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PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 XT Red Devil OC 16GB RDNA 2 Graphics Card $1899 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Hi everyone.
Not often a 6800xt under $2000 these days. With positive reviews from Hardware Unboxed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk20IzZN-xk).

I'm on the fence about it. But I guess you can't get the performance at a lower price at the moment.


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      No, 3080 are more expensive.

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    Shit these prices are crazy still. GPUs are not worth this much money. I guess if you're absolutely desperate with no GPU buying a low end (selling after) and waiting for a high end GPU come down in price wouldn't really save money.

  • What's a 2080Ti going for second hand these days?

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      About $1300-$1500 according to eBay sold listings

      • +3

        So same price as what I bought mine new….. interesting….

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          As in, you could buy more beer if you sold it?

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    with prices like this, makes me wonder how valuable HHR cards vs LHR cards are now

    • FHR 3060ti and 3070 $1600 min. FHR 3080 $2400 min. Depends on where you sell

      • Where's the best place to sell a FHR 3080 for $2400?

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      Sold my HHR 3070 for 1800. Bought a 6900 xt got 2k lol

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      You can dual mine on LHR card now. 30% eth, 70% rvn/ergo/cfx. I see little value buying non-LHR unless you wish to solely mine ETH to hold. Otherwise rvn and ergo is usually more profitable daily than ETH and don't need to worry about high gas fees

      • The issue is power draw and efficiency.

        The LHR cards take 50W more juice for lower mining performance. (120W for the 3070 compared to the 170W of the 3070Ti)

        That doesn't sound like much, but if you were to by 4 cards for a small mining rig, you're looking at an extra 200W which is a lot of extra power draw (and a higher electricity bill assuming you don't have spare solar capacity)

        You might even be forced to buy a higher capacity (and more expensive) PSU, further eroding earnings.

        On the other hand, if paying a bit extra for the hardware and electricity isn't an issue, then yeah, just buy a LHR card.

  • -2

    I remember seeing preorders on release for these cards around 999 give or take 100 for xt and non xt

    • +3

      nah, $1200 for non ref card was cheapest you could get, even then, there were like 5 of them
      $1400-500 was more doable

    • Not for these cards you didn't. cheap non XT for these was around 1100 (I got one).

  • +2

    if you prefer MSI & $1799 instead of the stock higher speeds


    • -3

      As if anyone prefers MSI…

      But for $100 cheaper though it's probably the better buy.

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    Wow, GPU prices are still going up… You have to wonder when that finally stops.

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      When people stop buying them at high prices and demand for item drops… Not just in mining but in general..until then if manufacturer and retailers see customers are willing to pay these prices they have no incentive to change the status quo…

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        Agree. From the Hardware Unboxed review they said that the release price was $800USD (approx $1070AUD). That's nearly a $800 difference… I want this card, but can't justify paying that much to upgrade from a rtx 2080super

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          Not really worth it no… But at the moment you can get a fair bit of money for your 2080S so it could be ok if the difference between Ur sell price and this buy price is worth the up tick in performance…. 🤷🏻

          • +1

            @scud70: I hate you! You just made me sell my 2080S on FB marketplace for $1200. Just -placed the order for this. FML

            • @BlitzR: Oh crud… Sorry about that! 😞 Lol..

    • When Bitcoin crashes!

      • +1

        Or Ether can’t be mined

  • Got the Asus TUF GAMING Radeon RX 6800 XT from Shopping express for same price last week.

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    I have a Vega 64, looks like they are going for around 700-1000 on eBay 2nd hand. Should I lash out for this and try sell off the old boy? So hard to know right now.

    • it would be a really nice upgrade yes, and you can get a good penny for vega too, i say yes

    • yes

    • I have a Vega 56 and it seems to be selling for similar amount of money as well.

      anyone know why? is it supposed to be a good mining card or something? otherwise for $700-$1000 you can probably get a new card with warranty and probably still have comparable performance…………..

      • Yep mining

    • +1

      I'd definitely sell it, even if just for a 6700XT. Close enough to a free upgrade, and certainly enough of an upgrade to be worth the trouble IMO.

  • ASRock 6900XT for this price recently


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      Two months ago isn't recently in the gpu market.

      • Haha people were probably receiving them last month or weeks ago but price is no longer relevant.

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    Meh..Guess I’d stick with my bad ass 1080Ti for now.

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