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3.3 kW Portable AC $399, 52"DC Ceil Fan w/Led Lt $149, Twr Fan $39.99, 40cm Pdstl Fan $89.99, Sharp 3.4kw Rev Cyc AC $799 @ ALDI


Cool it.

Fans and Air con on sale at Aldi from Wednesday 27th.

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  • still waiting for my store to get some stock from the 2019/2020 special deals when these were advertised

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    Any feedback on the portable AC?

    • They all suck on principle, but let's see if someone comes back with a review

      • I would have thought they blow?

  • Interested in putting Aldi Portable AC in kids bedroom, it's a small room.Anyone had experience, thoughts please?

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      Portable ACs are generally crap by design:

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      Most of them are very noisy. And you have to remember with portable ACs, the hot air you push outside from the unit, has to be replaced by some other air, usually hot air being sucked in from another window…

      Secret tip! It you buy a reverse cycle portable one and don't have security screens, put the unit outside. Put it on heating mode. And that way the noise is outside and you are only pushing cold air in through the "exhaust"

      • Does that really work?

        • not in summer.

          • @CVonC: It does, as long as the outside temp is lower than the required heating temp. In my units case this was 35.

            • @sharkfan12: So in practice it's faster in lowering the temperature then you have to move the unit back inside and switch back to cooling mode?

              And are you saying you actually direct the exhaust hose into the house or still have the normal air vents directing into the house?

              • @CVonC: Correct. Unit ouside. Exhaust hose directing exhaust (cool) air into house.
                ( hot air pointed to neighbours window) lol

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      Portable AC sucks. A window-mount model is better, if you can install it. Split much better of course.
      For kids bedroom, I'd suggest a ceiling fan for summer, and doonah for winter.

      (assuming if you lived somewhere like Darwin or Canberra, you'd already have proper heating/cooling.)

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      I know people who keep the whole window open for the exhaust duct to be outside.

      And that's for whom portable ACs are: for people who enjoy it blowing cold at them and ignoring the logic and cost.

  • Word of advice; stay away from the ALDI DC ceiling fan. The LED light flickers and fails. I have 2 and both are showing signs of issues. Warranty claims seem to be a nightmare too according to Whirlpool and Product

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      Why is it an issue? You just take it back to the store. They may need some educating on Australian laws.

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        Because it's a hardwired ceiling fan. You need an electrician to install and remove the fan. Typically the warranty for ceiling fans covers the cost of the electrician call out.

        • Are you saying they will not honour the warranty without an electrician's certificate?

          • @bargaino: I can't speak for Aldi, but the fans I've had installed have stated in the warranty conditions that the fan must be installed by a "licenced electrician" and you have to have a receipt to prove it.

            • @ash2000:

              have stated … the fan must be installed by a "licenced electrician"

              of course, required arse-covering. Just like the signs in Bunnings. That does not mean you can't return a faulty ceiling lamp.

              and you have to have a receipt to prove it.

              "have to"? Is that based on actual experience of small appliances, or just on what their lawyers put in the boilerplate T&C?

              My experience is being asked for proof of licensed installer for a split-system, which makes sense as it is easy for DIY to do damage.
              (Bloody Kogan - the fault was in their software - I was not even asking for a call-out. They'll do anything to wiggle out of supporting their products, so not sure other suppliers are the same.)

              • @bargaino:

                Is that based on actual experience

                I've never had to make a warranty claim. This is just what's written on the paperwork. Typically the warranty will cover the labour and the replacement fan if you can show proof of professional installation.

    • I have three Aldi DC fans, one with light
      The one with the light is around six years old and not missed a beat

      • Same. No issues here.

        • This is the 2nd generation DC ceiling fans they are selling. This one came with the 3 light function. The old one has only warm led. I have 5 of them old one from 2016. They are very reliable. The latest one is crap!

    • I have 4 of these, not sure how much they are used as a fan but the lights are used daily of course, and they haven't skipped a beat. They have been in for over 18 months. Anticipating potential issues I bought a spare, as much as they do have a 2 year (I think) in home warranty, I would rather have the insurance of a full spare unit in case, partially because 2 of them are in the same room, and I don't want them to replace one with something that doesnt match if they don't have the stock

      I found the performance of them so far to be excellent, light it bright, has 2 colour temps, and fans are fast, quiet, don't wobble as much as the Heller AC fans they replaced, and blow a lot of air. At 150 the only time I saw cheaper fans was when kogan had a sale of something very similar and I bought 20 of those

  • I've got the Aldi DC ceiling fans installed, 2 of them in 2 bedrooms for around 8 months now. Within that time one of them had a flickering LED which I got replaced through Warranty. Overall they're pretty good for the price in my opinion, sometimes they're a little slow to turn on the light like a 1 second delay.

    Looking at that Sharp Reverse Cycle AC, anyone know if it's good buy? need to get an AC installed before Summer comes around

  • Ho hum. I remember when ALDI special buys had prices to cause excitement here.

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    I have the DC pedestal fan, it's alright but the screen on the front is incredibly bright, i ended up covering it in layers of sharpie to get it dim enough to sleep with it on. also you can't silence the beeps that it makes when you change settings, which again, at night isn't the greatest.

    edit: other than that it's whisper quiet and does its job well

  • Would the Arlec wifi DC Ceiling fan at Bunnings be worth the extra $$?

  • Does ceiling fans require extra wiring or is it a simple swap if there is already a ceiling light installed?

    • Likely a straight swap. Most of them theses days are all operated by a remote control - those type are a simple swap. If it has the wall plate with the 3 speed knob I'm not so sure - might need to pull an extra wire for that?

  • how loud is the tower fan?

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    Anyone know if the tower fan is any good?

    • As with all tower fans, they are extremely noisy and have much lower airflow V regular bladed fans. That said, Aldi has a 60 days policy. Nothing to lose.

  • I am very tempted to purchase a few of the ceiling fans but have concerns about their longevity, especially the built-in light panel. Does anyone know whether the light is replaceable or if the entire fan needs to be replaced if the light fails?

    • I'm hoping Bunnings will price match. Theirs comes with a replaceable light

  • I'm looking at purchasing the Sharp 3.4kw rev ACs- do they come with the external unit too?

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