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[PS5] Returnal $70 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest price I've seen locally, most likely price matched with Target. It's a great game so get in while stocks last!

EDIT: back to $89 now

Mod Update 30/10: Available again for $70

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      They already said that in the post…

      • It’s nice to have the link

  • Thanks. Bought.

  • is Recturnal like Metroid?

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      Similar aesthetic but very different gameplay - I haven't bought Returnal yet but seems to be a roguelike 3D bullet hell.

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      It's 'rougelike' which means no saves and is widely regarded as being horiffically difficult and demanding of endless time and patience, FOR MANY BUT NOT ALL PLAYERS. For that reason I will never play it as I have a hundred other great and less maddening games I can choose to play instead.

      The game has a vast amount of admirers and fans who enjoy the way it is, and that is fine. It is a very polarising game - people seem to either strongly love it or hate it.

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        Yep - Returnal is one of my favourite PS5 games, however, it's definitely not every everyone.

        It's the most difficult game I've ever played, and I play Bloodborne and DS to relax.

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          I adore this game but I genuinely believe the difficulty is overstated. I personally gave up on Sekiro and people say that Returnal is harder?! It's really not a tough game at all if you play it right.

          I finished the game with 27 deaths, many of which were just me messing around in the room outside spawn in biome 4 before I realised deaths were being counted, and I felt like I was good at the game but not anything amazing. Then have a look at /r/returnal and people have spent 30+ hours on the first level before giving up. It truly blows my mind how the difficulty level could impact people so differently.

          • @noodlesfordaddy: I don't remember how many times I died, but I reckon at least 50 times. I never played Sekiro, so that might be more difficult.

            I don't consider myself a good player though, if I can finish Returnal anyone can do it. :)

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              @nic1: Sekiro is way more difficult. I spent 3-4 days trying to beat bosses on that game and Returnal ain’t nothin but a peanut. It’s difficult but once you get a good roll you can really breeze through it and it really starts to shine. I can see why this game tops some people’s goty list.

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          That's weird. I've platinum'd Returnal and all From Software games. I found Returnal much easier than all From Soft games.

        • Agreed, and while I'm not a dark souls fan and couldn't get through the series I have completed hollow knight to about 106% and done sekiro and about 60% of a Ng+ with demon bell and no Kiro charm.

          Returnal is more mechanically difficult than either experience, particularly with my lack of experience aiming on controller. I'm most of the way through 4 of 6 acts or worlds, having run out of time to play recently, but I'll come back to it. I did at one time question whether this will be the first game I am unable to finish… And for me that is getting my money's worth.

          If the references above make any sense to readers they might like returnal.

          If none of it rings a (demon) bell, you might not like it so much.

          Very pretty, responsive, and ultimately quite fair for a third person shooter take on the rouge-lite genre.

          In that sense it is an absolute masterpiece. But certainly not for everyone.

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      Different type of games, Returnal is a bullet hell 3rd person 3D action shooter (Lol I know it’s long), with elements of Roguelike/roguelite.

      Extremely addictive and plenty of hours, it will be frustrating at the beginning but it gets better.

      I got the platinum trophy about a month ago.

      • I wanted the platinum trophy so bad just because I wanted reasons to keep playing, but realising I would have to spend hours upon hours pretending to be an Atropos sightseer avoiding combat put me off so much. All I completed survey for was Biome 1.

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      I suspect you mis-spelt the name intentionally.

      • (____/)
        ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)
        \╭☞ \╭☞

    • To me, Returnal is what a 3rd person Metroid should feel like. Returnal is my game of the year.

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    Fantastic game!!

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    Awesome one this.

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    What's the returnal policy on this..

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      If you can beat it… you can beat the last boss on the Amazon Returns level

  • Literally bought this game yesterday at jb $89 :c

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      Get them to price match, buy it again, return the sealed one with the old receipt. Don’t give your phone number when buying it again though.

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        I bought it in store and popped it in soon as i got home so it could do all download stuff, Yeah so rip me lol.

