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20% off Lenovo @ eBay (IdeaPad Gaming 3 $1743.20, Legion 5 Pro 3050ti $1919.20, Legion 5i 3060 $2175.20, Legion 5 3050 $1631.20)


Lenovo will be having another ebay sale starting tomorrow morning 10am AEDT.

Negotiated some deals with the Lenovo rep including the lowest price for the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3.

Pay with discounted ebay gift cards for further savings.

Some deals -

Full T&Cs -

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00AM (AEDT) on 18 October 2021 and is available for a limited time only (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
Conditions. This offer entitles you to 20% off the pre-coupon purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).
“Eligible Items” means items listed at Lenovo Australia on eBay.com.au where a link to these terms and conditions and the coupon redemption code LENV20 is found in the item listing, or the item appears in the following URL:

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  • +2

    can u help with lenovo x1 yoga gen 6
    (i7, 16gb ram, 512 ssd pcie4.0, AR/AS monitor, 4year on site support, 3year battery add on)

    many thanks

    • +2

      This one? Only 3 years onsite though. Price less 20% tomorrow.

      • Since I dun need the 5G WWAN, how about this one ? If this one also 20% off? Can you make it to 3yr onsite support including battery replacement? If with 20% off, this is a bit cheaper than the Edu. Store. A real bargain.

  • +6

    For those who are aiming for ideapad gaming 3, please note that RAM is 1X16G stick. You can swap it for 2X8 or just add another 8G or 16G later.

    • +1

      Can you really use an 8gb stick with a 16gb? I didnt think this was compatible.

      • +2

        I don't have a problem running 16 + 8 as long as timings align

        have been doing it in 3 or 4 different models in a row, no issues

      • It works but only the first 16gbnis dual channel, the mismatched 8gb on the second stick doesn't benefit from dual channel.

    • +3

      This IDEAPAD GAMING has a thermal cooling problem, I have reported it in Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lenovo/comments/pyf9bx

  • Can anyone suggest one for office use? No games necessary, just zoom, teams, excel, maybe some heavy browsing.

    • +8

      Thinkpad T series or X1 carbon

      • +5

        +1 for the X1 carbon.. Light but solid performance

      • +2

        Thanks! Are they not overkill?

        I was expecting something sub 1000.

        • +1

          Ideapad Slim 5 would work well IMO, although still not under $1k.

      • X1 carbon or Yoga 9i? I'm also after just office day to day with the odd occasion video processing

    • Thinkpad E14 Gen 3 from education store, $863, add 8GB RAM and clean install Windows 11.

  • Noob question…. From a gaming performance pov (not physical appearance, style or weight of laptop)… What's the difference between the legion 5i with 3060 compare to the gaming 3 with 3060? (I guess the i7 vs Ryzen 7?)

    • +5

      RTX 3060: 130W (Legion 5) vs 90W (Ideapad Gaming) Probably appr. 10% difference


      In the video it is 130W vs 95W but still shows you an image about the difference.

      Also Legion support MUX switch which can only use the RTX 3060 to power the display.

      • +6

        Also Legion support MUX switch which can only use the RTX 3060 to power the display.

        Not sure if you've misunderstood what a MUX does or this is poorly phrased
        If there's no MUX, the dedicated GPU needs to be routed through the CPU which adds overhead (or the dGPU is connected directly to the screen and there is no integrated graphics)
        A MUX switches between integrated and dedicated graphics with direct connection to the screen so gives the best performance but still has the integrated GPU to save battery when not gaming

        • So if I intend to connect the laptop to an external ultra wide screen, having one with MUX will make a big difference?

          • +2

            @wippy: A MUX makes a difference with the inbuilt laptop's screen.
            The HDMI and DisplayPort are generally directly connected to the GPU (i.e. best performance but you can't run integrated graphics on the external monitor) though I've heard some laptop that use the integrated GPU on some of their video out ports though I don't think it's common.
            I'm not sure if there are laptops that have MUX switch connected to the video output ports

            • @FireRunner: Thanks guys for the schooling…. I'll probably regret it but for the time being I think I'll save the$400 for a up to 10% hit in performance….

