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[Back Order] Crucial P5 1TB 3D NVMe M.2 SSD $157.43 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Apparently has similar performance to a Samsung 980.

In stock from Nov 4th but says delivery from 27 Oct - 15 Nov so might come in a bit earlier?

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Compatible with PS5?

    • +1

      P5 Plus is, the P5 is not.

      • Firmware update might fix this?

        • Took me awhile to find out what gen the p5 is.
          This is only gen3 so the ps5 operating system will stop you from using it.
          The speeds also are really low(which might be a give away?)

          I did buy the 1tb Aorus from shopping express awhile ago for a little over $200

          The gigabyte AG41TB, while not listed as a ps5 compatible product did work for me.
          I got impatient waiting for a delayed heat sink and installed it straight away.
          The read speed for that one came just over 5600.

          Just waiting for the heat sink now.

        • No. P5 uses DM01B2 controller, whereas P5 Plus uses DM02A1 controller (basically a newer gen controller).
          PS5 supporting PCIe gen 3 NVMe SSDs in firmware is very unlikely because there are too many el cheapo, low grade PCIe gen 3 SSDs and the way Sony does the check is a simple check. Creating a whitelist or blacklist in the firmware is too much hassle.

          With PCIe gen 5 set to be introduced next year, there is really no incentive to enable support for PCIe gen 3 in PS5. Hopefully, PCIe gen 5 SSDs will push the price of PCIe gen 4 SSDs down. PCIe gen 4 SSD makers really need to thank Sony for helping them sell gen 4 SSDs.

          If the cheapest SSD for PS5 is what you are after and you don't mind running a below recommended spec SSD, then look for SN750 SE. It was cheaper than P5: $144.30

  • +1

    Solid Discount on Gen 3 product.

    Gen 4 selling for $228.21

    Gen 4 P5 Plus here:


  • expired? it shows cheapest price:$163.68 from Amazon UK

    is this comparable with Firecuda 510? (I get around 3500/2500 as I remember on 500 GB)

    • Still showing $157.43 for me.

      • now it is fixed by mod :D

  • +1

    I'd be kinda worried Crucial don't do a switch-a-roo to QLC NAND on this like they apparently did with the P2

    • I doubt they'd do that on their mid-range option.

      • +1

        I wouldn't be surprised if they did it on this and when the controversy hits tell everyone to get the P5 Plus.

        Like WD with Red and Red Plus.

        • I'm genuinely considering copping a 2TB SSD now even though I don't need it RIGHT now just because I'm worried by the time the prices go down every SSD is now using 5 bit per cell NAND, with god awful controllers.

          • @Void: PLC (5 bit per cell NAND) SSDs probably not going to be available until 2025.


            The 2TB P5, price wise isn't worthwhile, because if we use XLR8 CS3040's deal as a benchmark, 2TB P5 is asking for more than CS3040 (PCIe gen 4 SSD) when it was discounted. Right now, SSD makers know people want 2TB SSDs so it is less likely they run a special on those.

            • @netsurfer: Could a deal like that come back in the foreseeable future? I've been searching for a month now and haven't found anything better than the $299 KC2500 and $301 Crucial P5. There's always the $369.99 US70 but I couldn't see myself spending $70 extra for marginally better performance, especially when my current board doesn't even have Gen 4.

  • Is crucial the go to brand for quality, reliable but reasonably priced? How is it to WD, Samsung?

    • With computer items, it's best to look at model as well as the brand. Samsung, WD and Crucial (Micron) are big SSD makers. However, not all their SSDs are great. For example, Samsung had the infamous 840 and 840 EVO slow old data read issue and their 950 Pro (first gen consumer NVMe) has a slightly higher failure rate. WD is switching NAND for their WD Blue SN530, so the new batch now has much inferior NAND.

      I don't have this particular SSD, so I really cannot commend on P5. I have Samsung, Crucial, and WD SSDs, but as mentioned before, the model is quite important.

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