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          That’s why you buy another copy from them and return the second copy with the old receipt

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      Returnal it.

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    Fantastic game. With the dualsense integration, it truly feels like one of those next gen titles. Great graphics, music and fluid combat.

    That being said, it's also bloody hard. You have to know you're in for the most challenging game you've ever played. No joke.

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    Return comments: 98%
    Other: 2%

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    Loved it, seems hard but platinum is actually easier than sekiro I think. First boss was the hardest obstacle for me, and Biome 5 can be tricky at first.

    • platinum just takes so many hours of running around doing ****ing nothing though

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      OMG sekiro platinum is like a 9 or 10 difficulty. Returnal platinum is a 7/10 difficulty in my opinion.

    • First boss was the hardest obstacle for me

      that gives me motivation because I must be 10-15 hours in and still havnt done it yet but dont want to give up

  • How does it compare to Hades?

    • I've plat both this year.

      Both great but very different. I slightly preferred returnal overall.

  • $70! This is not Nintendo pricing.

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      Correct, Nintendo pricing would've started at $79.95 instead of $124.95 (but would still be that price in 2029).

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    Just so people know, I hear this is an amazing game, great way to show off all the aspects of the PS5, and I've nearly bought it a few times - but it has no mid-run saves, and a run can take 2-3 hours from what I understand, so in order to not lose progress you need to leave the PS5 in rest mode, disable auto updates etc and hope nothing goes wrong if you need to stop playing halfway through.

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      I have paused the game and put it in rest mode several times. However it doesn't really assist with progress, it just gives you a break before next death!

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      This is the deal breaker for me.

      The game isn't a huge draw for me but would like to go in because I'm intrigued, it's likely to be a GoTY contender, and it's one of the few PS5 exclusives.

      But I need the flexibility of mid-run saves to continue my life.

      I had hope when the devs acknowledged the issue soon after release and there was talk of a future patch, but that was April and this is October, so I no longer hope. Probably will never play it, with plenty of other titles out there grabbing your attention…

      • Just use rest mode? Does everyone have 8 games they need to play at the same time or something?

        I understand it's an issue for people that share their PS5 in a household and other users might want to play. outside of that i don't really understand the problem.

        • Yeah, that's a fair suggestion.

          Two reasons why that's not preferable to me. I don't like leaving computers on rest mode for prolonged periods, I prefer a shut down unless I'll return in a short time frame, as a principal. And second is I sometimes (not too often) transport a console when I travel and I need to get a bit creative around work and other commitments.

          If this game had stronger appeal I definitely wouldn't let this stop me, I'd use rest mode as you suggest.

  • I have clocked up over 10+ hours on this game, doing the same shit. I have passed the 1st world and killed the 1st boss. I cannot get past "ascend the mountain" Crimson Wastes 2nd world. Obviously keep dying. Each cycle is at least 45min spent and wasted.
    I prepare myself again for the millionth time in the 1st world so I obtain enough health and a good weapon to get me through the 2nd world, but nope. DIED AGAIN. The ugly looking mofo that has the ability to disappear and reappear gets me every time. A few slaps and I'm dead! I have killed it several times but each time is different.
    I don't mind starting the 2nd world again, but having to go through the 1st world again really annoys me and very time consuming and draining. To me it ruins the fun of the game.

    The gameplay & graphics are amazing but having to constantly repeat after dying has started to make me less a fan of this game. I get it's name is "Returnal" but c'mon you can't expect a player to go through 3-4 hours straight to even attempt to finish the game. That is just promoting healthy gameplay. It really need mid-run saves.

    • +1

      First boss is probably the biggest hurdle, keep upgrading your guns and improving, then it will get much easier.

