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MSI Radeon RX 6800 XT Gaming X Trio 16GB Graphics Card $1799 (Was $1999) + Delivery @ EvaTech AU


This seemed like a decent price with the high prices at the moment for a good GPU and good brand.
$100 less than other deals.

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  • hoping when Etherium moves to proof of stake there will be a flood of GPUs on the market

    going to wait until Christmas

    • +10

      Nvidia will not let that happen:


      sorry HODL'ers., your GPUs retain their value.

      • +7

        That's some BS

      • +3

        Looks like I know who will get the $$$ for my next GPU!

        Hint: it starts with an “A”

        • +1

          Or "I"…..now I really hope intel succeed…F NVIDIA up

        • Apple!

          • @Void: Haha, maybe not. Although I’d love an m1 Mac mini

          • @Void: defs not Apple, Go AMD! stonks

    • Ethereum PoS is happening in June 2022, recently confirmed.

      • Could you please post link for that?

        • Tim Beiko announced on Twitter that the merge will happen around 4 months after the merge's code is complete (in February). The difficulty bomb has also been postponed to June 2022.

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        It's a postponement of a postponement. It's not official unless it happens sadly. Probs gonna be pushed back again

        • +2

          Groundhog Day!

          It's like every Australian Government in the last 20 years. 'We are fiscally responsible and vow to make difficult decisions required to have the budget in surplus - in a few years time. But for now let's spend up!!'

          Keep kicking the can down the road for as long as you can.

    • looks very much like they'll pump the market for another year, not financial advice

  • Is it better than the 3080?

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      Depends, but as every nvidia driver update, i saw more and more dlss support games, so its up to you

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      Comparable with RTX3080 except ray tracing and 4k res.

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      I remember there are several reviews that test RTX 3080 vs RX 6800 XT.

      Short of it is, it depends on the game.

      I think 6800 XT is marginally better frames per second performance in many AAA games, but 3080 has better ray tracing performance.

      • +5

        Pretty such this was the conclusion I came to and figured: A) I don't care about RT; B) I don't care much about DLSS; C) The streaming encoder (which is supposedly better on RTX) is no factor to me; and, D) This was substantially cheaper than a 3080.
        Picked up an 6800XT and have been extremely happy with it.

        • Yeah AMD is better for people who just want the highest frames and NVIDIA is better for eye candy.

        • +3

          Well said, plus 10GB of RAM and 4k native down the line… I am not so sure how well the 3080s will perform, unless you go the DLSS route where, admittedly, will become more widespread as time passes.
          Still, you have to pay the nVidia tax.

          I bought the MSI 6900XT Gaming X Trio a few weeks back from Harris Technology @ $2200 and If I hadn't then, I would have jumped at this offer right now. 6800XT vs 6900XT in terms of performance doesn't justify the jump in price, even at MSRP!

          I believe this is a very very good deal considering the times we live in, plus my card with this cooler runs quiet even at full load, so the 6800XT variant should perform even better in terms of acoustics.

          Definitely a +1 from me if you have the cash and are desperate enough to get a GPU right now.

          MSI has had a few dodgy tactics in the past, as Steve from Gamer Nexus have pointed out, but this line of GPUs is a gem of a product IMHO.

          EDIT: Just be sure that your case can accommodate this beast of a card. It's absolutely huge!

    • +1

      For rasterisation performance it seems to have a slight edge especially in lower resolutions. The 3080 really seems to stretch its legs once you enter 1440p and 4k and thats where it catches up. 3080 FHR also has it beat due to the algo being memory bandwidth intensive however FHR cards seem to be substantially more expensive than the common LHR cards.

      That being said for this price, I'd rather just sling a few bucks more and get the 6900XT when its being sold for $2k - at least thats its RRP in Aus, the 6800XT's was $1049 back on release day.

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    Keep in mind these have a lower hash rate than 3080's (60ish mh/s compared to 90+ mh/s with a 3080) in case you had mining in mind.

    • That's only compared with FHR 3080s which I haven't seen for retail much.

      • +1

        Correct i believe you can get around LHR cards using Trex miner, 70% mining eth and 30% mining another coin.

        • +2

          it is the other way around, 30% ether 70% rvn, otherwise, LHR card will be sold out too.

    • At full tilt the FHR 3080 does 102mh and believe the 6800xt can reach around 62mh. FHR 3080 are going for over 2500+ secondhand market nowadays. Sad

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    Just wondering if RX 6900 XT is worth $200 more than 6800 XT?

    • +4

      Why did you even bother posting this comment?

      • -2

        So I don't have a right to express my opinion that this is outrageously expensive? What's the point of the comment section then?

        • For sellers to test the waters with their "creative" pricing, and to see if they can get away with it with potential customers.
          They will argue they will do it for supply and demand reasons, which is partly true.

          • @Forth: Yep. When supply eventually catches up, these insane prices with stay because heck the customers will pay for them.

  • Not going to neg this - but people remember Supply and Demand. Don't buy this. Unless you use this for work and absolutely need this.
    If enough of us vote with our feet, we can bring the price down!

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Sure. HODL until 4000/7000 series release and are sold out immediately, and are instantly scalped at many % above OzB's mythical MSRP.

      Then HODL for another 3 months waiting for prices to fall, then another 6 months, then another year.

      Then say 5000/8000 series just around the corner may as well HODL for that. Like this genius with the first comment from over a year ago.


      • All depends on individuals I know - but you could buy an xbox/ps5/switch in the meanwhile.
        Or a prebuilt…

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