              JB had the Asus tuf with a 3070 for $2.1k but was only available in store in Canberra (and now no longer listed on the site)… Feel like I missed out on a good deal on that one

              • @wippy: The TDP of that Asus tuf is fairly low from memory. In some cases a 3060 with a high TDP (like 130W) will equal the performance of a low TDP 3070. It makes the whole GPU situation even more confusing.

                • @twisti: Thanks @twisti

                  I haven't game on PC for so long and it's one of the reason why I've prefer to game on console for the past few generation where hardware is consistent (admittedly at lower specs overall compare to PC but you know everyone have the same experience and I don't get FOMO)

                  But just got an ultra wide monitor and thought to get back into PC gaming

  • +4

    Mild panic because I ordered my father in law a laptop on the Lenovo edu store last night. Luckily nothing here looks to be a better deal.

    • +10

      Thanks for letting us know

    • +2

      Yea so lucky. Could you imagine what father would've said if he knew that he didn't get the cheapest laptop.

      • +6

        F me I guess, insane to think that people on OzBargain might feel the same way about deals that I do.

    • +3

      Yeah to be honest education store with educomm code is probably the best anyway

      Some Lenovo models on the main site are 25% off with LBLENOVO code but that's only the yoga pro/slim and some others

  • Looking at the legion 5 Pro, its costs 1/2 as much as a MBP and perform better. So much more VFM.

    • +8

      This will age well in 2 days

      • You can always buy one more laptop in 3 years time in the saved money. Which will be much more faster and better than todays laptops.

        • +3

          I am in the process of buying a legion 5 pro Ryzen 7 RTX 3070 (if it ever becomes available, 8 weeks kiddies!) because I wanted a gaming laptop. Not in this sale either. Horses for courses is very important, and you would not buy an MBP for gaming.

          But I suspect that Apple laptops will outrun intel ones in raw performance for the next few years after Tuesday. That is even before taking into account the MBP screen (mini LED by all accounts and probably as bright if not brighter than the already very bright and great Lenovo screen), and the MBP will weigh considerably less while the battery will last multiples longer.

          I think the question on Tuesday will be, did Apple make its new SOC as fast as it could, or as fast as it needed to be?

          • @entropysbane: I am also waiting to see how that performs. It has 8 perf cores, but will the single threaded performance be as good? Also even though ADL might be good, its also built on 10nm intel process and will be power hungry. The M2X next year if they release one will be on the 3nm process and might be much more power efficient. I am more interested in seeing how fast the machine compiles code compared to intel ADL. If its as fast, I think most people on older macs will jump ship to newer ones.

  • They never put their gaming 'tower' on ebay

  • +2

    I've used the promo URL for the OP link.

    Link to see what's in the store now.

  • No L14 by the look of it. Anyone know of a good deal on something that'll take two 32GB SODIMMs?

    • 64 GB ram wowww. What are you trying to do man on your pc. Take over the world?

      • Software development. One of the servers I work on has to keep user's data in memory to meet performance requirements.

        • Ooo thanks for sharing. I could probably ozbargain twice as hard / fast with that much Powah

  • Really wish their 43 inch monitor was included here.

  • +3

    Any chance of a Legion with a RTX 3070 deal?

    • +1

      Yep thats what ive wanting

    • Same here

    • No stock.

      • +1

        thanks for the confirmation, saves me from holding my breath

  • I bought Alienware 2 days ago in JB hifi, it has a discount atm. Ryzen 7 5800H, 16 ram, 512 G, 3060 model cost $22xx. Don't know which one is better between alien and 5i but similar price and performance

    • -2

      11th gen i5 is quite a bit better than a 5800H, like 20-30%?


      • Depends on the workload
        Ryzen better in some and better on battery

      • Read the question again mate, he's not asking about intel.

        Also you compared a desktop cpu against a laptop cpu and using a well know biased website to do so.

