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50% off Storewide (Excludes Machinery + Gift Cards) + Delivery ($0 with $100 Order) @ Undercover Roasters


Hey OzBargain fam,

To celebrate our feature in The Age tomorrow we are giving you early bird access to our 50% off sale starting NOW!

Use the code: THEAGE

For 50% off coffee (whole beans only), chocolates, chai's, syrups, coffee gear and merch- excludes coffee machines and gift cards.

Get in quick for early dispatch as this sale opens to the public in The Age TOMORROW.

We're expecting this one to be BIG, so please be patient with us as we work through your orders.

Our normal shipping costs will apply:
$7.5 under $50
$5 between $50-$99
FREE over $100

As always (thanks to COVID) there are unavoidable delivery delays across all courier networks.

Thanks guys + please comment with any questions/concerns and we will try to get back to you ASAP!

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  • Thanks for the deal! :)

    Could I please know which is your most popular blend for latte's OP?

    Would also like to know the roast dates for BLK and WHT please.

    • hey poppingtags (love the name - haha!)

      They are being roasted today in anticipation of the sale!

      i would go for BLK as a latte- my personal fave :)

      • Thanks team, bought 1kg of BLK and a 1kg of Sticky Chai :)

      • Ordered 23rd, picked up my order today - roast date for White is 19th of September, Black 12th October. Can't say I'm super impressed

        • Is that date for WHT a typo (and you meant 19 Oct) or really roasted in Sept?

          Regardless, if mine arrives with either of those dates I’ll be asking for a refund.

          For specialty coffee that would be the worst I’ve seen when ordering direct from a roaster.

          Anyone else had roast dates like the above?

          • @fookos: Update: Mine arrived today - just in time as only 20g left of my existing bean stash. Roast date was 25/10 (consistent with dispatch, so perfectly acceptable. Looking forward to dialing it in.

          • @fookos: White definitely stamped September. I contacted them and supposedly someone forgot to change the month… October 19 is consistent with above but I can't see them having many stamps and given I ordered a week after all this I would have thought a lot of people would have recurved the same so 🤷‍♀️

            Black being 1 weeks older than suggested above and taking a week to be available to pick up in store isn't ideal. Might have hoped for another batch to be roasted in the week between above and me ordering

            • @fkterzaghi: Good luck mate. Hope the beans taste okay.

              Tried the WHT today. Dumped the first - pulled too quickly. Ground finer, and got into acceptable territory, however didn't find the characteristics that interesting. Was nice enough, but nothing more. Will go a little finer tomorrow, before starting to play with the other variables. Still early days!

        • Assuming October for both, same roast dates on mine - 19th (WHT), 12th (BLK). Was disappointed on the roast date for BLK given the information provided here.

  • +3

    When were the beans roasted? (Peru)

    Also letting OzBargains know there is $7.50 postage wouldn't go astray.

    • +2

      true, the $7.50 shipping cost is a bit steep

      • Hmm, shipping also seems to increase from $5 to $7.50 when the code is applied :/

        • +1

          Yeah the voucher can change which shipping rate price range you end up in.

          I can't seem to find a link to the shipping rates so here is the info from the popup:

          Domestic Shipping Rates
          We offer $7.50 flat rate shipping for orders under $50.00
          Orders between $50.00 and $99.00 will incur a flat $5.00 shipping fee.
          Orders over $100.00 will not incur a shipping fee.

          • @CheapandUsed: Ah that makes sense, thanks! :)

          • +3

            @CheapandUsed: Hey team, yes $7.5 shipping (this doesnt actually cover our cost btw!) for orders under $50

            And yes- when the discount is applied the shipping rate will change accordingly.

            I will update the post now to reflect shipping costs- thanks for pointing that out!

    • Peru was roasted last tuesday- but if you're happy to wait for the next roast just request that in the notes!

      • Thanks. I've placed an order along with a 1l vanilla syrup with a note to delay until next roasting.


  • Is the Chai (Sticky) fresh or powder?

    • +2

      Sticky chai is tea leaves with honey- vegan chai is powder :)

  • +1

    The 250g + t-shirt was interesting until the shipping kicked in.

  • Do you have an ingredients list and country of origin for the matcha powder? And are you offering free pick up from Abbotsford?

    • Pick up option seems to be in Bendigo. I'll bite if can get it from Abbotsford though.

      • +2

        Means at least one of your items is only available from Bendigo. Abbotsford comes up if it has all the items.

    • Pickup from Abbotsford is fine :)

      Just select Abbotsford as pickup location at checkout.

      If its not working let me know as we might need to adjust stock levels on the website.

      • That would be great but only 2 out of 5 items in my cart are available for pick up at Abbotsford. Peru 500g, scales and tamp mat only showing up for pick up in Bendigo.

      • Same deal. Tamp mat only available in Bendigo.

        • +1

          all good- just leave a note at checkout, saying pickup is abbotsford (but select bendigo)
          as we will likely pack these orders in Bendigo, then transport them to abbotsford for pickup :)

          • @undercoverroasters: Lovely! Otherwise VLine I guess…

          • @undercoverroasters: Amazing deal, thanks OP! Just checking, I made a note on the cart to pick up in Abbotsford but could only select Bendigo and checkout. I can't see that note in my order confirmation so hopefully it's there at your end!

          • @undercoverroasters: I can't see the notes section. Is it there after going through Afterpay?

