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Corsair K95 Platinum XT - Cherry MX Brown $231.61 / Cherry MX Blue $241.81 + Shipping ($0 /w Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Corsair K95 Platinum XT with Cherry MX Brown switch for $231.61 from Amazon AU (delivered by Amazon US). If you want your co-workers/family to hate you the Cherry MX Blue is also available for $241.81.

I've never seen this keyboard this cheap and searching OzBargain didn't reveal any previous sales, so this could be the cheapest ever. Note this is the upgraded XT model, which has:

  • A leather wrist rest (instead of rubber);
  • PBT keycaps (instead of ABS);
  • 5 onboard RGB profiles in memory (instead of 3);
  • Compatibility with Elgato Stream Deck software if you need it (still compatible even if you don't need it).

Shipping is free with Prime but comes from the US so may take some time. Amazon lists the model number as "β€ŽCH-9127412-NA" which seems to be the standard model sold by Australian retailers.

Obligatory "this is my first post so I apologise for mistakes" disclaimer.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      a KB that you will prob use for at least 5 years - Cost you 15 cents a day.

      • Could very well last much longer than 5 years. Even my nearly 10 year old mechanical still works to this day.

    • +13

      You have been banned from r/mechanicalkeyboards

    • +4

      Ducky One Two Three Four SSFX Titanium 100 Keyless Keyboard With Outemu Rainbow Switches and Lubed Shafts, would like a word with you

      • +2

        Lubed shafts

      • I love that despite you recommending that keyboard you have added too many letters to a few of the names! 100 keyless - is that more like a mouse then?

  • Awesome keyboard it seems! but I am trying to find a reason not to replace my Razer huntsman mini haha.

    • +1

      Because you prefer to have a cleaner feeling set up with out a full size keyboard. ;)

      • Hahaha I'll agree with that one! The 60% look is pretty clean.

  • Id owned one for a few years with cherry keys, sold my desktop for a laptop. Reverted back, first thing I brought without thinking was the K95 - worth it.

  • I wanted this, got the Redragon K596 Vishnu instead and am more than happy. So much cheaper- worth checking out out for those on a budget. Had it for about two years I think.

  • I had one of these ages ago and the LED's started dying on me within a year. Luckily there was still warranty on it and I sent it back for a full refund. I also don't remember it being over $200 but probably because it wasn't the XT version

  • Amazing keyboard, well worth the price.

    The only keyboard that could beat this is the new K100.

    • The general ozb consensus is that Kogan will not be worth the money you save based on the time you then have to spend dealing with customer service…..

      Edit: wow 1 year warranty on a keyboard they MSRP for $150… That definitely wouldn't hold up under consumer protection laws… But it's still an unnecessary battle on day 366 of keyboard ownership.

      • fake msrp but that's standard kogan bs

    • For $95.20, you can get Logitech G512 RGB keyboard with MX Brown switches from Amazon.

    • kogan jacked up the price big time. i bought it for $40 last year, and while it isn't total rubbish, that's about all it's worth.

      • Probably not cherry keys, they have multiple keys

        • some of their past boards have used outemu

  • That's GMMK Pro money, and it isn't even hotswap. This is terrible value for money

    • +4

      I suppose it depends on what you're after…they're pretty different keyboards:

      • GMMK Pro is TKL
      • Wrist rest available as an added cost
      • PBT keycaps as an added cost
      • No dedicated macro/media keys
      • No USB passthrough

      Price wise, the cheapest GMMK Pro I can find is $169 pre-built with Gateron Browns. If you buy PBT keycaps and a wrist rest you're paying at least the same as the K95, if not more. For that you get hot swappable switches, but lose the numpad, USB, macro keys and media keys (except volume wheel). If you want to hot swap your switches you have to add the cost of the other set of switches.

      For me the GMMK Pro is an enthusiasts keyboard. Most people will probably never swap their keycaps or switches, but those that do probably can't live without it. The K95 is more of a luxury gaming keyboard. For me they both have a place and serve a different target audience.

      • Where are you finding GMMK pre built for that price? I'm looking at their website and the skeleton pro is $169.

        Gato- Brown isn't a bad switch at all.

        Edit: I think you are talking about the normal GMMK, not the pro.

      • +1

        GMMK is 75%, not TKL.

        Solid points though, selling a hotswap, barebones keyboard to a non keyboard enthusiast is a hard sell. "you mean I still need to buy switches and keycaps?"

        • And most likely stabilisers. The included one isn't the best.

      • +1

        This keyboard doesn't have anywhere near the build quality and tooling of a GMMK Pro (sound profiles, case, gasket mounts, stabs, etc). GMMK has VIA support so you have better macro support, hell, you can turn the windows key into a layershift and make every key on the keyboard a macro key. You are paying enthusiasts price for a non enthusiasts keyboard. Those features are no where near worth the price of admission.

        Consider something more inline with the build quality of this keyboard, like a TM680, which you can get for a third of the price.

        • +1

          Fully built GMMK pro with panda switches is close to double the price.

          It's really my dream keyboard to get.

          Still waiting to find out where drmoneybags found the fully kitted pro for $169.

          • @PuppieWayne: I think the person was talking about GMMK (which would be $169 ish if I remember things correctly).

            My word of advice is that, if you are looking at Glorious Panda, I don't think they are that well received (I do have a board with it but meh, I am not a tactile person so I don't really have anything to really reference it by). Something like Gazzew U4T probably is better? I've heard lots of good words about that switch (at a cheaper price if I remember correctly?)

            • +1

              @iridiumstem: Thank you for taking the time to reply.

              I initially thought they made a mistake but they mentioned specifically about the media volume control - which is only available (I believe) on the pro. So I'm rather confused.

              Thank you also for the recommendation on the gazzew switches.

              • @PuppieWayne: Eh people can remember things wrong as well. I don't remember a cheap GMMK Pro which would have made me peeved to no ends (I bought one from PCCG with the Klarna promotion), which i thought was a damn good price (25% off in essence)

                • @iridiumstem: Just want to make sure it was a mistake and not some special hell cheap pro deal that I missed out on.

                  This is ozbargain.com.au after all. πŸ˜€

                  • @PuppieWayne: True that, if they have a $170 GMMK Pro… I will have to have a long and hard discussion with myself on why I do want another one :P

  • +1

    Got K70, K75. Keycap starts breaking down after 2 years.

    • I have a K70 I bought 4 years ago and my keycaps are still in great condition. I use my keyboard for many hours each day too so it must depend on various factors.

      • Mine one has the inner cylinder part which attached to the switch broken.

    • not surprising with ABS keycaps. They won't look new for too long after oil starts to turn them shiny.

  • +1

    Love the K70 and need a new one….
    What to buy instead of this (with same features)?

  • Thanks OP got one, ETA 12 November.

  • How is this compared to steel series apex pro? Was setting my eyes on ss but this is much cheaper

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