      • Wow. Desktop Intel beats laptop Ryzen. You could probably find a benchmark where a laptop Intel beats a laptop Ryzen but only where the testers test the Intel laptop with 1kg heat sink

      • +1

        Man it's embarrassing when a 95W desktop i5-11600K is only 21% faster than a 45W mobile 5800H even with how much userbenchmark sucks up to Intel.

        Alder lake can't come quick enough

    • We know userbenchmark is biased and generally favors intel. There isn't any benchmark on 11600H so the next one up is 11800H (so once again, there is even more bias towards intel) so do take a chunk off the Intel result since it is 11600H not 11800H.


      However, there is a slight twist to it. If the laptop maker does its job properly and try not to save cost, 11th gen intel mobile CPU supports PCIe gen 4 (and thunderbolt 4), so laptop makers could put a PCIe gen 4 SSD in the laptop (which looks like Lenovo did that). However, Lenovo has opted to go for the cheaper Thunderbolt 3 option (which means the Thunderbolt port is PCIe gen 3, but even so, that's still better than USB 3.1/3.2 gen 2). For some reason, AMD didn't go for the kill and support PCIe gen 4 for 5800H. The annoying USB-C/Alt-mode/DP issue appears to be addressed in the Intel embedded GPU, but in this case, it is not an issue due to it has a nVidia GPU included.

      Intel knows that for their desktop CPUs, currently it is a lost cause to salvage it with their current lineup. Mobile CPUs is a market Intel is trying its best to defend.

      Realistically though, I wouldn't worry too much. That CPU difference isn't something one would really care (if you really care about raw CPU power, get a desktop (or maybe have a look at M1X, which is most likely going to be introduced next Tuesday by Apple). Given GPU is the same and Thunderbolt 3 devices cost way too much, either laptop is fine.

      Lastly, there is the Windows 11 factor. Microsoft needs to fix the AMD CPU issue fast and is Intel's big.LITTLE setup for their next gen CPUs really going to make any difference? M1 is already scary and M1X is coming. AMD's next gen CPUs look formidable too. PCIe gen 5 won't save intel because it is doubtful Intel would be ready to go full PCIe gen 5 so the chipset would most likely be PCIe gen 4 still.

  • +1

    Are the education store deals better value than this one, assuming you have access?

    • i m looking at X1 yoga gen 6, and yes it is. as saidn with the code EDUCOMM

  • +1

    Any chance of the Thunderbolt docks going on sale?

  • Bot, any deals on ThinkPad E15 AMD?

  • Hopefully will get some better deals in just over a month in the Blcok Friday/Cyber Monday sales..

  • Waiting for black Friday Dell Monitor deals. Hopefully best deals will get from that

    • Best scenario will be the same prices as September.

      • June/July price would be best ever so far. September price still okay.

  • My Lenovo v330 just over 3yrs die today, unable to powerup. How long your Lenovo laptop last for you all?
    Thinking of just get a budget.

    • Get the e series. Can get same specs and still decent build quality but better VFM.

  • +6

    Pay with discounted ebay gift cards for further savings.

    Before anyone gets too excited and buys $2,000 worth of eBay gift cards to for a Legion 5 Pro, don't forget the eBay gift card terms and conditions:

    • No more than a total of $1,500 in eBay gift cards may be redeemed per transaction.
    • No more than a total of $2,000 in eBay gift cards may be redeemed per day.
    • No more than a total of $5,000 in eBay gift cards may be redeemed per calendar month.
    • You may only redeem a maximum of eight eBay gift cards in any single transaction (and fewer if you are redeeming eBay gift cards in combination with other redemption codes, such as coupons or vouchers). For this deal, you can only redeem a maximum of seven gift cards in conjunction with the coupon in the OP's post.
  • No tablet deals just laptops?

  • +3

    What everyone's thought on the Legion 5i for the price?