            Kenya Gikirima - Twin River Lot 2 - single origin 1kg / Whole Beans
            Ethiopia Guji Allona G1 - single origin - 1kg / Whole Beans1

            Would like pickup at Abbortsford if I can do that as well please and thank you. (Order #5275 have emailed as well)

  • Hi,

    Just wondering how true your t-shirt sizes are?
    Loved the Peru and Drk was not bad, might try the Blk and Wht this time.

    • they are quite true to size :) if anything a little on the small side

  • Is pickup an option?

    • Yep- just select abbotsford or Bendigo at checkout :)

  • +1

    Some cheap coffee gear if you want to tack it on with a coffee order.
    Namely caffeto cleaner, jugs and scales.

    • Agree! Great deals on the coffee gear :)

  • +1

    Any delayed shipping options? :)

    • Looking forward for an answer for this OP

      • +4

        sure- just leave us a note at checkout.

  • Just purchased a Dark and BLK with the pick up option. Looking forward to trying it out

  • If I do c&c any chance the lovely peeps in Abbotsford would do a pour over grind if I asked real nicely?

    • +1

      at Abbotsford they can- they can reseal for you :)

  • Awesome deal thanks!

    Any recommendations for a light roast for pourovers?

    • +1

      Ethiopian & Kenyan is always good! any of the single origins will do the trick though :)

  • Bought BLK. Will give a shot.

  • Mad deal! Got the decaf beans and scales

  • Hi rep - I'm happy to take a recommendation from you. I mainly drink espresso at home (with the odd V60 thrown into the mix), and drink black only - either as an dopio espresso, or long black.

    What's your pick of blends for black (looks like your wht is also good for black!) - I prefer light or medium roasts.

    What's your pick of the SO beans that are left in stock?

    Thank you!

    • +1

      I would say WHT blend (i know the name is confusing!) for your black coffees.

      And Kenyan or Ethiopia for your V60 :)

  • FYI I ordered this a few months ago and they are legit.

    Undercoveroasters staff, if I order online now can you delay shipment for a month?
    I just ordered 1kg from one of your competitors and will need to finish it off.

    • should be fine! whats your order number and ill let the team know?

  • Who do you guys ship through?
    If It's Auspost, I won't bother..

    • Aus Post is probably quicker from Bendigo than Melbourne tbh, but yeah they are horribly unreliable right now.

      • FYI -> I ordered a saw horse that's being sent by Auspost all of about 30km locally in Melbourne. Shipping date was 20/09, still haven't received it.
        They truly suck Auspost.

        • +1

          hey team,

          so we are using a new next day courier for all melbourne based orders- BUT we need to get the orders to melb for pickup first.
          so if you're based in melb, you should have your order by end of the week.

          If you're anywhere else in VIC - aus post. NSW generally couriers please.

        • I hear ya, my last coffee order (not from Undercover, soz) took 2.5 weeks, MEL to MEL.

    • Couriers please even worse.

  • Difference between BLK and DRK?

    I've had WHT and BLK before. Yes the names are perversely confusing. And the WHT still made a lovely FLT WHT! [Read that as flat white…]

    • +1

      BLK and DRK are the same blend wise- DRK is roasted darker so gives you stronger, darker flavours (less acidity)

  • Who do you use for shipping? Auspost? Fastway?

    • hey team,

      so we are using a new next day courier for all melbourne based orders- BUT we need to get the orders to melb for pickup first.
      so if you're based in melb, you should have your order by end of the week.

      If you're anywhere else in VIC - aus post. NSW generally couriers please.

      • WA, SA, NT, Tas?

        • NT usually TNT, SA couriers please, TAS and WA will probably be aus post.

  • Hey OP,

    Trying to purchase your 40% Drinking Chocolate but it says it's not available for discount? Can you confirm if that's a mistake or not?


  • Hi OP, great coffees and deal.

    The "Ethiopia Guji Allona G1 - single origin" is showing as sold out. Any plans to re-stock for this sale?

    • Let me check quickly and come back to you!
      Just confirming we can roast more :)

      • just received confirmation from roasting team- can do. but might be a slight delay as we need to roast some more!

        • Awesome! Thanks for the prompt follow up. Can you please change the "sold out" status on your website so I can add to cart and place an order?

      • Would love to know this as well!

  • Can you please grind? I don’t have a grinder!!!

    • Hey Zoya, if you're able to pickup from Bendigo or Abbotsford then sure :)

  • Thanks Op - ordered 1kg beans each of BLK and DRK with delayed shipping!

  • Ordered. 2x250g (DRK/BLK)
    Will give them a go. :)

  • Cheers, ordered 12kg, great price and love to try out new beans.

  • +1

    Best beans I've had so far (on OzB at least). Ordered 2.

    • thanks denzel!! appreciate the feedback

    • Which beans did you order? I only drink black. Cheers

      • +1

        Got the WHT espresso blend again. It's great, even if you only drink black.

        • Awesome. Thanks mate

  • Hey guys,

    Just letting you know- any Melb based orders placed TODAY before 3.30pm will be using the xpress courier service (to receive orders by end of week)

    If you're Melb based and order AFTER 3.30pm today- your orders will be filled as normal from the Bendigo warehouse via Aus Post.

    This is due to the huge number of orders received and the need to transport them to Melbourne before the next day delivery service can collect them.

    Thanks for understanding & happy sipping! :)

    • @undercoverroasters Sent you a PM about this. Thanks :)

    • I'd be worried about the Bendigo deliveries getting anywhere before the beans go off thanks to Auspost..

  • Ordered more. Love the coffee from you guys.

  • Can you do delay shipping?

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