Golden Phoenix Jasmine Rice 10kg $23.80each + Delivery (Free Kerb Side Pick up) @ OZ Grocer


Hi all,
We are an online grocery based in Melbourne which delivers Australia-wide.
Our delivery rate starts from $8.99* for Victoria and you can also opt for free kerb side pickup for our Victorian customers.

On offer starting today is golden phoenix Thai jasmine rice at 10kg per bag.
This jasmine rice is quite fragrant and they taste quite nice.

Let us know through our chat or email, if you have any product in mind that you would like us to get.
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  • For anyone in Sydney, i think Tong Li has this for a couple of bucks more.

    • +5

      cheers @KaTst3R

      if your local groceries have this rice I suggest you guys support them as much as you can.
      I mean I'm saying this could be a boomerang for myself but these days I believe we small businesses need support from you guys more than ever.

      Furthermore, our margin as the small business being squeezed quite a lot by the "big players" hence it's can be very hard to counter them.

      • If you operate in Sydney, im sure the community will support you. It is whichever most convenient and cost effective at this point.

        • Cheers @kaTst3R

          You are correct and thanks for people like you small business like us still has a chance to compete with the big Bois.


    • Woolworths was selling it for 24 ,not sure if it still available

  • Is this any good? I have not seen this brand selling in Chinese grocery store. I have been something with similar color but they are not the same I don't think.

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      I might be biased because I sell the product :D

      But what I can say is Jasmine rice normally produced from the following countries: Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

      I have personally used this brand back since the uni days and tried many other brands like : sunrice sunlong, golden world, Fortune brand, Koala brand and Royal Umbrella brand.

      I can say is this brand is on par with brands like golden world, fortune and royal umbrella where they are actually more expensive.

      I think the Royal umbrella (Thailand) has more fragrance if I'm being picky but for the price, I normally used either golden phoenix (Thailand) or the golden world (Thailand) as it's more "wallet friendly" 😁

      Man the golden world brand surely bring lots of fond memory :)

      Of course, if you compare this with the sunrice (Vietnam or Cambodia) brand, this might sound a bit on the higher side but I believe the flavour is worth it.

      Hope this helps :)

      • Yep, Golden World/Phoenix for daily use, CTF for when mother in law comes to dinner.

        • You really know your rice :)

    • Can vouch for this one if you like jasmine rice. Lots of asian supermarket sell them in Syd for ~$26

      • Cheers @foxes2

        Golden phoenix indeed is a decent one 🙂

  • +1

    $24 is a joke.
    It's around $16 or $18 @Colonial Fresh Market,Chadstone next to ALDI

    • Can anyone else confirm this?

    • OP is 10kg , are you sure about the price?

      • Of course, went there last week
        There was also 3 dozen of 600g eggs for $4

  • You say

    you can also opt for free kerb side pickup( for our Victorian customers.

    but your site states:

    Warehouse pickup is at OZ Grocer Warehouse – 25 Hume Street, Huntingdale VIC 3166 (Wholesale Clients only)

    Which is correct? Interested in ordering.

    • +1

      Hi @Yola,
      Thanks for pointing that out.

      The kerbside pickup is something we just recently announced 😊 hence we have not got a chance to update that statement on wholesale pickup.

      However the kerbside pickup work slightly different than the warehouse pickup.

      With kerbside pickup, upon arrival at our warehouse you will not need to enter the premises as we will bring the item outside our warehouse directly so you can load it to the car.

      Wholesale customer might enter the premise as they will have their own van or truck to load their orders.

      Apology for the confusion we will fix this up asap 😊

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