  • +3

    I would like to comment on Lenovo 3 year warranty on my X1 carbon yoga Gen3 laptop. I bought it 3 years ago. fingerprint sensor stopped working. I didn't bother to get it fix but there was 1 month left for warranty to expire. I sent it for repair. It was very quick and professional support. I guess it's a special support business laptops. They said replacement fingerprint sensor card might take more than 20 days to order from overseas. They offered me refund after 3 years usage. Of course I was very happy with that. I got refund with no hassle after 3 years. However, I bought a LG gram laptop now:( Lenovo business laptop support is great service.It's definitely worth it.

    • Why did you buy a LG gram over the Lenovo

      • LG brand sounds a bit odd for laptop brand but they manufactured the lightest 16" laptop (1.2kg). Build quality is not bad. Only keyboard has a bit different feeling, it feels like abit old school mechanical keyboard but overall it's a good portable 16" laptop. It is quite pricey though, however, JB HIFI had sale on it recently. I also got another %5 discount by calling JB HIFI. I paid $1900 all up . I think it's good deal .

    • Refund on warranty or laptop lol or just the sensor

  • Any ideas on two in one for primary school kid use?

  • Does anyone have any recommendations on a laptop for student?

    From a bit of basic research, it seems the ideapad 5 over the ideapad 3 due to build quality and features, currently deciding between amd vs intel 11th gen.

    • +1

      Just a couple of thoughts.

      If it is for basic schoolwork , I'd buy on price rather than a particular band of processer. If it is for gaming as well , then that's something else.

      On Lenovo's Education portal you could get a Slim 5 for as low as $800. ( Use EDUCOMM at checkout) . Thinkpad E from $863.

  • +3

    Just to add in here JB is having 15% off Lenovo, Asus & MSI computers, some exclusions PC Gaming, Chromebooks, Lenovo 81X10024AU, 81W10096AU, ASUS E410MA-EK005TS & TM420UA-EC086T ends 25/10.

    20% off Lenovo Monitors
    20% off Lenovo, HP & Asus Chromebooks
    Starts 21/10.

    • Make sure you check the JB stock on lenovo. I couldn't really see any decent gaming laptops on there.

      • I'm not in the market for a laptop, just put it there as another option for people.

  • Is there a way to pay for Lenovo (in-home) warranty for https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/393388976074

  • +1

    Is the code working for anyone?

    I keep getting

    Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

    Trying to get https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/234232009112?hash=item368950d198...

  • +2

    "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again." - not working for me

  • +3

    Same here - not working
    Does it normally take a while for ebay deals to activate?

    • Does it normally take a while for ebay deals to activate?

      Wouldn't have thought so. Would've thought that you could schedule it….. unless someone scheduled for 10pm instead of 10am.

  • +2

    Its working now!

  • +3

    working now - gogo!

  • Is it worth waiting for black Friday sales next month?

    • It would be much of a much tbh, 20% is usually the ongoing rate unless they have a further discount on a runout model. So it depends on what are you after.

  • Does the Lenovo Legion 5i - Intel Core i7-11600H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX 3060 165Hz come in black?

    • I don't think so. I am pretty sure its the Stingray variant.

  • Prices on the edu store are lower than this for a lot of laptops. Atleast for the ultrabooks.

  • Any reviews or experiences on the ThinkVision Lenovo T32p-20 4k IPS monitor?? Seems ok at ~$632

  • I have just bought this deal and waiting for delivery. Really did not have much time to think about this deal before I made the move, originally I was going to look deals in Black Friday time. I hope this deal would not fail me in anyway. I bought Lenovo thinkpad E2 at last year Black Friday deal for my child and this one will replace my discarded broken Lenovo at earlier this year, but I never played any games on laptop, don’t know how good it will performance in gaming. I do have one Dell desktop which had rtx3060 with intel i7.

  • Anyone had their order posted yet? Haven't had an update and ordered on Monday.

    Edit - Spoke too soon, just got a notification about it.

  • Posted on 18 Oct and said arrival on 25 Oct next Monday

    • Just got a notification now about it being processed. Expected to be shipped tomorrow and arrive on the 29th.

    • I received my delivery today. Horace

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