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McDonald's 30 Days 30 Deals - 1st Nov - 30th Nov 2021 @ mymacca's App


30 Days 30 Deals is back again starting on the 1st November 2021.

A new deal everyday. See table below for all the deals.

Date Deal Cost
1/11/2021 $1 Big Mac $1
2/11/2021 $1 Large Fries $1
3/11/2021 Sml McChicken EVM + Cheeseburger $5
4/11/2021 40% off, Minimum Spend $15 -
5/11/2021 2 x Sml Quarter Pounder EVM $9
6/11/2021 Sml Cheeseburger EVM + Cheeseburger $4
7/11/2021 2 x Sml 10 McNugget EVM $9
8/11/2021 Cheeseburger $1
9/11/2021 Quarter Pounder $2
10/11/2021 Large Sundae $2
11/11/2021 Sml Chicken n Cheese EVM + Cheeseburger $5
12/11/2021 Double Cheeseburger $2
13/11/2021 Apple pie $1
14/11/2021 20% off, Minimum Spend $10 -
15/11/2021 6 x McNuggets $2
16/11/2021 Large Shake $2
17/11/2021 Cheeseburger $1
18/11/2021 McChicken $2
19/11/2021 Sml Big Mac EVM + Cheeseburger $6
20/11/2021 20% off, Minimum Spend $10 -
21/11/2021 McFlurry $2
22/11/2021 Large Fries $2
23/11/2021 Big Mac $3
24/11/2021 Large Sundae $2
25/11/2021 Sml Quarter Pounder EVM + Cheeseburger $6
26/11/2021 2 x Sml McChicken EVM $9
27/11/2021 Sml Cheeseburger EVM + Cheeseburger $5
28/11/2021 20% off, Minimum Spend $10 -
29/11/2021 Double Cheeseburger $2
30/11/2021 Filet-o-Fish $2

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  • Is their coffee pretty bad or is it just a handful of locations?

    Bought two cappuccinos and they were just ok, my nespresso makes better coffees and they were no where near what a half decent coffee machine (using beans) at home makes.

    • +1

      IMO it's very hit and miss even at the same location.
      I'd say that even a 7-eleven or Ampol/Caltex or Coles Express $1 coffee rates higher than a McDonalds coffee, most of the time.

      • Yep 7/11 easily better in my experience. McDonald's have done well in marketing their coffee though, fooled me twice.

    • I only tried their coffee when they were freebies and they were terrible. Barista Ragen needs to be sacked!

    • +1

      Depends on the store from my experience. For example my local in Sydney sucks horribly, but it’s likely just poor training as the staff have no idea how to put two shots into a large and froth the milk correctly.

      In Melbourne my local is much better. It sucks that the quality is all over the place, if you buy a coffee you should expect a certain standard of quality it’s not like you’re buying an apartment in the Mascot towers.

  • +2

    Thank you to all the maccas staff working today. Will be heaps busy. I went at 10.30am and ordered for the whole family. Left at 11am and there was a long, long queue.

  • good deals

  • Do the kiosk still accept codes? Last couple times I've tried redeeming the codes they say redeemed but nothing gets added.

    • Yes, they do. I used it today to buy some family boxes etc

      • I can't see family boxes on the app. I guess you will have to use a kiosk in this instance if you want this item?

        • i wonder why no family deals on the app - anyone know?

          • @chriskq: They regularly offer 20% off, 25% off coupons through the app. I'm guessing profit margins would be too low if these could be applied to the family boxes.

            • @parano1a: Sleet above mentioned he used a kiosk to redeem a family box with 40% at kiosk. I guess i'll have to give it a try tonight

              • @chriskq: Same.
                How much are the boxes normally?

                • @digitalbath: $32.95 Family McFavourites Box (4 Burgers, 4 Medium Fries, 10 Nuggets, 4 Soft Drinks)
                  $39.95 Family Box (4 Large Burgers, 2 Small Burgers, 4 Medium Fries, 20 Nuggets, 4 Soft Drinks)

                  there's a McValue box as well but i cant find the price in my quick search online

                  • @chriskq: Thanks. Yeah I did a search and found those too. Not a bad deal with the discount.

                  • @chriskq: Mustn't be all stores. Local ones don't have in store , kiosk or app.

                    Maybe only some states?

    • They're hit and miss, just add to mobile order is a safer bet.

      • Agree, I was trying to generate code for $1 fries on Tuesday but kept giving an error. Worked fine adding as a mobile order though so YMMV.

  • Good deal today. 40% off… Most things back to a near worthy price…

    • +1

      Yep, I got a large Double McSpicy meal (add bacon and cheese, iced latte for the drink) for $11.49 which is decent value.
      The normal price of $19.15 for the same meal is ridiculous.

      • Damn, that's (almost) what I had on the 40% off day.

        Single McSpicy meal with Iced Latte for lunch for $9.xx.

        Yummy burger but overpriced at RRP.

  • +3

    Any recommendations for most bang for buck with the 40% off?

  • +1

    @NameWontFi5648 Family boxes

    • Can't find Family Boxes on my app Any ideas?

      • +1

        Go in-store and order to scan/enter the QR code from your app.

        • Thanks, worked well

  • +1

    48 nuggets for $14.34

  • +1

    Biggest order for me in my history just over $70 to $42 :)

  • Can we use the 40% off to pick up tomorrow?

    • :(

    • I would actually complain about that. Send them a link to the photo.

  • Only deal worth going in for is today, got me a mcspicy

  • +3

    Good to order today to remind myself why i will not eat so many menu items, especially at full price.

    I feel reassured that I'm not missing out on much.

    • +1

      Oh yeah, I went all out. Got myself a large bacon and cheese mcspicy meal, 6 of the spicy nuggets, and an Oreo mcflurry with caramel sauce - for just under $15. I really never need to eat that much maccas again.