    • +1

      My advice for what its worth and what helped me finally 'click' and progress is this: spend your time learning how to beat the bosses. Forget the guns, forget the health. Rush the bosses. Die from them and learn how to beat them that way. I used to farm health and weapons before i read a tip from a user that pretty much sums what i mentioned previously. Its better to spend time learning how to beat the boss than spend time on collecting health upgrades which will wipe you out in one bad game. Spend that 45mins dying to the Crimson boss 5 times than collect 3 health bars which will wipe you out in the one try.

      • alright I've give that approach a try

      • this is a weird approach, the bosses don't do anything that regular enemies don't do, it's just more intense. OP isn't even getting to the second area's boss.

        OP just needs to git gud. He is asking for a roguelike to stop being a roguelike lol.

        • I think I read the message wrong. I thought he was struggling with the boss let alone getting to the top of those stairs. Either way my advice remains the same. If you’re struggling against certain enemies it’s better to learn the pattern and timing, etc than trying to brute force you way with bulk health.

    • Is that the severed (guy with the sword)? It can be difficult at first but it is a matter of learning their attacks. Clean the flying things/turrents first while running from side to side in a good open place of the room. Try to keep your distance from the severed while shooting, just move side to side. When it moves, it could be to slam the ground and do those red circles (easy to jump over but way easier to dash through them) or to slash you. If it's the slash you will see a faint red/orange thing moving at you. just keep going backwards and dash back as soon as you see a change. Repeat that and you will win.

      Also when you know they are coming (because they appear in the same rooms) don't be afraid to kill enemies from the door and go back to the previous room and use the door as shield. This is especially useful if you don't have a good weapon or if you are low in integrity.

      And remember that you can dash through everything that's not purple.

      Once you beat the 2nd biome your mobility increases a lot. After that, you will be able to either camp some enemies from a secure place or run in circles killing the weak first and then the tough ones.

      Hope something of this helps. I consider the first half of the game significantly harder than the rest so if you make it to biome 3-4 you are definitively able to finish it.

      • +1

        Yeh the severed guy. So fugly I hate that thing.
        Each time I reach the foot of the mountain I'm mentally prepared to walk in and kill that thing. Only been successful a handful of times.

        But thanks for that tips will hopefully put them to use next time round.

        I'm back to playing NBA 2K21 lol alot less stressful ahaha

    • git gud

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Finally bought it.

  • Last gen this was launch pricing , now it's discount pricing after $124.95 launch pricing.

  • Thanks Op, might wait til it’s below $50…don’t have any hard drive space left on my PS5 anyway. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • +4

      I wouldnt sleep on this.

      True next gen game.

  • +2

    I love all of Housemarque's games so will definitely get this at some point. But too many other games on the go right now so might as well wait for it to get a bit cheaper. If I buy it at this price, it'll probably drop below $50 by the time I actually get around to playing it, so might as well just wait until then.

  • I have been playing Astro for a while now :D Too lazy, I admit. Still finishing up PS4 games.

    Question: is it a great 1st game for a PS5?

    I recently finished LoF2 at the most difficult settings LOL

    • I'd go Demon's Souls for PS5. I bloody loved that one.

  • +1

    Best game on PS5 IMO. This coming from a big Ratchet and Clank fan.

  • Please don’t judge but I suck even at Demon Souls. I want to try this but I don’t know. I could beat Gears on insane but this is just killing me? Maybe too slow for me.

    • if you have the patience to play any other shooter on max difficulty this can't be that hard. it only even has one difficulty setting.

    • +1

      If you suck at demon souls you will probably struggle on this too. Playing shooters on veteran mode is finding cover and staying there to survive. Trying to survive on Souls like and Returnal means constantly moving and dodging. It’s really about taking time to learn the enemies more than anything. Good luck!

      • Cheers for that. Will give it another go. Demon looks great so at least it’s pleasing while I’m getting butchered.

  • Thanks, grabbed it as my $69 copy of Far Cry 6 (pre-order) never made it from Amazon.

  • $70 again.

  • Stock seems to be jumping in and out; this is available again at the posted price. Good timing with the recent 2.0 update allowing suspension of progress

  • Just got it for 66.5 - from Amazon warehouse

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