite "secure"? Thanks

              • @Bargain-er: If you mean degoo and terabox, i'd avoid tbh.

                If you really want to go with 1 of them, go with terabox

                • @bisaya: Yea, sounds too good to be true with all you can get free space but who knows. Even eufy got its problem with their security.

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