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GALAX GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 1 CLICK OC LHR Graphics Card $1089 + ~$20 Shipping @ Tecs


Second Cheapest one I can find, around about same price as the other one if you include shipping.

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  • This Vs my rx 6600xt, who wins the quarter mile race?

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      3060ti any day of the week

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    • 6600xt should be ~10-20% behind according to some review. but 6600xt is 10-40% cheaper

  • I will hold out until the 1060 Super in Q1 2022

    • do you mean 3060 super? and if so why, it will be slower than a Ti

      • ah yes… will it.. I was planning to upgrade to get the extra cores and ram for the Adobe suite… I will have to research more now.

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          I don't exclude NVidia would decide to make a bit of extra money by releasing 1060 super in 2022

  • I'm wondering if deshrouding it and putting 2 noctuas on it will improve it?

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    whats the 1st cheapest :D

    • It was posted a few days ago from EVA tech I think?

    • OZ2ndbestbargain

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    when this drops below 1000 I will be all over this like a fat kid on cup cakes.

    • Man, I thought I got ripped off when I bought this for sub 800 back when it first came out. A worthwhile purchase nows it seems, I also got non LHR too.

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        its only going to get worse with the issue being no enough chips are being made.

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    Got this for $900 2 months ago on the previous deal…

    • I got one $999. lucky you. This card comes with Hynix memory

  • It's insane how two years into the pandemic, GPU prices are still at a premium. (Got my Galax RTX3070 SG back in Jan 2020 for $960 and even then that was over RRP).

  • Purchased this a little while ago for $899, it’s a bit of a mutt, I don’t find it very stable in gaming or mining

  • too high for two fan :P

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    The truth is this is a lot of money for not a lot of performance. For gaming it's probably better value to buy a new console at the moment (if you can find one) while ever the GPU makers keep artificially inflating prices approaching double their actual value and original MSRP. This whole GPU price circus is corporate greed on steroids.

  • I called the store, it is not in stock with no eta on new stock. do NOT buy if you want to get it any time soon

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