[Refurb] Sony KD75X9400E 75" X9400E 4K HDR TV with Slim Backlight Drive+ $3999 Delivered @ Sony Australia eBay


Refurbished Sony TV from Sony Australia Ebay store

Sony KD75X9400E (Seconds^) 75" X9400E 4K HDR TV with Slim Backlight Drive+

50% off the list price - from $7999 discounted to $3999

Free shipping

Its a seconds/refurbished item so please take a note of that. Not sure of the expiry date but I suppose until stocks last.

PS: my first post so please bear with my clumsiness

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    Fairly sure this has been on their eBay store for a long time, remember seeing it when I was looking at purchasing a seconds sony nearly a year ago. Sounds like it was a decent set but it's from 2017 so won't have any of the latest tech or be supported with updates. Newer models will offer better value.

  • I got a 2019 new 85" top X95 Bravia full array LCD for a little more than this two years ago.

    Why's this model worth 4 thou refurbished?

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    Yeah sorry I'm gonna have to neg this… You can get the latest X95J in 75inch for $4495 or even $3820 the other day with 15% off TGG deal.
    There is no way I am spending $4000 on a 4 year old TV that's not even brand new

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    What kinda price is this… a used 4-year-old tv for $3999? WTF???

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    Sam of Sony

  • Hi Sam of Sydney,
    If you're looking at this TV, would recommend looking at a set from the last series (H) or the current series (J) which are already less expensive than this set.

    Comparing to the current generation of TV's, this model would need to be marked down to around $1500 or less to be worth considering (and you would also want to be sure it had a warranty per Australian Consumer Law etc.).

    Good luck.

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    Wow it's down from $7999 good lord where did you dig up this relic

  • Its a much better picture than any of Sonys other newer LCDs but for this price its crazy. Has been this price for a couple years on the ebay site. Since 2017 Sony have dropped the quality on the LCDs (mainly on the black levels) to make their OLEDs better

  • Old tech at a ridiculous price. Maybe at around $2K it may be worth it if you're desperate, but at $4K, you're better off looking at the 2020 X9500H model or the 2021 models.

    • but at $4K, you're better off looking at the 2020 X9500H model or the 2021 models.

      You can get a brand new 2021 Sony full array 75" model for under $3k.

  • I paid $3500 for 85" 9500 services brand New from TGG

  • Wow. Is Sony taking the piss here? I know firsthand how rubbish their customer service is, but trying to flog off a 4 year old TV for current model pricing is insane. Appreciate that OP was trying to offer a bargain to the community, but Sony ought to be ashamed…

  • Surely can't see a bargain here. I'd rather get an OLED TV in that price.

  • DYOR, not all eBay Sony refurbished prices are good.
    Sony was not fooling anyone with their 50% off so now they do 66% off on this, dropping to $2699. It is still not a bargain considering you can get a brand new 2021 XR75X90J for around $200 more, $2909 net with Sony/Cash Rewards cash back.

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