  • what is evm

    • +1

      extra value meal (pretty much just a small meal with fries + drink)

  • My code wouldn't generate. App kept spitting out errors. Gave up. Ended up paying full price.

    I swear they did it on purpose. Stuffed it up so people who ordered don't feel embarrassed and just end up paying full price.

    • You can show them the voucher at the counter and they might be nice enough to discount it for you?

  • Finally, I can feel comfortable taking a couple of days off, hahaha

  • Got 40% at Chatswood Station last night. Store was going into meltdown due to demand.

    • Not surprised. My local was terrible also and I thought I went at a time that would be less busy lol.

  • Lined up at 10:30am for the 2 quarter pounder meals today, great value at $9

  • Are we not posting this daily at midnight anymore?

    • Midnight for me would be 1am for some people…

      I'll be like, an hour late…?

  • I've done the last 4 including today and I want to sign up for Upsizeme2 .

  • Today is NUGS! Omnomnomnom

  • This deal might be one of the worst. Still good though.

  • +1

    I'm going 9 then 11 and a huge diet break till 19 .

  • +2

    can't see QP deal

    • i think some items are not available until after 10:30 am. I can see it in my app now.

  • Can anyone see today's deal?

    • yes

  • Never had the chicken and cheese, is it similar to the mcchicken or is it like a smaller chicken burger? on par with cheeseburger?

  • Can you keep using the code or is it a one off ?

    • One off, valid for one day only

    • One per account easy to make multiple acoints

  • -2

    Cremorne Is the worst Maccas ever. Never fresh. Always get shit wrong. Staff don’t give a heck when you walk in. Whenever I go to Stanmore, Brookvale or Canterbury always good experience but cremorne even their coffee is so crap compared to the other stores

    • -1

      No one is forcing you to go there.

      • +1

        I never said they were.

        • do they have chocolate soft serve?

  • -1

    I work at Cremorne Maccas. We try hard to please the customers, but I sense that most of them are tightarse whingers. As if things weren’t busy enough, it seems that they’ve all started ordering their meals from individual ingredients!


    • +1

      I literally walk in, there will be no one waiting for service, a quiet drive thru (compared to their busy times) and they (4/5 staff) just stand around talking. It’s ridiculously bad. I have had to wait 15 minutes for a cheeseburger.
      It’s McDonald’s. Not a cafe. And honestly you get a Big Mac meal you’re paying $15 might as well get an ogalos meal. I’m sure you do you your best but it is by far the worst serving McDonald’s in sydney.
      Anyway it’s not the price I’m complaining about - it’s the wait. Even something as simple as the nuggets- I got 24 pack on Thursday, my 4 year old said his mouth was burning which I thought was weird- then I tried one and they were spicy as hell - they obviously cook them where they cook that spicy shit. Told my wife and she told me she doesn’t get them form cremorne cause they always burn the kids mouths. Sorry but they get so little right ever since they went in a different direction with management 10 years ago or whatever it was. Go to Brookvale and compare the difference. Smiles happy people - fast service and great food.

      • i think you mised the "/s"

      • +2

        Thank you for the feedback… we’ll try harder.

        • +1

          I want chocolat4

        • +2

          Just from that response I can tell you’re not the problem. Best of luck.

  • +2

    FYI can confirm that ordering a deal on the day and then trying to pick it up the next day does NOT work.

  • Does this require a code to redeem? I had no offers in my redeem section even with location on, and when I asked the counter they asked if I had a code.

    • It's just like any another deal with the code. It flashes the QR code and a four letter code underneath

  • What a month so far

  • Nice an extra cheeseburger for lunch today.

  • -1

    $1 cheeseburger, not a bad deal don't get me wrong, but closer to what they are actually worth. These things are tiny. I would need 4 to fill me up and I'm not a big guy.

    The quarter pounder is actually a proper cheese burger….

    • You need $4 worth of food to fill you up?

      • -1

        Yeah it's a good deal for sure but if it were normal prices that would be roughly $15 for 4 tiny cheese burgers…

  • I love McChicken. Big chicken nugget burger yum yum.

    • Yeah this is one deal I'll grab for sure, so like the mcchicken…

  • +1

    Got the $2 quarter pounder the other day and much to my delight, received a double quarter pounder.

    • +1

      a half pounder?

  • Is it just me or I don't get the deal today?

  • Well it's over now cause no one's gonna get a Filet o fish.. wonder if they'll go back to the 2 random rewards a week now Nov is over

    • +5

      Speak for yourself! I'm going to have my first fillet o fish in a decade today :D

      • If you ever enjoyed fillet-o-fish in the 80s … you are going to be disappointed with today's incarnation of it.

        • +1

          don't do that, showed your age.

    • What a weird way to end the promotion, with a wet greasy splat

      • I know, it's not even Friday!

        The sandwich was invented in 1962 by Catholic businessman Lou Groen, a McDonald's franchise owner in Cincinnati; his store at 5425 West North Bend Road was in a predominantly Roman Catholic neighbourhood, which led to falling hamburger sales on Fridays resulting from the Roman Catholic practice of abstaining from meat on Fridays, a Western Christian custom also practiced by many Methodists, Anglicans and Lutherans.

  • Is it one per order or can I purchase multiple Filo's?

    • -3

      It’s derogatory to refer to them as filos. The proper term is Filipinos.

      • +2

        I call them Pinoy's

    • +1

      One, can only be placed once on the app

      • Thank you, appreciate the reply. Hope you have a ripper day!!!

        • Ripping filo o fish day

          • +1

            @dingdong3000: It’s derogatory to refer to them as filos. The proper term is Pinay.

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