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65W 2 Port GaN Charger with 3 Adapters & 100W PD Cable $35.90 Del @ Shopping Square


BDI GaN 65W PD Charger 2-Port QC 3.0, USB-C & USB-A Quick Charger with Foldable Travel Adapter (US/EU/UK/AU) + 100W PD Cable (Premium Pack) PD65AC

Come with EU/US/AU/UK Adapter and 100W PD Cable.

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  • +5

    link shows 2 port?

    • nice spot

    • 2 ports* great English….me

  • can find all similar looking ones on Banggood and Aliexpress

  • It's two ports (and qc) not three ports

  • your website is showing 2ports not 3 ports

    • -2

      your website is showing 2ports

      I had no idea that nocure owned shoppingsquare.

  • -2

    Are there any good ones that are earthed ?

    • Why?

      • For people that need one.

        • Do they know why they need one?

          • @eug: Yes

            • @jv: OK, do they mind sharing the reason so everyone else can benefit from the knowledge?

              • -1

                @eug: So they don't get current leakage through the case. It's common in metal casings on Apple and Microsoft laptops.

                • @jv:

                  It's common in metal casings on Apple and Microsoft laptops.

                  I'm using a Surface Laptop 3 with full metal chassis right now and don't feel it. I have a Baseus-branded charger that looks like this one, no issues with that either.

                  Not all Class 2 power supplies have high amounts of leakage current so it is not always necessary to limit yourself to earthed PSUs.

                        • +1

                          @jv: Agree, I get it on my SP4

                          • @bng99: Surface Laptop 4 here with that problem.

                            • +1

                              @jv: I'm going to try my charger (3 ports, looks exactly the same as this one) on my Surface Laptop 4 when I receive the cable

    • I prefer the form factor of that Choetech one, it doesn't stick out from the GPO as much.

  • I think this for $38.69 is better value, for the 1 extra USB-C port.

    • this one comes with the travel adapters

      • +2

        If you want those, you can get this for $42.49.

        $6.60 for the extra port with the adapters and cable.

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